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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 11-11-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • For Patriot patrons, this is a disturbing trend … another former disciple has his way with coaching god Belichick. #Patriots #Titans
  • Rams take care of business against a Seahawk team that would not stop coming, using their usual heavy quotient of Gurley, along with some gorgeous tosses from Goff and plenty of pressure on the always pesky Russell Wilson. #Seahawks #Rams
  • Misguided Miami finds that gaining yards isn’t nearly enough against Green Bay at Lambeau. With sloppy execution, it certainly wasn’t safe for the Dolphins, who get canned by the Packers. #Dolphins #Packers
  • Oakland’s fake team finds that a fake punt isn’t nearly enough against the high flying Chargers, who come to their sense after a very sluggish 1st quarter to run over the Raiders. #Chargers #Raiders
  • Jags fight the good fight, but can’t get get their wheels turning fast enough to keep up with the streaking Colts; unfortunate fumble is fatal in final minutes. #Jaguars #Colts
  • Tampa turnovers are the difference, as Redskins ratchet up the intensity on the road with a solid performance on both sides of the ball. #Buccaneers #Redskins
  • Soft Patriots no match for rough and tumble Titans in road loss; NE had better fix its o-line issues good and quick, as well as find some way to take the pressure and attention off of Brady, or they won’t be going very far this year in their drive for ring no. 6. #Patriots #Titans
  • When it comes to the QB, Buffalo is finally barking up the right tree with Matt Barkley. #Bills #Jets
  • Browns flatten Falcons as Chubb has a fat day on the stat sheet and Baker is a touchdown maker. #Falcons #Browns
  • Spread aside, Arizona goes down like clockwork to air KC, after the usual damage done by Mahomes, Hunt and Hill. #Cardinals #Chiefs
  • It was a total breeze for Drew and the Saints, who get everything they could have dreamed of, and more, against the Bengals. Brees goes up and down the filed at will, while Cincy looks catatonic, at best. #Saints #Bengals
  • Cowboys stay alive in the NFC East and make their fans proud with some Sunday Night Fever. Zeke lets his feet do the talking, and at least for a few days, Cowboy detractors can stop squawking. #Cowboys #Eagles
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 11-8-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • No prospect for the tiny Panthers holding themselves close, let alone playing Ketchup at Heinz tonight. Steelers’ o-line was oh so dominant, allowing Ben to pick apart Carolina’s secondary and creating room for Jimbo Connor to blow through plenty of big holes. And let’s bring back those catchy, busy black Dark Knight unis for future use; kind of reminds me of the road we need to travel to get back to the promised land. #Steelers #Panthers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 11-5-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Tennessee comes into Cowboy country and imposes its will, grinding out a comfortable win by pitching a shut out in a well-executed 2nd half. For Jerry Jones, it is high time to take a hard look at what Dak lacks, and Jason’s complete inability to deliver anything resembling a Golden Fleece. If he can’t bring himself to make some changes, maybe he needs to hire someone who will, because brand equity is diminishing rapidly. #Titans #Cowboys
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 11-4-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Deshaun definitely had his game face on against a determined Denver, and the Texans needed all his fortitude to win this fight. That being said, the Texans must be thanking their lucky lone star, after a Bronco boot misses its mark as time runs out, leaving a two-point lead in tact. Time for everyone to recognize the fact that Houston is now firmly in control of the lowly AFC South. #Texans #Broncos
  • Rams’ veneer of invincibility is shattered by a Saints offense that was simply merciless. Every gap and cranny in LA’s secondary was exploited, and Gurley was largely kept under wraps. Now the question becomes … how to stop the Saints and their relentless attack? #Rams #Saints
  • Under-the-radar Chargers sink the Seahawks with an excellent first half, featuring some mesmerizing runs by Melvin and a typically on target Rivers. But despite everything, LAC’s defense nearly gave things away in the final minutes, with some foolhardy penalties and loose play. Better clean this up if you want to play with the big boys! #Chargers #Seahawks
  • Vikes were certainly psyched to see their divisional rivals wander into town, dropping Stafford with alarming regularity. However, it remains to be seen whether this team has what it takes to be considered a true contender. Their power rank notwithstanding, this confidence booster for fragile Kirk Cousins was much appreciated — and needed– in Minnesota. #Lions #Vikings
  • So much for Darnold being the QB gem of this year’s draft class. Dolphins now somehow find themselves sitting above .500 … and with two games left against the inept Bills (that is definitely money in the bank). #Dolphins #Jets
  • Steelers atone for home loss to the Baltimore birds by hunting their hated rivals down on the road, in a methodical 7-pt victory; the winning margin does not tell the complete story, as Pittsburgh was able to do what it wanted on offense and did a great job keeping the Ravens out of the end zone. This team is in a very good place right now in terms of achieving an effective balance between the run and pass and has made huge strides in eliminating the big play give-ups that plagued them earlier in the year. #Steelers #Ravens
