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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-16 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • As ChabDognosticated, the Titans rid themselves of Indy’s domination when Derrick blows through the Colt defenders like they were little more than ornamental dominoes. With even an 80% healthy Mariota, two excellent running backs and the ageless Dick LeBeau manning the defensive controls, TN has the basic parts for playoff positioning. #Titans #Colts
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-15 (click post for audio)


NFL Update:

  • Carson and AP show off how good they can be, and the Bucs’ D appears to panic without famous Jameis; didn’t Tampa realize they still had Fitzy. #Buccaneers #Cardinals
  • LA rams an unpleasant loss down the Jags’ throats, getting the job done with big plays on special teams and Jacksonville gross negligence. Why should anyone be surprised,… except if they saw what happened last week… #Jaguars #Rams
  • Chargers finally figure out how to boot themselves over the top. Raiders still look out of sync and are now on the brink of irrelevance. #Chargers #Raiders
  • Patriots start slow, but come to their senses at just about the same time as the Jets come back to earth. An often overlooked key to NE success today was Dion Lewis and the effective ground game. #Patriots #Jets
  • Out-for-blood Vikes pillage Rodgers’ neighborhood, and left with Hundley, Packers are now hunting for a starting QB. #Packers #Vikings
  • Lions turn quite cowardly on defense, allowing Alvin and the rest of the NO backfield to chip in with some unexpected rushing yards. This balance made the game a breeze for Drew. #Lions #Saints
  • Dolphins prove the Jay naysayers wrong, and push the over confident Falcons completely out of the way. #Dolphins #Falcons
  • Houston’s happy they have Deshaun, not DeShone, as three TDs will attest. Another out of town beat down on the Browns. #Browns #Texans
  • Last season’s Steelers make a surprise appearance, using a bruising ground game, the BR-AB combo and physical, rugged defense to hold down KC just enough for a critical road victory. Whether this intensity can be repeated on a weekly basis for Tomlin’s troops is anyone’s best guess, but the AFC North leaders seem to have the Chiefs’ primary weapons figured out. #Steelers #Chiefs
  • Bears do surprisingly well in Raven haven, pounding out an OT win with some serious rushing yards and some clutch work by the place kicker; meanwhile, Flacco and the Baltimore offense decided to slack off for most of the game. #Bears #Ravens
  • Redskins win, despite the fact that they look alarmingly like the Niners … including their sketchy QB play. But, they’ll take it anyway. #FortyNiners #Redskins
  • Denver decides to take the night off, giving everyone outside of NY a definite case of indigestion in this hard-to-stomach snooze-fest.  Congratulations to the Giants for finding their running game in Adarkwa. #Giants #Broncos


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Lots of Dead Men Walking at ChabDog Sports Talk …


At ChabDog Sports Talk, we’re all about talkin Dead Men Walking; listen in as we foretold the firings of Farrell, Phil, The Mad Hatter, and Charlie the Strongman and why Dusty, Terry and Chuckie should be running for cover, not hovering in the dugout or on the sidelines.

Check us out at ChabDog Sports Blog and


NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-9 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Thank god this blue collar, NFC Norris Division battle didn’t end 3-2. Yes, there were signs of life from both True Car Trubisky and Case Closed Keenum, but the real hero was the dependable and proactive Viking defense, which stepped up like you knew they would to snatch victory from the jaws of possible defeat. This was yet another instance where it might have been better for the defending team stuck deep in their own territory late in a tie game would have been well-advised to simply let the other team score. In the end, Fox’s men go down once again in da Bears den. #Vikings #Bears
  • Looks like somebody took offense to this offensive line coach’s use of lines. What’s next for the Dullphins?  Sounds like a perfect story for that incisive ESPN smackumentary, “On top of the lines”.
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On the October 8 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (pt. 1):

— ChabDog tries to give Frank a Rosie outlook for the day with some New Jersey rock from The Boss;
— Put in Matt I Want Less Moore;
— Harbaugh’s still harboring resentment for L’il brutha’s latest home invasion at the Big House;
— MD’s application for the Misfit Conference has just been given special attention by the admissions committee;
— Forget Tornado Alley… Norman’s located smack dab in the middle of Cyclone County;
— Don Criqui gets so excited during his broadcast of Notre Dame’s slamming of the lamb-like Rams that his girdle came undone;
— Trojans pounded the Beavers;
— Bulldogs promise to drink up at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party… and it won’t matter;
— Hear why Bryce got a call from the Secret Service about some broken windows at the White House;
— Girardi’s days may be numbered like those of Frankie Pantangeli .. “Michael Corleone says hello”;
— One of the world’s great unsolved mysteries… why does Chris Sale run out of gas each August?
— “Live from the Dolong Bridge, it’s the ChabDog Sports Network”;
— Deano reminds us “You’re not drunk if you can lay on the floor without holding”;
— Eric negotiates syndication rights, live on the air, for “Let me be Frank”;
— Caruso confirms that the Red Sox will clench their fists and prevail in Game 3 over the Astros and their magical midget;
— Much discussion about steroid use and things breaking off, both on the field and in the bathroom of the Bada Bing;
— Jay Cutler as a color commentator? We wouldn’t put him in a telephone booth…
— and more

