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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 9-25

9-25-16-dolphins 9-25-16-eagles

Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson (11) celebrates after scoring a touchdown as New York Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (41) and Nat Berhe (29) watch during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)


NFL Update:

  • In the Keystone State battle, Eagles do a fine job keying the Steeler 18-wheeler, and it does look like time to jump on the Wentz bandwagon. As for Sproles, he found all the holes in the very soft and slow Steeler secondary, including burning Artie Burns with a classic jockstrap fake-out. Perhaps things will turn around when the Black and Gold come home and welcome back Bell … but today could also be viewed as a show and tell of more pain to come… #Eagles #Steelers
  • Yes he wasn’t playing the ’85 Monsters of the Midway, but since he’s been pressed into duty, Dak Prescott has shown a knack for strong, confident leadership and winning. Along with an athletic, quick defense and some very tough running by the Zeke, this was more than enough to eke out a victory, as expected, over the struggling Bears. #Cowboys #Bears
  • Colts give the Bolts a deadly jolt, when Hilton takes it 63-yards to the hotel in the nick of time. #Chargers #Colts
  • Jets leave the Arrowhead bakery with 8 delicious turnovers. The bad news is that one of those was a pick six. The even worse news is that Fitzy also had a mind blowing six picks. Is the Chief defense really this good, or is the Jet offense this bad? #Jets #Chiefs
  • Seattle must’ve gone to Starbucks before the game, given how perky their passing attack looked. Unfortunately, the victory over Frisco and its plain Blaine is a bit marred by Harold’s jarring horse collar/sack/sit down on poor Mr. Wilson. #Niners #Seahawks
  • Rhapsody in Ram Blue on full display in Tampa Bay, as expert stripper Robert Quinn undresses Jameis for a pick-up six. Fans at the game were treated not only to an entertaining, close contest, but also to a very very frightening thunder and lightning weather delay. #Rams #Buccaneers
  • Deadskins finally have occasion to put a win in the hopper, after countless big kicks by Hopkins. Nice bounce back game for Kirk Cousins. #Redskins #Giants
  • Gnarly Norsemen defenders put the noose on the feigning MVP, sacking Big Newton repeatedly and luring him into 3 big INTs. And with an 18-28/171 yard, 1 TD, no pick effort, not bad at all for Bradford. #Vikings #Panthers
  • Broncos let Bengals hang around until the 4th Q, when Siemian sizes up the situation and decides to throw for the jugular. Bungle air attack still looks pretty off kilter. #Broncos #Bengals
  • Packers come back to Lambeau and flip the switch, as Rodgers lights up the Lions secondary for 4 scores. The win marks the return of Nelson as a major factor, but Coach McCarthy can’t be please with all the yardage compiled by Stafford and the disturbing time of possession numbers. At least the Lions can take solace in the fact that they beat the spread by that cursed 1/2 a point. #Lions #Packers
  • Another purple collar, workmanlike servicing of their opponents — this time the malfunctioning Jags — by the steady, if unspectacular, Ravens. Mr. Automatic, Justin Tucker, comes through once more in the clutch. #Ravens #Jaguars
  • Highly competitive Florida fracas goes to Bennyhill’s Dolphins, after placekicker Parkey fails to park 3 field goals in the right spot, including a 46-yard wounded duck at the end of regulation. And OT, Ajayi shows Miami the way. #Browns #Dolphins
  • Raiders travel back in time to conquer the Titan with some unfamiliar turnovers on D, and a sack to boot. #Raiders #Titans
  • Rexy’s restructured, special needs offense gets a big lift from a bad Zona snap on a field goal, and the Bills take it upon themselves to thoroughly control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. As for AZ, they’ll never take the next step and be considered among the league elite, until they figure out how to consistently win on the road. #Cardinals #Bills
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 9-25




MLB Update:

