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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 12-16 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Rivers turns into a recidivist, 4th quarter takeaway giver, and Hunt keeps the Chiefs more than in the hunt for the AFC West title. #Chiefs #Chargers
  • As is the norm, the Chicago offense was Bearly watchable … which means about 10 minutes is about all your average couch potato could possibly take. Detroit is left feeling pretty good about themselves, though as the long term picture goes, it’s hard to give them the Lions’ share of credit for doing anything too impressive. #Bears #Lions
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 12-11 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

Top ten reasons Miami laid waste to New England:

1. The hoodied warlock got a bit too comfortable with his game plan, and forgot to put chalk to the ‘ol blackboard.
2. Gaze had the crazy idea of putting a special waze app into Cutler’s tablet, which gave him the most direct route to the end zone.
3. His highness, Lord Tommy, looked more like Linus with a sinus infection, and wasn’t very willing to hold onto the ball minus his precious security blanket, Mr. Gronky.
4. Nate was not so good of a Solder.
5. Nobody toed the line or kicked ass better than that big boy named Suh.
6. Throwback jersies.
7. Frank Fleming prematurely throwing in his own terrible towel.
8. Matt’s way-too-Patrician attitude.
9. Chung got hung out to dry in the South Beach humidity.
10. That final on-sides kick, which has never looked quite so sick.
10a. Brady just had to find out what it would feel like to go from GOAT to scapegoat.