  • It was over before it started in Landover, as, true to form, the recently prosperous Redskins played dead with a lame performance that makes their 5-3 record look pretty tenuous. Their o-line is falling apart and overall execution was clearly lacking, with penalties, turnovers and a non-existent running game. This gives the Eagles and Cowboys plenty of hope that the playoffs are still in play. #Falcons #Redskins
  • Something very offensive has caught on in Charlotte, and everyone’s tickled Carolina blue about it… including Cam Newton, who now see plenty of speed and athleticism around him when he settles under center. As for the Bucs, you could drive a truck through those gaping holes in the defense, it’s about time they acquired some stop lights. #Buccaneers #Panthers
  • Browns bow down to warrior Chiefs and their leader Mahomes, who look just fine away from home. #Chiefs #Browns
  • Bears spill the Bills for another huge loss, as the team that talent forgot is doing a good job keeping pace with the Raiders for the booby prize in the upcoming draft. #Bears #Bills
  • New England keeps plugging, and eventually lights up the Packers in a decisive 4th quarter; as usual, adjustments were made by the P-men, including ruthless misdirection and trickery against worn and torn GB defenders, who were only too willing to go for the fakes. #Patriots #Packers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 11-1-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:
  • Raiders look like they are out there just killing time … so why do we have to watch them even on weekdays. Gruden can say whatever he wants to rationalize what happened out there tonight, but this may well be the absolute nadir in the annals of the Silver and Black. Back to the basics, guys, as you look like you forgot how to try, not to mention, execute. #Raiders #Niners
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-28-18 (click post for audio)

  • Even without LB, the Steelers are still the 800 lb gorilla in the AFC North, thanks to the reliable, productive days’ work put in by JC. With the exception of Q1, it was a very impressive bounce back performance by the Steelers, atoning for the Week 1 tie in Cleveland. #Browns #Steelers
  • Brees plays it cool, while this teammates pounce with precision on a few costly mistakes by the purple plunderers turned blunder boys. Vikings blow a big prime time chance to showcase their qualis as major contenders. With this game firmly in the rear view mirror, all indications are that they simply are not ready. #Vikings #Saints
  • In a game that had a little of everything, including a head scratching number of Socal cheeseheads on hand to greet their Packers, the Rams recover from some shoddy play from their o-line and some gaffes by Goff to take back control in the 3rd quarter and keep their perfect record in tact. #Packers #Rams
  • Finally, it can be said that Josh Rosen rose to the occasion; terrific comeback for the Cards, who now have something to build on. #FortyNiners #Cardinals
  • Colts trample the imposter Raiders, who to many, do not resemble a Gruden-coached squad; this year is clearly looking like a lame duck session for the quacks wearing silver and black. #Raiders #Colts
  • Lions lie down at home against seesawing Seattle, which is currently on a pronounced upswing. Stafford’s stutter steps have become way too predictable. #Seahawks #Lions
  • Redskins roll up their sleeves, and leave nothing to chance in a beat down of the downtrodden G-men at East Rutherford. With a solid running game, a physical, aggressive defense, and consistent performer at QB, it looks like sunny days ahead for the Sons of Washington. #Redskins #Giants
  • It’s a serious pandemic of passing yards, completions and points in Charlotte for a born again Panther offense, which has seemed to be continuous party mode since the return of All Pro tight end Greg Olsen. As for the Ravens, they’ve squandered what had been an front running position in their division with sloppy execution and a curious lapse in intensity. Time to wake up, what with Pittsburgh coming to town in Week 9. #Ravens #Panthers
  • Bears have no difficulty disassembling the stationary Jets, who seem to be sorely in need of some jumper cables. #Jets #Bears
  • You don’t need to have a Harvard education to know it’s the Harvard guy who should be behind center for the Bucs. Fitzy makes yet another strong statement about who is qualified to lead in Tampa, nearly leading his team back after Winston’s latest comedy of errors. Meanwhile, the Bengals survive at home and increase their win total to five. #Buccaneers #Bengals
  • Chiefs tame the Broncos, who cripple themselves with mental mistakes and simply can’t put the brakes on MVP candidate Mahomes. #Broncos #Chiefs
  • Jacksonville’s offense shows some life, but the Jags still lag on the scoreboard at their British home away from home. #Eagles #Jaguars
