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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 11-10-19:

NFL Update:
  • No surprise to anyone on the planet … sorry Frankie Midnight… as the ultra-incompetent Bungles look totally ridiculous at home against the red hot Ravens. Action Jackson speed read every delayed reaction from the confused Cincy defenders, and was making perfect decisions all day. No trap game here! #Ravens #Bengals
  • Vikings look totally tough in gutty road win against the Cowboys. Dalvin Cook leads the way with rugged running and receiving, the defense shuts down Zeke, and Cousins looks anything but weak. #Vikings #Cowboys
  • Stubborn Steelers refuse to lose, after a comedic/near disastrous opening blunder, leaning on their steady Rudy, along with a beastly defense, to outlast the Donald of Defense and his rusty Rams. #Rams #Steelers
  • Chiefs blow a big game in TN with more weak-willed defense, allowing the Titans to push them around when it mattered most. Yes, they are potent point producers, but are completely incapable of stopping anyone when the spotlight is shining brightly, as Super Bowl contenders go … they are strictly pretenders. #Chiefs #Titans
  • We’re all dumbfounded what with the Colts, not the Dolphins, looking like total dolts; Indy may have turned its season upside down with turnovers in a terrible home loss to miserable Miami. #Dolphins #Colts
  • Packers use smoke, mirrors, and a blizzard, along with the usual help from the zebra gods and a timely goal line stand, to avoid an embarrassing loss to the pedestrian Panthers. #Panthers #Packers
  • Somehow, the Bucs don’t muck things up, coming through in the waning moments to defrock the Cardinals. #Cardinals #Buccaneers
  • When it comes to football gangs of New York, it’s Gang Green that looks most mean, judging from their ability to subdue no-so-Big Big. #Giants #Jets
  • Cleveland overcomes more whiffing in the red zone to rebuff anemic Buffalo, which looks primed to plummet like a lead balloon in the playoff pecking order. #Bills #Browns
  • Lions lay an egg at Soldier Field without their field general, while Chicago finally gets some true leadership from Trubisky. #Lions #Bears
  • ATL shocks the world by coming out of irrelevancy to KO the over-hyped Saints, in what must have been a thoroughly satisfying victory for the much-maligned Falcon defense. More evidence of what we saw last year … that superstar Brees isn’t willing to do much scrambling is is pretty much a dead duck in the face of a frenzied pass rush. Yes, NO is still pretty much set to win the NFC South, but don’t expect much from them in the playoffs if they can figure out how to protect their aged QB. #Falcons #Saints
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 11-7-19:

NFL Update:

  • Another gut-check win for the Raiders, who are looking much less like a disorganized rabble, and more like a reflection of their poised head coach. Carr held his own, and them some, with feisty Phillip, Renfrow caught the mid-range throws, Jacobs continued to shine, and the defense made sure LA was confinded to the often harmless dink and dunk. #Chargers #Raiders
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 11-4-19:

NFL Update:

  • After going through the motions for 3 quarters, Dallas puts on its big boy pants while the G-men never seem to be able to climb out of the sand box; yeah Barkley had a big pass play, but where’s the ground game and anything more than a handful of yards at a time through the air. The “Giants” are becoming one of the biggest misnomers in the recent history of professional sports. #Cowboys #Giants
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 11-3-19:

