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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 2-4 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • As ChabDognosticated, the Eagles found a way to slay Goliath when Nick Foles found all those holes (that we knew were there all along) in the Patriots’ defense….
  • Foles will have them climbing poles in no time!!!!
  • Chris Long tattooes Brady with 4 quarter lunge, and makes father Howie, and EVP Howie, very happy.
  • The empire of the New England vampires has been temporarily disable with a stake through the heart, and the team from eastern PA keeps the team from western PA in the lead for the most rings. Time to sing ding dong the hoodied warlock is dead… well at least for 12 months.

    Nice job Eagles!

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NFL Update and Perspectives: Tuesday, 1-30 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • There’s absolutely no way Gronk could flunk out of Concussion Protocol school … held at TB 12…. the correct answer is … FOUR!
  • As previously reported on ChabDog Sports Talk and Radio Spaz… Philly cops have a new plan in place to stop pole climbing
  • Alex switches tribes as Mr. Smith goes to Washington, and the Skins are praying that he continues to apply his regular season winning ways without reservation. #Redskins #Chiefs


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NFL Update and Perspectives: Wednesday, 1-24 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • A few days after the Gronk bonk, concussion discussion continues to surround the currently condemned building with legs. #Patriots
  • Trouble in Steeler paradise? Big Ben would want you believing otherwise, but for many fans, the time for waiting is over, and the window for this group is closing. Nothing can or will change until management takes a hard look at what they’re getting with Tomlin (particularly his defense) and what they could get with someone else. The ill-fated onside kick to end this season’s final game said it all. #Steelers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 1-21 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Tonight’s game was definitely a case of the old Case, rather than the new and improved one, with the end result being that it was the marauding men from Minnesota were the ones laid the big egg in the NFC Conference Final, not, as may expected, their feathered foes from Philadelphia. And who is to say that Foles can’t get just as hot 2-weeks when his birds play the defending champions. They are decided dogs (5-6 points), but they’ve clearly shown they belong in the big game. Go Eagles! #Eagles #Vikings
  • Jags were waggin their tails with glee after one half, but fell into the same trap as a few other unworthy Patriot opponents by trying to sit on a lead. Why teams continue to do this against the vulnerable Patriots defense we will never know, as is the perplexing insistence on playing soft zone coverage against the master of tossing the short, crossing route, Mr. Brady. What we have here is a failure to communicate some very simple principles, which left cool hand Tom and his tight lipped coach right where they expected to be … in the Super Bowl. #Patriots #Jaguars
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-14 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Minnesota digs very deep, and finally finds a break when Stefon snares Case’s closing heave, and the Vikings escape to play another day. #Saints #Vikings
  • The Steelers lose a golden opportunity for redemption in NE, after somehow overlooking the very game and untamed Jacksonville Jaguars. Hey guys, this is playoff football, where you should have the mindset you are playing for your life at all times. The root of the problem lies intertwined with continual problems with the defensive scheme (where again was the run defense and the pressure on the QB), bad in game decisions/no adjustments by Tomlin (why on earth wouldn’t you kick away with the equivalent of three TOs and one of the best quick strike offenses in the league) and an utter lack of intensity to begin the game. The question now remains whether Ben will be back next year with the same supporting cast, and will we see a new director? #Steelers #Jaguars
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 1-13 (click post for audio)


NFL Update:

  • Blowout time in New England, as Belichick makes some adjustments after TN’s first drive, and thereafter it’s child’s play… and a cakewalk for the Patriots into the Conference Championship. #Patriots #Titans
  • Atlanta thought they had Philly right where they wanted them, but in the end, they were foolish in try to force-feed Julio one too many times. Foles finds a way, and now the Eagles lay in wait for the winner in Minnesota. #Eagles #Falcons
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Blood types — Going through the coaching carousel

Coaching Blood Types:

Type P1 (purveyors of passion) — Cowher, Tomlin, Parcells, Shula, Calipari, Jimmy Johnson, Earl Weaver, John McGraw, Lasorda

Type P2 (planners) —  Noll, Belichick, Landry, Wooden, Saban, Red Auerbach, Allston

Type P1/P2 (hybrids) — Lombardi (the dark side), Stengel (mirth)

Type 0 (as in without either P1 or P2) — McAdoo, Hue, Caldwell, Yost (just kidding)