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-22-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Giants make geniuses out of those brave souls who thought Atlanta couldn’t cover, but that little consolation to fans of Big Blue, who may well be wearing brown bags at the next home game. Yes, Eli had pretty good numbers, including a 113 rating, but if your team chronically loses its fortitude when the goal line comes into plain view, what’s the point. Even in the very mediocre NFC East, there’s no hope for a team that can’t imagine — in its wildest dreams — getting an all-important single yard on the ground and never seems to have the ability to stand up for itself on defense. #Giants #Falcons
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-21-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Bengals appear to have bored themselves to tears with a very sorry, unimaginative plan of attack, while potent Chiefs pick up where they left off last week in dropping over 40. #Bengals #Chiefs
  • Niners suffer a serious home invasion at the hands (no hooves) of the unruly Rams. #Rams #FortyNiners
  • On again, off again Washington somehow emerges victorious in a choppy game that left rejected, dejected Maher more than a little seasick. #Cowboys #Redskins
  • Baltimore’s officially in mourning when it realizes that a Tucker extra point conversion is not as certain as death and taxes. #Saints #Ravens
  • Slowly but surely, the well balanced Vikings’ offense is starting to catch up with their suffocating D; Latavius and Thielen make a pretty potent one-two punch. #Vikings #Jets
  • And this was the same team that earlier in the year polished off the Patriots … Marrone decides to not leave not-well enough alone by throwing in the very expensive Bortles towel. #Texans #Jaguars
  • Bears very nearly catch Patriots at the wire, when NE’s defenders forget to be wary of Trubisky’s obligatory Hail Mary. This defensive indifference almost nullifies a very productive and efficient day at the office for Brady, who was without his favorite security blanket. #Patriots #Bears
  • Eagles take the fourth quarter off, which against experienced and resilient Carolina was a fatal mistake. With Greg Olsen back, this team may have enough in terms of weapons to hang with, and topple, the big boys. #Panthers #Eagles
  • Detroit’s silver and blue wish they could replicate the offensive blueprint for this near perfect outing. Lions welcome the prospects for being able to rely on Kerryon for a productive ground game. #Lions #Dolphins
  • It’s party time in Indy, as the beaten down Colts find whipping boys of their own in the hapless Bills. No relief in sight for Buffalo under the direction of a rusty, crusty Derek Anderson. #Bills #Colts
  • Long plane flight home for the Brownies, as Catanzaro connects from a long ways away to sink them in OT. #Browns #Buccaneers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-15-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • NIners looked fine, until they got scared and tentative in the 4th. Once again, the separation between men and boys in the ranks of NFL QBs could not have been more starkly apparent. SF’s ship crashes hard on the rocks with a wayward chuck from Beathard; and then, seemingly marooned on his own ten, Rodgers needed about 1 minute to move his team 80 yards, with Crosby’s chip shot easily clearing the cross bar. It’s nice when your field general is always in the neighborhood, and then some, at crunchtime. #FortyNiners #Packers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-14-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Time to get down with Mr. Brown, who penetrates the Bengal secondary breach and goes Downtown, with almost no time left at Paul Brown. #Steelers #Bengals
  • This game was a scoring spectacle of first order; congratulations to Sony and Tommy for further exposure of KC’s weaker half, and congrats to Tyreke for wreaking plenty of havoc in the soft underbelly of the NE secondary. #Chiefs #Patriots
  • In a welcome change of pace, the Cowboys don’t come up measly … putting up 40 and featuring 100 plus yards from Elliott and a couple of TDs from missing person Cole Beasley. Meanwhile, J-ville continues to look like a fake contender, with a completely dazed and confused Blake at the helm. #Jaguars #Cowboys
  • Gurley man makes mush out of the Orange Crush, and the steady, resilient Rams batter their way to a 6-0 record. #Rams #Broncos
  • Raider rabble comes unraveled across the pond, and Carr suffers yet another breakdown. Time to bring Gruden’s group in for servicing. #Seahawks #Raiders
  • Redskins redeem themselves at home, as Norman returns to normal and Mr. Smith returns home to Washington and executes his game manager duties with the usual modicum of efficiency. #Panthers #Redskins
  • Chargers chastise the bumbling Browns, dominating them all over the field, and raising the question that maybe Mayfield isn’t ready just yet to shine as an NFL QB. #Chargers #Browns
  • Thielen was feeling it, catching everything in his general vicinity, and the Vikings take a liking to keeping things on the ground in punishing the visiting Cardinals. #Cardinals #Vikings
  • Bills get killed when the Peterman pick six principle rears its ugly head at precisely the worst time. #Bills #Texans
  • Scrappy Miami claws its way to a narrow victory, all without their king of the hill Tannehill. Bad loss for the Bears, who watch their comeback run out of gas, culminating in a kick by Parkey that went off track in OT. #Bears #Dolphins
  • Falcons hang on for dear life, against their peers, the Buccaneers, when a last ditch pitch from Winston to Humphries to Evans can’t be steered to Jackson. It’s tough winning without much of a defense, but Atlanta finally gets the job done. #Buccaneers #Falcons
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