NFL Update:
  • Action Jackson rams some Raven humble pie down Tommy Boy’s throat, and the Patriots’ fraudulent pretensions of perfection harmlessly evaporate.  The best defense of all time, or even in the NFL this year?  Not so fast.  Looked like there were plenty of holes in that barrier of Belichick Boogeymen. #Ravens #Patriots
  • Steelers keep rolling along with another solid outing from Mason, as well as the defensive cloak provided by speedy Minkah. And who would’ve bet that last year’s goat, Bowell, would’ve outplayed the normally reliable — but now short in foot/long-in-the-tooth Adam Vinatieri. #Colts #Steelers
  • Brandon Allen to the rescue in Denver, as the Bronco attack looked a little more lively without Sacko, and the defense rose up on queue when mouthy Mayfield needed a talking to. #Browns #Broncos
  • Chargers looked wired and completely tuned in, harassing Rodgers, whose teammates looked like they had just gotten done with frontal lobotomies. Time for the Pack to head home for some R&R … they looked like they needed more daylight savings time. #Packers #Chargers
  • Bucs showed up to do battle in the Pacific Northwest, but couldn’t shake the Seahawks and were outta luck when Wilson made his customary stretch run move to daylight. Let Seattle hang around and you definitely play with fire. #Buccaneers #Seahawks
  • Good coaching makes a difference, and that’s self-evident in Gruden’s impact on the Raiders. The Lions are no pushover, but Oakland was good enough with the pass, run and on defense to get things done when they needed to today. Carr is having an excellent year, Renfrow has emerged as a reliable passing option and Jacobs is a horse you can ride to victory. #Raiders #Lions
  • Eagles don’t exactly look regal, but they sure have sufficient pedigree to outclass the “we can’t pass” Bears. #Bears #Eagles
  • Religious fervor is running amok in Charlotte, as Christian continues to walk on water from the line of scrimmage, and Allen does just enough to keep things humming smoothly. #Titans #Panthers
  • Miami’s now Fitz-to-be tied in the Tua sweepstakes as Ryan the bearded blunderer leads them to victory over the completely dysfunctional Jets. #Jets #Dolphins
  • Great game in KC goes the way of the Chiefs, who get another Moore-than-serviceable game from Matt and have surprising success on the ground (what’s up with that supposedly tough Viking defense). And another sad chapter in the road woes for twinkle toes Kurt Cousins. #Vikings #Chiefs
  • Bills have no problem snatching up low-hanging fruit in Orchard Park in the form of the rotten Redskins. #Redskins #Bills
  • Trying to make a favorable impression in jolly old England, Deshaun and the Texans have no time to waste playing games with Jax. #Texans #Jaguars
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-28-19:

NFL Update:

  • Steelers save face by bucking up after a horrid first quarter, and overcome a 2 TD deficit with relative ease. There were plenty of terrific individual performances to go around on both sides of the ball. On offense, Rudolph recovered to do an excellent job distributing the ball to JuJu and Diontae, and Connor was tough and effective, including a memorable scoring rumble in the 3rd, which put the Steelers in front. As for the defense, the line play was inspiring, with TJ Watt causing major mayhem and “Slam” Heyward doing his very convincing Butkus impersonation, while our Fitzpatrick was getting the best of theirs with a couple of sparkling interceptions. With the Ravens getting fed to the Patriots next week, the division title, not to mention the wildcard, is again within reach. #Dolphins #Steelers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-27-19:

NFL Update:

  • Maybe it’s time to put a call in to jilted Cody Parkey and sit unsteady Eddy Pineiro on the pine. If you are a plodding, defensively oriented team like the Bears, you had better be sporting a reliable, capable kicker. Chicago screws up another makeable field goal and gives it up at home to the desperate Chargers. #Chargers #Bears
  • Routine rout for Seahawks in Atlanta’s nest, as Falcons are no-shows in the first half, then circle back to hover (ruining the cover). #Seahawks #Falcons
  • Cooper’s cup runneth over in London, as Goff had enough time to have a tea, survey the scene and deliver accurate passes on a rope. Rams’ d-line has 5 sacks, plenty other hurries and keep Dalton as frantic as a laboratory rat. #Bengals #Rams
  • Philly uses its geographical name specialists, including Miles, Dallas, Jordan and Boston to help bring the over-hyped Bills down to earth. Yes, despite some outlandish rumors to the contrary, the Eagles aren’t that bad and the Bills are definitely not that good. #Eagles #Bills
  • The NFL fed NY’s unassuming Giants to Lions this week, and Stafford/Detroit was eternally grateful. #Giants #Lions
  • Carolina gets its clock cleaned in Santa Clara, even though McCaffrey does his thing; Kyle Allen throws a pile of picks, while Jimmy G. was throwing free and easy. Add in a big day for Tevin Coleman, and SF was off to the races. #Panthers #FortyNiners
  • Vindication for Vinatieri, as Indy squeezes by dull Denver in the waning moments; Adam is not the kicker he once was, but proves he still has much to offer in the clutch. #Broncos #Colts
  • Another winnable game for TB falls incomplete and into the loss column, as chronically careless Winston floats too many hope offerings up for grabs, in addition to falling victim to a costly strip search. And let’s give Trashyhill credit for being a very obedient game manager and putting his team in position to win with its physical, aggressive defense. #Buccaneers #Titans
  • Browns pee in their pants coming out of the gate, and after that soiling it’s all downhill for them on NE soil. Patriots go to 8-0. #Browns #Patriots
  • Shaggy Darnold looked nearly just as spooked this week as last, making three more big mistakes in the Jets’ miserable loss to Minshew and his jovial Jags. Gang green continues to look anything but mean and is definitely without fangs. #Jets #Jaguars
  • Thumbs up for the Saints, who continue to shut down their opponents and now have their meal ticket back and serving up TDs. Along with the Niners, this team looks like the odds on favorite to come out of the NFC and represent all of the known world (outside of New England) in facing off with the Hatetriots. #Cardinals #Saints
  • Raiders sink below .500 by blinking in a disastrous 4th quarter. Deshaun puts on a show when it counted most, while Carr stalled. #Raiders #Texans
  • KC just can’t keep up with some typically magical stuff by Rodgers, as well as the Packers’ Jones, who was burning the Chiefs’ fundamentally unsound LBs all night. Even if Mahomes comes back, this defense just can’t cut the mustard. #Packers #Chiefs
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 10-24-19:

NFL Update:

  • Vikings cook up a pretty tasty Thursday night snack for their home crowd involving low risk throws by Cousins, the usual production from scrimmage by Dalvin and the quota of big plays from Diggs in a workmanlike conquest of the Redskins. Give Washington credit for hanging in there, until another torturous turnover by Haskins sealed the deal. #Redskins #Vikings
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-21-19:

NFL Update:

  • Patriots slam Sam and the rest of his junky Jets with a fierce first quarter onslaught and never look back. Darnold’s QB rating goes from through the roof, to a microscopic 3.6. Tons of blame needs to be heaped on Gase and the rest of the clueless NY coaching staff, which had no discernible game play on offense, other than asking their young signal called to close his eyes, throw the ball up for grabs, … and pray. #Patriots #Jets
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-20-19:

NFL Update:

  • Another brutal bad beat for the snake-bitten Chargers, who can’t figure out how to punch the ball in from the 1. Why they didn’t try to get this done through the air is a profound mystery, other than the coach’s apparent determination to break the plane with overwhelming force and boots on the ground; unfortunately that plan was muddled by Melvin and played right into the hands of the tough Titans from Tennessee. #Titans #Chargers
  • Cowboys looked fresh and focused, playing up to their full potential on prime time in a thorough tar and feathering of the erratic Eagles. Philly hasn’t looked right for quite a while, and if they don’t get their act together, they’ll certainly be left out of the party come playoff time. #Eagles #Cowboys
  • Bears are still at .500, but there’s dark storm clouds on the horizon, as their defense can no longer be counted on to keep them in the game and as for the offense, Trubisky is no true solution and the running game is nowhere to be found. The result is a second half capitulation to the Saints at Soldier Field. #Saints #Bears
  • Action Jackson gives his critics something to chew on, by chewing up rushing yards and doing a fine job chewing up the clock; meanwhile, the Ravens’ aggressive defense provides a clinic on how to keep Russell Wilson under wraps. #Ravens #Seahawks
  • Skins slug it out gamely with the favored Forty Niners, but in the end have only rotten goose eggs on the scoreboard to show for their efforts. #FortyNiners #Redskins
  • They’re not flashy, but the industrious, first place Colts are building something really impressive in Indy. #Texans #Colts
  • Barkley’s back, but no matter; Cards set the tone early, as Giants can’t chase down Chase, and Kyler was mostly on fire. #Cardinals #Giants
  • Old Raiders show up for first half in GB, which means spotty execution on both sides of the ball and plenty of bonehead penalties; that’s most definitely a recipe for disaster at Lambeau. #Raiders #Packers
  • Now that Minnesota seems to have some offense to go with its excellent D, the Vikings are liking what they see … particularly as regard most of what they see in the NFC Norris. #Vikings #Lions
  • Jax plays it close to the vest in the Bengals’ nest, but that’s wise strategy when your facing irresponsible and lax Andy Dalton. #Jaguars #Bengals
  • Buffalo didn’t roll over Miami by any means, but the Dolphins come through it okay thanks to some costly giveaways and special teams play that was especially sloppy; sweepstakes ticked for Tua still looks moderately safe. #Dolphins #Bills
  • Seems not-so-mighty Quinn is losing his grip on the coaching situation in steamy Atlanta. #Falcons #Rams
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-14-19:

NFL Update:

  • Packers enjoy some delicious home cooking, as in refs throwing ridiculous yellow flags of cowardice from their back pockets. NFL players fight long and hard for the chance to taste victory, and it is truly pathetic when the outcome is decided by official mistakes. I’m glad I did not invest too much time watching this game … just the last 3 minutes when the crime du jour took place. Needless to say, Green Bay was not overly impressive but moves on to 5-1. #Lions #Packers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-13-19:

NFL Update:

  • Steelers travel west and in front of a surprisingly large and boisterous friendly terrible towel contingent win a home game at Carson. Defensive pressure, including stellar games from Bush and Sutton, made the biggest impact, as PIttsburgh had the perfect answer for San Diego’s predictable dink and dunk passing game. On offense, Devlin ran things like a veteran commander, Conner was versatile and effective (100+ from scrimmage) and the running game woke up with smelling salts sprinkled by Snell.Black and Gold will be smiling all the way home, knowing miserable Miami is coming to town. #Steelers #Chargers
  • Vikings upend the Eagles, who clearly forgot to send their A-game on the road to Minnesota. Yes, the NFC East is falling apart at the seams, but the Eagles are a big part of this mess and should not be sleeping peacefully. #Vikings #Eagles
  • Set your watch on it; on any given Sunday, you’re likely to see Mr. Seahawk beating the clock with a game winning score. Browns do down hard in Cleveland. #Seahawks #Browns
  • Chiefs continue to look for some relief, but there’s no use being defensive about it.
    Oh, and the running game has gone into the tank as well. That leaves limited options and a small margin for error for Mahomey, witness today’s 2nd quarter and on collapse against Houston. #Texas #Chiefs
  • Saints conquer Minshew and the Jags, in a game where yards were few and far between. #Saints #Jaguars
  • Den over Tenn after Mariota and the moribund Titan attack fail to put a dent in the scoreboard. #Titans #Broncos
  • If you happened to watch today’s game you saw a prime cut of Action Jackson. Ever thought of spying on the QB, Cincy? #Bengals #Ravens
  • Not a bad effort from the depressed Dolphins, who prove you can go for two, and step in it too. #Redskins #Dolphins
  • Jets set their engine on Mono-pilot, and Darnold delivers perhaps his best game as a pro; as for the sleepy Cowboys, you can’t take the 1st half off and expect a victory. #Cowboys #Jets
  • Lately LA’s largesse when it comes to donating wins knows no bounds and apparently applies to its California cousin, SF. Niners unplug the Ram aerial attack with more stifling pass defense (yes, Sherman, we are not worthy), and after the first quarter, there was simply nothing to speak of on the ground. #FortyNiners #Rams
  • Unfortunately for Atlanta, only one of their Matts had a good game. #Falcons #Cardinals
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-7-19:

NFL Update:

  • If this game had been played in 2013, we could’ve said that Baker got butchered at the Candlestick. All kidding aside, the Cleveland Clowns get clobbered in prime time when they make the mistake of trying to grapple with Garoppolo. And throw a little Kittle into the mix, and you have a real Maalox moment for another lunchy team venturing forth from the piss poor AFC North. #Brown #NIners


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