Type Ragu — Ralph Friedgen, Andy Reid, Mark Mangino, Mike Scioscia





— When you’re in the NFL playoffs, you’d better not look back, because the team from Boston may be gaining on you;
— Therapy all those suckers, including yours truly, who thought this year’s Chiefs had the cojones to tip toe past the Titans;
— Defective Darrelle “Butthead” Reavis looking for reasons to avoid contact;
— Memo to the Chiefs — the NFL is no country for old men;
— The hunt still goes on for Kareem Hunt (where’d he go on Saturday);
— Why again did the whole freaking team go on strike when Kelce got knocked out;
— Reid will rather go to al anon meetings every day, than keep Alex Smith another year;
— Kirk Cousins to KC (KC in KC?);
— Jeff Triplette is retiring as a ref … with good reason;
— Cleveland Brown fans apparently love showing their “O” face, just like Drew in Office Space;
— Alexa is our favorite thermeter:
— Andy Reid is Schultz, Frank Fleming and a little bit of Milton Wadams;
— Rams’ season turns to shit due to Farrelle Cooper’s failure to bring his pooper scooper;
— Well-read finds it necessary to curry favor with Harlin/facedechef by telling us he knew all along it would be Atlanta, then makes the mistake of being a contrarian as regards Carolina;
— Huggy Bear just didn’t look hungry enough;
— Sellout Dolphins fail with Fale;
— Baltimore never showed less fortitude than when they lost to the Bungles;
— Steelers had better beware of airing your dirty Laundry Jones;
— Minnesota will be very comfortable at home in its Viking ship with a lid on it;
— Ralph rejoices that Pagano finally went; now the question becomes, which recycled part with be the new compass for this sinking ship;
— Is Belichick the next Tuna … deciding to jump ship for New York amid a Super Bowl run;
— Remembering departed “Coach”, Jerry van Dyke;
— We play the theme song from the “penis van lesbian” show;
— Time to party like it’s 1999 in Orchard Park… that one helluvan angry orchard since the Mucus City Miracle play (was or wasn’t it a forward pass);
— Remembering when the air went out of McNair;
— Frank thinks the Titans will be “obliterized” in Foxborough,… so they have that going for them, which is nice!;
— How TB #12 compares with Stah Lag 13;
— Maaahk’s caaaaah wouldn’t staaaaaaht, so he was a little taaahdy;
— Tennessee has the strongest Henry since John;
— Why Caruso was so impressed with the Titans;
— Tank grudgingly admits that Gronk is without peer;
— Low T in KC;
— What Fleming has in common with Marcus Peters (of course, excluding body type);
— Marc’s dream job (as taken from the movie “Coming to America”);
— Drilling for oil with the cantankerous cabbie;
— Miami continues its engagement with Gase;
— Who’s banging Gisele? What’s going on with football’s Tony Robbins, Guerrero?
— What does avocado ice cream taste like?
— Frank leaves before Marc can enroll him in the MC 71 program;
— and more

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-7 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Saints paint Panthers into a corner, before almost letting them escape with an unlikely victory; ultimately, the exploits of “keep the pressure coming” Cameron Jordan, who put the serious heat on “no urgency” Cam Newton, was the difference. #Panthers #Saints
  • Jags make roadkill out of the Bills when Clay steps out of the field of play and Tyrod the bod gets body slammed out of the game. Next week, Pittsburgh gets its chance for payback. #Bills #Jaguars
  • PS — NO had better bring more of a running game to Min, or there’s no way way they’re coming out of there with a win.
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 1-6 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Playoffs start off with a big thud at the Coliseum, as the touchy Falcon defense just won’t let go, and Goff comes up with a relative dud. #Falcons #Rams
  • Maybe Moses really can lead Tennessee to the promised land; today he certainly played the part, while KC fell apart in an incredibly flat 2nd half in front of their sellout home throng. Same old song in the playoffs for Andy Reid, who can’t seem to hold playoff leads. #Titans #Chiefs
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 1-5 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Ramming speed will simply be too much for the often faulty Falcons to handle; Atlanta’s season long inconsistency, including QB Ryan’s up and down play with the pass, finally comes back to permanently bite them in the ass. #Rams #Falcons
  • Look for KC to lay waste to the sluggish Titans at Arrowhead, ahead of their pleasure cruise to New England. #Chiefs #Titans
  • Leave it to the Raiders to come up with the most ridiculous coaching contract imaginable… 10 years? Really? Lucky Chucky…
  • New England finds it necessary to light up the airwaves with a “Joint” statement of unity; Belichick to NYG?
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 1-4 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • “Go West young man, go West!”
  • Is it just possible that all is not going so swimmingly in that frozen aquarium called Patriots’ Place? Sir Brady has been quite touchy this year, and Bill’s been even more of a curmudgeon since he was forced by Robert’s royal edict to trade Jimmy G. It certainly seems no coincidence that the only thing shorter than Brady’s fuse is his willingness to hold the ball in the pocket….as depicted in this choice excerpt from the must-read article:

    The criticism has continued this year, as Brady has been hit a lot and battled various injuries. Atypically, he has missed a lot of practices and, in the team’s private evaluations, is showing the slippage of a 40-year-old quarterback even as he is contending for MVP and is as deadly as ever with the game on the line. Injuries to his shoulder and Achilles have done more than undermine claims that the TB12 Method can help you play football virtually pain-free. Subtle changes have at times hampered the offense and affected the depth chart. On a fourth-quarter play against the Los Angeles Chargers, for instance, Brady had a clean pocket and a first read open deep, possibly for a touchdown. But Brady got rid of the ball quickly over the middle to receiver Chris Hogan, who had nowhere to run and was hit hard, injuring his shoulder. He missed all but one game of the rest of the season. “Tom was trying to get it out quick,” a Patriots staffer says. “As fragility has increased, nervousness has also increased.”

    Yes Tom, get it out quick or you may be forced to spend more time at TB12 than you ever envisioned….

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