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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 12-10 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Forget the pain, forget all the yards we gave up, forget the squandering of a 14 pt lead … the fact is this team has a survivor mentality and showed unbelievable toughness and confidence, particularly on the huge 3rd and five completion to AB that set up the game winning field goal. Big Ben has never been better, and has never had two nuclear weapons like this at his disposal. Celebrate your asses off Steelers — you are the 2017 AFC North Champions, and you earned it — and then start worrying next week about how the heck we hold New England under 30, particularly with the glaring speed problem at linebacker. But this was an incredible game to watch, especially if you bleed gold and black. #Steelers #Ravens
  • Jags continue to stand up to all comers, punching Seattle in the gut and keeping their composure, while Hawks lose their cool and die from Eastern exposure. #Seahawks #Jaguars
  • Despite bringing closure on the NFC East division title race, this may be remembered more as the day Wentz went away; but all the same, give the Eagles lots of credit for not folding with Foles. #Eagles #Rams
  • Broncos put an abrupt end to Jets’ airs of grandeur, bringing McCown down to ground level, and putting up with no guff from Petty. #Jets #Broncos
  • Titan offense didn’t look too frightening in a very weak, meek effort at Arizona. Hope was lost for the TN men when their running game went into the tank and Dawson forgot how to shank. #Titans #Cardinals
  • Panthers turn the tables on Viking home invaders with frequent sacks of Keenum and a steady diet of durable Jonathan Stewart. This is a team that nobody wants to face in the playoffs. #Vikings #Panthers
  • Disorganized Raider rabble spells a big LOSS in game of scrabble at Arrowhead. Meanwhile, Chiefs hope for some much needed relief as they churn out an important W in AFC West tug-of-war. #Raiders #Chiefs
  • Hundley and fired up Packers refuse to donate a win to the Browns’ overlooked and underappreciated charity fund. #Packers #Browns
  • Lion pride bides its time, lays in wait for Bucs to muck things up, and then says see you later on a scoring drive capped off by who else but Prater. Somebody needs to supply Winston with something sticky, as his ball handling skills are certainly sub-standard. #Lions #Buccaneers
  • Texans’ cleates stuck in the mud, while Niners are now doing much more than just scraping by with their new QB imported from New England. Apparently, poor Cleveland really missed out. #Patriots #Texans
  • Pressed for a good game, Prescott responds, and Giant snag continues unabated under new unfortunate underboss Spagnuolo. #Giants #Cowboys
  • Definitely no tasty apples for the starved Colts to snag at snowy Orchard Park. Oh to be young again and play football in the snow with a few good friends. #Colts #Bills
  • Chargers keep pace with Chiefs, with Rivers flowing free and easy, while Redskins continue their downward spiral … and this wasn’t even a prime time affair. #Redskins #Chargers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 12-4 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Steelers do what Steelers do and grind out a huge comeback victory over the bumbling Bengals. Yes, Cincy played tough and inspired ball (their backs were against the wall), but there was absolutely no excuse for the non-stop, ridiculous penalties, and the blame for that falls … where else … on Messy Marvin. Ben, AB and Bell carried this team with a never give in mindset that was a beautiful thing to watch. As for the physicality, nobody wants to see people hurt, but this is an inherently dangerous game, and there were a ton of great hits, as well. This is what football is all about! #Bengals #Steelers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-3 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Did I hear right… Gronk blamed that dirty ass hit on “frustration”….I didn’t know buildings with legs had feelings as well…… maybe he and po’d Kiko can do some anger management.
  • Building on last week’s recommendations, the spastic Chiefs need to fire both their OC and their DC, as they look completely uncoordinated. It would also be a good idea to make their DBs sit in a penalty box for a solid week to reflect on the errors of their illegal ways. #Chiefs #Jets
  • After 4 quarters more of misery in Miami, Elway looked more shocked than the horse in Animal House when Dorfman fired the blanks. Another comeuppance for the once brash, trash talking Broncos. #Broncos #Dolphins
  • Gould and Garoppolo end up looking like solid gold, while Trubisky looks like a Fox flop. #49ers #Bears
  • Packers stitch together a very important win, while Bucs continue to come apart at the seams. #Buccaneers #Packers
  • Colts have a very terrifying experience in the House of Jax. #Colts #Jaguars
  • Flacco takes off his straightjacket, racks up a bunch of yards through the air, along with 2 TDs, and becomes the Super Joe of 5 years ago. #Lions #Ravens
  • Lots of angry Orchard Park misbehavior by the hard to please Patriots, between Brady’s dressing down of McDaniel and Gronk shouldering loads of blame for a total cheap shot. All that being said, there was nothing new here in terms of the result — just another routine AFC East mauling by NE. #Patriots #Bills
  • Time for O’Brien to comb the colleges (or perhaps high schools during Friday night lights) in Texas for a kicker with a clue, as well as some breakaway speed on offense; Houston is definitely running low on ammo. #Texans #Titans
  • Hyper aggressive and physical Viking defense does what the rest of the league can’t seem to do … and takes away Jones and his buddy Samu. And it’s not a good thing when Atlanta has to rely on a standard ground game — that much is definitely true. #Vikings #Falcons
  • It’s been a while since the Chargers have worn these kind of smiles, but they’re sitting atop the division with a .500 record, while the Browns are leaving town with nothing but frowns. #Browns #Chargers
  • Today’s subjugation by Raider Nation of the left-for-dead Giants doesn’t tell us a whole lot about Oakland’s prospects going forward, but it does indicate Big Blue won’t be cashing in at the casino by spinning the roulette wheel with Geno. #Giants #Raiders
  • New Orleans comes through with a big bounce back win over a tough Carolina crew, as Drew throws like the Drew we once knew, Ingram bullies his way for 85 and Kamara chips in with a TD or two. #Panthers #Saints
  • Pesky Cardinals can’t overcome another shabby outing from Gabbert, and now it’s all but certain that we’ll see the Rams and QB Goff in the playoffs. #Rams #Cardinals
  • Battle of feathered enemies goes to Seattle, as Eagles blink at the wrong time and Wilson shines. It was fairly evident which team was in desperate need of a win, and which one was just trying to maintain its composure. #Eagles #Seahawks
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 11-30 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Redskins are just a passing fancy … and a bad one at that .. for the frolicking Cowboys, who were picked up big time tonight by the serious chip on his shoulder that was unloaded by one Alfred Morris. This game was typical for the DC doormats of the NFC East — poor special teams, scant attention to a running game, and too many weak, risky throws by a rushing Cousins. #Cowboys #Redskins
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 11-26 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Steelers squeak out a surprisingly tight win over a GB team rumored to have been already dead.  Yes, the offense shined brightly, with some incredible stuff from AB, along with the usual contributions from Ben and Bell, but the defense was not sharp, and this kind of effort will not get the job done in a few weeks when NE’s number comes up. #Steelers #Packers
  • It’s official — KC is collapsing like a house of cards, and it’s not clear what the cure is, other than a stern pep talk, a new offensive coordinator, and an adrenaline injection. This team bears no resemblance to the Week 1 squad that ran circles around NE, and Andy Reid needs to take immediate steps to correct the situation. 55 yards rushing just won’t cut it, particularly with Alex Smith at the controls. #Bills #Chiefs
  • Great win for the Rams, who slammed the door on any Saint comeback by taking control of the ball in the 2nd half (particularly in the 4th quarter), and used a suffocating defense throughout to confuse and stifle the mighty Drew Brees. #Rams #Saints
  • Blaine “Gabby” Gabbert happily has the last word against his former teammates; J-ville learns the hard way that its stellar defense is not always enough to overcome Blake’s mistakes. #Jaguars #Cardinals
  • In a fight-filled game that was more bluster and less luster, the Raiders hang on for a sloppy win over the QB-challenged Broncos. Both of these teams are going nowhere…. fast. #Broncos #Raiders
  • Seahawks shake off last week’s misery and slug out a blue collar win in San Francisco, led by the one constant in their arsenal, the tireless worker Russel Wilson. #Seahawks #49ers
  • After years of futility against Indy, the Titans are lately becoming quite adept at corralling the Colts. Tough defense and a solid running game can do that for you. #Titans #Colts
  • Jets do what the Jets do, and find a way to malfunction, while Carolina does what good teams do, and manufactures a win on the road with defense and special teams. #Panthers #Jets
  • Do bad QBs just end up in Chicago, or does being in Chicago have something to do with the deterioration of their skills? Whatever the case, Trubisky was truly awful today. #Bears #Eagles
  • Patriots accomplish all of their usual goals, including a quartet of TD for Brady, rubbing salt in the Dolphins’ wounds, and of course … covering. #Patriots #Dolphins
  • Browns do their unlevel best to make sure at least one NFL team in Ohio has a good shot at .500. #Browns #Bengals
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 11-23 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Like most of us probably expected, this was another real Rover of a game in Landover, which the Redskins won in spite of themselves, and to spite the Giants. Now it’s time to do us all a favor an ban McAdoo’s dudes from further prime time appearances this season …. there certainly is good reason. #Giants #Redskins
  • Chargers showed up, while Cowboys got showed up. Enough is enough Dallas; quit talking about who you’re missing and make the most with what you have; today’s effort was simply weak. As for SD, given their cushy schedule, KC had better wake up and take notice … the fight for the AFC West has just begun. #Chargers #Cowboys
  • Minnesota continues to show the mindset of a champion … at least a divisional one … while irresponsible Detroit digs its usual hole, and this time can’t climb out. #Vikings #Lions
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 11-20 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Seattle’s playoff push beat a hasty retreat, what with a few uncharacteristic risk/benefit miscalculations by puzzled Pete and Blair’s last ditch boot falling painfully short … by just a few feet. Seahawk fan was heard to mutter, “this game was for the birds … the dirty ones that is”. #Falcons #Seattle