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-8 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Unflappable KC continues to manage its affairs on the road quite adroitly, with speed, poise and an ability to ignore hostile crowd noise. At this point, I think Alex Smith deserves a promotion from game manager to 5-star field general. #Chiefs #Texans
  • There’s still not enough D in Big D to stop Rogers, the Houdini; Packers overcome a porous defense and Mason’s bricklaying to lay another bad bad beat on America’s Team. #Packers #Cowboys
  • Seattle’s experienced defense frustrates the Rams and their fledgling QB, stuffing Gurley, laying in wait and then baiting Goff into some very costly mistakes. #Seahawks #Rams
  • Flacco won’t take any flack for this sharp performance, taking no sacks and making almost all the right decisions in leading the largely overlooked Ravens to a huge victory in Chokeland. As for the Raiders, they’d better stop feeling sorry for themselves and come up with a plan B fast, after seeing their Carr breakdown. #Ravens #Raiders.
  • In a game that resembled slapstick comedy, sour faced Jay Cutler had the last laugh, while the Dolphin defense executed well on its tactical decision to sack the Cassel at all costs. #Titans #Dolphins
  • Carolina surges to a huge lead behind contrite “I’m no male chauvinist pig” Newton, before holding on for dear life in a not-so-routine win. #Panthers #Lions
  • Kneeling Niners continue to find life can be very disappointing, even when playing the unLucky horseshoes. #Niners #Colts
  • No clowning around from McCown, who was all business today in leading the no respect Jets over Hue’s humorous Browns. 1-20 must be joke, but no it’s actually the record of success, or lack thereof, during Inaction Jackson’s terminal coaching term. #Jets #Browns
  • Jags were the road team, but looked quite at home shagging errant Roethlisberger fliers in a 3 TD win in Pittsburgh. Memo to Mike: bad things happen when your ground game is an unwanted afterthought, and today’s misery was case in point. The Steelers now have some time to reflect with their thoughts before dealing with another nasty, no mercy secondary that resides in KC. #Jaguars #Steelers
  • Chargers finally figure out how to close the deal, while for the NY Giants it’s time again to slip on the banana peel. #Chargers #Giants
  • With a change of offensive coordinators, Andy the Red looks much more coordinated, and AJ Green fakes the Bills’ secondary out of its collective spleen. #Bills #Bengals
  • Today’s conflict of Carsons clearly went to Wentz; Philadelphia looks like it’s found its QB for the future, while things don’t look quite so rosy in the land of Palmer. #Cardinals #Eagles
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 10-5 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Better effort and execution this week from the Patriots, though they should be thanking their lucky stars that Tampa shot itself in the foot with some real shoddy kicking, dropped passes, and some questionable play calling. But then again, doing what you have to do and letting the other side dig its own grave is nothing new for New England. #Patriots #Buccaneers.
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Sneak preview of the new and improved “vote” questions on ChabDog Sports Blog:

Sneak preview:
1. Which QB will be the first to go down with an extended-game injury: (a) Jaywalking Jay Cutler; (b) Cleveland’s signal caller, whomever he is; (c) Dandy Andy Dalton, the red headed Bungling stepchild; (d) Captain Kirk Cousins; (e) Carson Not So Rosy Palmer; or (f) Carson George Wendtz.
2. What was the worst pick yet on ChabDog Sports Talk? (a) ChabDog picking the Jags in Week 2; (b) Marc saying there’s no @#$@#$ way we can lose to Carolina; (c) Eric insisting Buffalo had no chance against Denver; (d) Every freaking pick Frankie Midnight made on Week 4; or (e) Drew insisting that the Cubs had to choke last year.
3. Who is the sexiest tennis or golf wife/companion (recent past also qualifies)? (a) Ester “the 700 year itch” Berdych; (b) Mrs. Feliciano Lopez; (c) gobbledygook Gulbus’ love interest; (d) the counterpart to KA; (e) Caroline Wozniacki (if you count her as attached to ex-boyfriend Rory); or (f) Sugarpova (if attached to Baby Fed).