  • It was a bit of a rocky road at times, but the LA Dodgers finally got it done, and clinched the NL West with 1 week to go — how fitting that ex-Rock Charlie Culberson puts LA over the top. #Dodgers #Rockies
  • Boston continues to threaten to run the table … today using the Pedroia Polka.
  • Someone forgot to tell the cowering G-men to man up while in Man Diego; Padres manage to take the series behind a big hit by Manuel and an infusion of closing services from Marrow. #Padres #Giants
  • Just enough activity in the batter’s box from the Astros keeps them barely breathing. #Astros #Angels
  • Seattle stays barely relevant as they slip by the feeble Twins. #Twins #Mariners
  • Give the Birds credit for bouncing back in a big way against the D-backs. #Orioles #Diamondbacks
  • Cleveland must leave its celebration for yet another day, after getting ripped by the Rodon rifle. #Indians #WhiteSox
  • Mets outscore the Phillies … and the Jets … with ease. #Mets #Phillies
  • Tigers fail to keep pace at home, when KC takes batting practice during the game. #Tigers #Royals
  • Jays prey on dispirited NYY, heaping more misery on them with a 2-run rally in the bottom of the ninth. #Yankees #Jays
  • Melancon trade continues to pay dividends for the Nats, while biting Pirates in the ass. At least Harper fell for Kang’s fake. #Nationals #Pirates
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NCAA Men’s Football Top 25 Update: 9-24-16

9-24-16-action 9-24-16-aggies 9-24-16-cardinal 9-24-16-hatter 9-24-16-les-miles

NCAA Men’s Football Top 25 Update:

  • …another mad cap finish for the Mad Hatter … how fitting… #Tigers #Tigers
  • Notre Dame’s coach looked bent over and ready to puke after today’s upending, South Bend loss to Duke
  • A&M gets the award for the most physically imposing team in the nation — next to of course Bama. Bielsma gets the award for the coach who most resembles his team’s mascot (and I mean this very seriously as a compliment). #Razorbacks #Aggies
  • Grobe’s fired up offense and opportunistic defense leaves the Cowboys groping in the dark after showstopping lightning strike. #Cowboys #Baylor
  • Thundering Herd looked pretty dumb trying to decipher, detect and defend Louisville’s Action Jackson. #Cardinals #ThunderingHerd
  • Not much of a contest in this battle of the Big Ten’s N’s. #Cornhuskers #Wildcats
  • Cardinal stay perfect when Whiteside manages to stay just inside the end zone with his game winning catch; Bruins acquitted themselves well, but should have known that 13 points would not stand up against Stanford. #Cardinal #Bruins
  • Vols finally cater to the Gators with some humble pie, in the form of a huger than huge second half from J. Dobbs; we haven’t seen this much production from a TN QB since the days of Manning. #Gators #Volunteers
  • FSU travels south to Tampa and bounces back from an embarrassing loss with lots of production from the talented Dalvin. #Seminoles #Bulls
  • Ole Miss shows what it is capable of after Chad picks his game up a tad, and the Rebel defense stands its ground in Oxford. Meanwhile, GA looks pretty shaky going into the meat of the SEC schedule. #Bulldogs #Rebels
  • Spartans were uncharacteristically carefree at home against the disciplined Badgers, culminating with Musso completing messing up the Green and White’s game trying drive by scooping up a fumble and rumbling all the home for a pick-up six. This sets up a huge confrontation with that other team from Michigan next week. #Badgers #Spartans
  • Alabama turns off the Golden Flashes with a very routine 48-0 blanking, nearly covering the spread in a blowout first half, and not missing a beat after the loss of tailback Harris. #CrimsonTide #Golden Flashes
  • MIchigan grinds up Penn State at the Big House, as their beefy o-line opens up lots of running room (500 plus yards!). Wow have things changed from the days of Joe Paterno. #Wolverines #NittanyLions
  • Huskies make Wildcats take a bath at home, a bit unexpectedly.
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 9-24