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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 11-19 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Broncos are going broke gambling on Brock. The last series of this game was reason enough to go to Paxton Lynch. Pathetic! And with no offensive support to speak of anywhere, the vaunted defense led by verbose Von is looking like Orange Slush, not Crush. #Broncos #Bengals
  • Cowpoke slowpokes get completely embarrassed on national TV; time for Jerry to focus on his own product, rather than worrying about Roger’s remuneration.
  • As expected by the “smart money”, the Patriots looked right at home in the thin mountain air of Mexico City, while the carefree Raiders looked gassed and gasping for air, even with their oxygen masks. Another jewel of a game for the Patriots, who probably could have won by 50 if they had wanted to. #Patriots #Raiders
  • Detroit’s prayers are answered once again by Prater, whose huge boot leaves a huge crater at Soldier Field. #Lions #Bears
  • Fitzy shows he’s definitely fit the job of starting NFL QB (no more post-Jameis hangover), while Dolphin miscues and penalties must be giving Gates fits. #Buccaneers #Dolphins
  • Nobody’s mistaking Tom Savage for Tom Brady anytime soon, but today’s 2 TD effort was a step in the right direction. As for the Cardinals, backup Blaine was just plain terrible during an all-important stretch in the 4th. #Cardinals #Texans
  • Sleepy Chiefs forget to set their alarm, and wake up to late in an unforgivable loss to the lowly G-men. Maybe Big Blue can come through for McAdoo. #Chiefs #Giants
  • DeShone is shown up once more by his QB counterpart … this time it’s the immortal Blake Bortles … but it’s not all his fault … a big factor was the non-existent protection offered by the Browns’ imaginary Maginot-like o-line. #Jaguars #Browns
  • If you’re just realizing the Vikings are a prohibitive favorite to reach the NFC Championship Game, today’s display by Latavius Murray should alert you to the fact that you’re late to the party. Don’t minimize Minnesota’s chances. #Vikings #Rams
  • Packers get grated by a filthy good Ravens’ secondary, only to be berated by some very disappointed Cheesehead fans who suffered through this demoralizing shutout. #Ravens #Packers
  • Saints nearly paint themselves into a corner, getting repeatedly shredded by Kirk Cousins, until Drew draws up the inevitable comeback. #Saints #Redskins
  • So much for Buffalo’s ill-conceived Peterman Project, which certainly made the Chargers happy in their Carson campground. #Bills #Chargers
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On the Sunday, 11-12 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Pt. 2):


  • We go back to the good old days, when Spacey could negotiate real good severance packages and Hoffman was an ultra polite, apologetic and well-mannered hotel guest
  • Marc goes out of his way to make the point that “Girls like funny guys”
  • Dylan explains just why you shouldn’t scoff at Goff or pass him off as a flash in the pan
  • Eric goes crazy with the puns when he calls Young young, while Caruso goes crazy when he sees Steve’s Amazonian wife
  • As usual, ChabDog steps on a minefield when, against his better instincts, he picks the Skins
  • It’s morning again, at our studios in Newport Beach
  • Why Packer podcasters have apparently packed it in
  • Good for all those who refused to allow the Bears, of all teams, to receive 5
  • AP and Brady on the same team=cheesey
  • NE’s QB is the first employee in history to actually low ball his employer … ridiculous
  • The Chargers coming to LA was nothing short of a bowel movement
  • and more

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