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-2 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Sons of Washington wet their beds again during tribal warfare on Monday Night, when KC applies its tried and true approach of stingy defense, an efficient running game, and a reliable short passing game, while keeping turnovers to an absolute minimum. And how about that fluke of an ending, which enabled the home team to cover… #Chiefs #Redskins
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-1 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • The best D in this game belonged to Detroit, which put Case on his case and generally stuffed the purple people eaters into a gym locker during a surprise road win. #Lions #Vikings
  • Bills put keep Falcons’ wings largely pinned to the ground with some tough stuff on both sides of the line, and sloppy execution by Atlanta means upset time in the GA Dome. #Bills #Falcons
  • Trouble in Beantown for the P-men, who continue to have trouble stopping anyone…. Newton has his way all day, and something needs to change quickly, or the Buffalo Bills will be sitting pretty atop the AFC East. What’s the plan, Mr. Bill… we didn’t learn too much from that press conference. #Panthers #Patriots
  • Le’Veon and the Steelers put together a very solid performance in typically hostile territory, using physical play on both sides of the ball to dominate Baltimore and their embattled QB, Joe Sacko. #Steelers #Ravens
  • Houston’s defense did its usual thing, ejecting Mariota and laying waste to an unfortified Cassel, while Watson has a very elaborate coming out party. #Titans #Texans
  • Bengals bite down hard on the Browns in the Pound and temporarily lay claim to Ohio football bragging rights. #Bengals #Browns
  • Across the pond, the Dullphins seen kneeling, before losing that loving feeling when it comes to scoring on the field… #Saints #Dolphins
  • Broncos grind out a blue collar win at home, stopping Lynch, causing Carr to go in for sideline servicing and generally imposing their will on a less than brash Silver ‘N Black outfit. #Broncos #Raiders
  • Folksy atmosphere in Tampa delights the crowd, as last second field goal sinks the cratering Giants. #Giants #Buccaneers (but at least the Giants managed to beat the spread!)
  • Bolts holding the horseshoes in place come apart at the seams violently and with little warning, as Century Link becomes a Colt slaughterhouse in the 2nd half. Wilson uses his athleticism to make things happen, and Seattle’s defensive prowess rules the day. #Colts #Seahawks
  • It’s cry me a rivers again for the Chargers, who don’t have enough of anything to stop the soaring Eagles. #Eagles #Chargers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 9-28 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • In a thoroughly uninspiring, and predictably pedestrian, NFC snooze-fest, Marshmallow Mike’s White MIschief Packers sleepwalk past Chicago’s inept and out-of-step blue Bears. Any team coached by that offensive mastermind, fiddling and diddling Fox, is just perfect for the mind numbing monotony that has become “TNF”. #Bears #Packers
  • PS — Hey Steelers… were you watching this in horror. This is the team that you couldn’t stop last week. Seriously?
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 9-24 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Redskins finally come up with an electric performance at home and in prime time, while Carr and Raiders get totaled in a very half-hearted, almost lackadaisical performance. Another stunning page of history in the topsy turvy world of the NFL. #Raiders #Redskins
  • KC continues to take care of business against lesser teams, with a stingy defense, solid and consistent QB play from Alex Smith, and a rookie RB named Kareem who knows how to find the seams. As for the Chargers, there’s a definite need for a new look; dink and dunk just isn’t cutting the mustard. #Chiefs #Chargers
  • No surprise here as Rodgers rises to the occasion in OT and defends the honor of Lambeau; another maddening loss for the Bunglers, who yet again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. #Bengals #Packers
  • Shock and awe for the Hawks in Nashville, as Titans get a big spark from the dynamite combo of Marcus and DeMarco. #Titans #Seahawks
  • New England needed all its weapons today against a very athletic, determined group of Texans … and with Brady focused on a healthy Gronk, mixed in with some Cooks and Amendola, that’s exactly what the Pats’ ordered. #Texans #Patriots
  • Pittsburgh plays with fire at Soldier Field, and gets burned in OT; Tomlin must be wondering what the hell happened, as his team got chewed up on the ground, not through the air in a very deflating loss for the favored Black and Gold. #Steelers #Bears
  • Giants finally find some semblance of an offense, but Eagles still squeak by on a jumbo kick by Elliott. #Giants #Eagles
  • Brees operates with ease, and more importantly, the Saints’ running game comes out of its deep freeze, as NO saves its season against the pussycat Panthers. #Saints #Panthers
  • Falcons walk off the field with a narrow escape victory, after mandatory run off. Give Ryan lots of credit for hanging in during a very sub par Sunday afternoon. #Falcons #Lions
  • For once it’s the other guys, not McCown and the Jets, who look like clowns; Mean Green all over Acqua Marine. #Dolphins #Jets
  • Today, was clearly a case of mistaken identity for Case, who played like the man he was replacing, and showed up the highly touted Winston. #Vikings #Buccaneers
  • Colts now look set to win some games with Brissett; Cleveland was clearly not ready to be a road favorite. #Browns #Colts
  • Bills show they are Tyrod tough, which turns the tide in physical victory over the Broncos. #Broncos #Bills
  • If today’s game was a drag race, the Jags shot out of the gate will the Ravens were indefinitely stalled; it was a team effort today by a Flacco led team flatter than flat. #Ravens #Jaguars
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 9-21 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Nobody expected such offensive fireworks when the Rams butted heads against the Niners, but perhaps that’s what god intended on a day when the shofar was sounding. L’Shana Tovah for Sean McVay’s squad as they hold on for a tight victory after plucky Hoyer can’t duck Donald. SF’s defense was a virtual no-show, allowing Goff to look like a knock-off of Tom Brady, and letting itself get pushed around repeatedly by a very determined Gurley man. #Rams #FortyNiners
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