9-24-16-bluejays 9-24-16-cards 9-24-16-nats

MLB Update:

  • Red Sox book their October excursion on the strength of the destroyer from Pedroia; no fried chicken will be served on board or in the clubhouse. #RedSox #Rays
  • After making a fielding blunder, Sano regains his sanity and makes a gem that gums up the works for the desperate Mariners. #Mariners #Twins
  • Halos pretty much turn out Stros strobe light. #Astros #Angels
  • Proceed with caution if you try and crowd Joey Bats on the inside ….
  • The West was almost won tonight with Kershaw on the mound, but it was really won earlier in the year when Kershaw was off the mound and nowhere to be found. #Dodgers #Rockies
  • Giants regain their sanity with a trip to the San Diego Quack. #Giants #Padres
  • At 14-8, Straily experiment has been anything but a failure. #Reds #Brewers
  • Met life as far as the divisional title comes to an abrupt end with costly loss to the Phils. #Mets #Phillies
  • Indian war party never seems to materialize, as Chisox win with Quintana. #Indians #WhiteSox
  • Baltimore blasts to another home victory behind Trey’s trey (in three days) and more terrific power from Trumbo. #Orioles #Diamondbacks
  • Oakland pitchers continue to be miffed about the total absence of any Athletic run supporters. #Rangers #Athletics
  • DET is unavoidably detained at the playoff gate by the proud defending champs. #Tigers #Royals
  • St. Louis is in the right place at the right time at Wrigley, as Cubs have absolutely nothing to play for anymore. #Cardinals #Cubs
  • Nats show distinction, winning another NL East title, while Bucs move ever closer to regular season extinction. #Nationals #Pirates
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NCAA Men’s Football Top 25 Update: 9-22,23-16



NCAA Men’s Football Top 25 Update:

  • Yes, the “U” stands for the Utes, but tonight it also signified “ugly”, as in USC’s execution.
  • Deshaun makes the Yellow Jacket defenders his pawns. Orange dawn all over the lawn in Atlanta. #Tigers #YellowJackets
  • The first full year of former interim coach Clay Helton’s tenure is starting to look real hellish. Careless and sloppy simply do not give this inept performance its due. Let’s see if Clay removed from the hot seat … or should we say the kiln … by Christmas. The schedule doesn’t get much easier from here.. #Trojans #Utah
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 9-23


9-23-16-cubs 9-23-16-detroit 9-23-16-papi

9-23-16-pirates 9-23-16-tigers-2

MLB Update:

  • No way on earth the Rockies could sully this momentous night for Scully. #Dodgers #Rockies
  • A big belt from Beltre, and the Rangers can finally loosen their belts a notch or two… #Rangers #Athletics
  • Six run ninth appears to have sucked the air out of the Stros’ straw. #Astros #Angels
  • Brew Crew reads Reds their last rites in struggle to avoid the NL Central cellar. #Brewers #Reds
  • Conforto gives Mets plenty of comfortable cushion with a huge 3-run blast in a decisive fifth against the flimsy Phils. #Mets #Phillies
  • White Sox whither in the face of Bauer and Indians’ power. #Indians #WhiteSox
  • Say goodbye to the Royals, and say stay in the moment to the hungry Tigers, who are making their theft of wc #2 a bit more seamless than Cecil’s first stolen base. #Tigers #Royals
  • The incredible Trumbo drop continues as Mark parks No. 44 in the Yard. #Orioles #Diamondbacks
  • Yanks run out of gas in Toronto, and Girardi’s very terse post-game press conference says it all. #Yankees #BlueJays
  • St.Louis sleepwalks through a thoroughly unimpressive outing against the Cubbies, and is looking like they will soon be outed from the wild card race. #Cardinals #Cubs
  • Ortiz bang hits the catwalk overhang, and Bosox hit 90 wins! #RedSox #Rays
  • No stalling in Stallings, who steps up to the plate and delivers a huge pinch hit single for still breathing Pirates. Big kudos as well to Blackbeard, whose tying double with two outs in the bottom of the ningth left Melancon with a bad case of melancholy. #Nationals #Pirates
  • Petco turns into a pet sematary for the Giants. #Giants #Padres
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 9-22



MLB Update:

  • Dodgers excavate the Rockies, and clear a path to the division title. #Dodgers #Rockies
  • Giants circle the wagons behind Samardzjia and take their last stand in San Diego. #Giants #Padres
  • Angels join the Rays as 2-0 spoilers. #Angels #Athletics
  • Tigers enjoy being in the right place at the right time. #Tigers #Twins
  • Not ready for prime time O’s are completely priced out of the penthouse in the AL East. #RedSox #Orioles
  • Pirates forget to keep winning in Brew town, and see their playoff hopes largely dashed. #Pirates #Brewers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 9-21

9-21-16-dodgers 9-21-16-pitt 9-21-16-yankees

MLB Update:

  • If the Giants win the World Series, let alone make the playoffs, in their current condition it can definitely be assumed that Bochy made a deal with the Devil; their bullpen has sprung a major leak, their shortstop is weak, and they have less than two weeks to get their act together…. not looking good, even for an even year! #Giants #Dodgers
  • Reds dead in the water after getting scrubbed by the Cubs. #Cubs #Reds
  • Taxing loss for Texas, who know they’ll have to wait to clinch at least one more day. #Rangers #Angels
  • Scherzer shores up the Washington lobbying for #2 seed in the NL playoffs. #Nationals #Marlins
  • Royals get Klubered to death like defenseless baby seals. #Indians #Royals
  • Don’t look know but the Yankees are making a final push for the playoffs, with two more gargantuan shots by Gary. Time to pitch around him, maybe? #Yankees #Rays
  • Inciarte incites celebrations in Atlanta, Miami and Pittsburgh with an incredible, walk-off wrecking snag. #Mets #Braves
  • Phillies use their Tommy gun to wipe out the White Sox. #Phillies #WhiteSox
  • Cano blow keeps thousands of Canucks from running amok in Seattle. #BlueJays #Mariners
  • Houston creeps to 10 games over, and is now knocking on the door of the wild card. #Astros #Athletics
  • Rockies bury the Cardinals with Nolan’s no non-sense approach at the plate. #Rockies #Cardinals
  • Baltimore is badly burned by 5 unearned; Red Sox ready to mount and stuff the Birds on Thursday. #RedSox #Orioles
  • Kuhl and the gang stay “Too Hot, Too Hot baby, … Brewers gotta run for shelter, gotta run for shade….” #Pirates #Brewers
  • No more comments on the completely irrelevant Padres.
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Top ten things we learned today in MLB (not necessarily in offending order):


9-20-16-c-sheen 9-20-16-jay-bruce 9-20-16-ruth 9-20-16-the-natural 9-20-16-votto

  • 10) Nobody pinch hits for Jay Bruce … nobody … unless in Jay’s estimation he is incredibly obtuse
  • 9) Joey Votto’s punishment for today’s unforgivable misplay of a pop up is to never, ever be mentioned by ChabDog in a hall of fame discussion. But I will continue point out he has never been seen in the same room as Charley Sheen.
  • 8) The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society and The Twins Are The Playoff Preservation Society for the rest of MLB.
  • 7) Johnny might not be on the Giants’ dance card for a while.
  • 6) The Natural plays in Boston not Chicago, and his number is 34.
  • 5) Somebody please rescue the Mets from Teheran.
  • 4) Cutch is swinging at the same beach balls today that Doc Ellis was throwing in ’72.
  • 3) The current Reds are a disgrace to Great American.
  • 2) Lester is actually capable of looking good at the plate, and this is proof positive it is the Cubs’ year.
  • 1) Adam Wainwright is turning into Babe Ruth pretty late in his career.


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