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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 2-4-19 (click post for some Tom Brady that is now a distant memory)

Jubilant Julian and his bushy beard was certainly the Rabbi the Patriots needed to properly sacrifice stubbles McVay and the rest of the LA Lambs.
  • Brady was mediocre and Goff was more than off, Gurley was mostly withdrawn and non-confrontational, and the defensive lines for both teams had field days; that being said, the difference was clearly a huge mismatch in coaching, with Belichick’s defenders completely getting in the minds of McVay’s high powered scoring machine. Belichick was the MVP (Most Valuable Puppeteer), but we know they can’t do that so the trophy goes to Super juking Julian Edelman, the first winner of this award claiming a Hebrew heritage. Yes, New England, you are football’s version of the Yankees, which makes the rest of the league feel pretty … helpless. And can this happen another 3 to 4 to 5 more times under the guidance of the GOAT … most certainly. #Patriots #Rams

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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-20-19 (click post for some hometown encouragement from the files of Jim Rockford)

The Brady era comes full circle as almost 20 years later it’s Rams-Patriots in the Super Bowl … all over again…

NFL Update:

  • Everything is up to date in KC, as the Chiefs do what they typically do and bow out in majorly disappointing fashion after raising so many expectations during the regular year. It did take them way too long to put their game face on, but once Mahomes got going, there was no stopping him. Unfortunately, this game seems to strongly suggest they’ll never take that next step with Andy “I like to read my play chart/as opposed to watching the game” Reid. The big red tomato is destined to forever playing ketchup with Belichick, who yet again coached him into a cramped corner. What was with the ultra conservative play calling for nearly a half, the refusal to make adjustments at the end of the game to cover Edelman and Gronk on those crossing patterns over the middle, or the unwillingness to make anything other than a token attempt to score a TD at the end of regulation. But the his biggest screw up was sitting on those 3 timeouts in OT, with Brady marching inexorably toward a winning TD, and the Chiefs’ exhausted defense in need of a serious blow. Sometimes the best time outs are those taken when you don’t have the ball, and when Burkhead rammed the ball over the goal line to put KC out of its misery, those game breaks went unused and wasted. #Chiefs #Patriots
  • My how the worm turned today in the Superdome, as the Rams came back from legally dead status to shock the Saints (who were probably booking their Super Bowl reservations). Yes, there was a blown call that changed everything, but let’s remember what the Rams did to get to that point … their D-line played huge, they did a great job stopping the Saints running game, and Goff and Co. showed maturity and poise in making the big plays/executing when they had to. This young team grew a ton in the last 15 minutes and into OT, and they deserve to move on. As for the Saints, they’ve had plenty of help all year long from the refs, so what goes around comes around. And let’s give a big pat on the back to Greg Z., whose big foot was the difference maker at the end. #Rams #Saints
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-13-19 (click post to hear Constanza on shrinkage — like the kind we saw today from the dead-in-the-water Bolts)

Cry me a Rivers … Chargers fail to hold up their end in cold New England.

NFL Update:

  • Nothing new in New England as the Belichick’s Patriots cut Lynn’s chagrined Chargers to the quick in a game that was clearly not as close as the score indicated. Brady was connecting at will and running backs Michel and White kept the Bolts’ defense completely off balance and on its heels. As for Rivers, it’s just another largely successful campaign that comes to a cold, bitter end on the forbidden turf of Foxboro. The convincing nature of this win also sends notice to KC that the Chiefs had better roll out their A+ game, not to mention their A+ QB if they hope to represent the AFC in February. #Chargers #Patriots
  • Saints hope they’ve shaken some cobwebs out of their face masks with a somewhat shaky, but gratifying triumph over the defending Super Bowl champs. They did this by systematically controlling time of possession on offense and stymieing Philly’s No. 1 stud, and by going for the big payoff on a gutsy fake punt and on a 4th a goal deep in the red zone. That’s enough this week, but will it cut the mustard against a Rams squad that has more weapons and more talent? It’s something for Coach Payton to ponder for a few more queasy days in the Big Easy. #Saints #Eagles
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 1-12-19 (click post for some classic Keith Jackson — Whoa Nellie, the Rams are going ot the NFC Finals)

It’s all smiles in LA, as McVay had his Rams ready to play on Saturday.

NFL Update:

  • Rams may have sputtered a bit to end the season, but they started the playoffs focused and out for blood, bulling their way to a convincing 8-pt win over the Cowboys. The tandem of Anderson and Gurley ran over and through what had been touted as a stout Dallas defense, and Goff did the rest with an excellent job running plays and connecting with his receivers. Give the NFC East champions credit for growing as a team throughout the year and perhaps setting the foundation for a more dominant campaign in 2019, but for now, LA is making the headlines and moves on the NFC Championship round with no reason but to be brimming with confidence. #Cowboys #Rams
  • Colts get hit with a haymaker right right from the start in form of not only the amazing right arm of Mahomes, but also some very inspired Chiefs defense. Yes, the Chiefs’ defense. After an impressive run to end the season, Frank Reich needs to take a hard look at a still suspect defense, which was terribly porous down the middle of the field. And Andrew Luck needs some smelling salts, Viagra or something to give his passes more punch and his approach a little more bite. Today’s exhibition was completely uninspiring. #Chiefs #Colts
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-6-19 (click post for audio)

Parkey needs to work on his parking skills!

NFL Update:

  • All the Bears had to do was park a 43 yard field goal over the cross bar and between the goal posts at Soldier field; unfortunately Parkey was not up to the task, and it’s Philadelphia that lives to play another day. Chicago definitely has only itself to blame, not just because this game was completely winnable, but also given the harsh reality that Minnesota would’ve likely been an easier mark in round one, as compared with the defending champs. It only gets tougher for the Eagles, who now travel to the Big Easy, where Breesy and the who dat gang await, fully rested. Foles will need to bring his “A” game, not the B variety we saw today, if they are to prevail in what would be a major upset. #Eagles #Bears
  • Baltimore shoots itself in the foot with an anemic offense, headed up by sluggish side-winding slinger Lamar, and of all things, a missed field goal by normally Turgo-charged Tucker, opening the door for the Chargers to slip through to week 2 of the NFL Playoffs. This was no work of beauty for either team’s QB, as Rivers was keep largely under wraps for most of the game, but LAC came up with enough yards and points to have a relatively secure cushion, leading in to a rather chaotic final 8 minutes. Indeed, if the Ravens had only made a 50 yard try earlier in the game, they might have been in good position in the final minute to tie things up with another kick. As it worked out, the road team pulled out a real gut check victory and moves on to New England, where it will need to be a lot sharper if it has any hope of overcoming the favored Patriots. #Chargers #Ravens
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-5-19 (click post for audio)

Mack’s running puts the two-stepping Texans out of whack

NFL Update:

  • Cowboys mount and stuff Seahawks with a bruising performance by Zeke and some timely, clutch moments from Dak. In a year that many cite as one of his finest displays of coaching prowess, Petey C. was curiously asleep at the wheel, particularly when it came to the offensive play calling. Seattle mindlessly ran again and again into a brick wall at AT&T, getting its wake up call with two minutes left, when it was a classic case of too little, too late. And what was with that idiotic drop kick/onside kick to end the game by Dickson. Leave that junk in the Aussie rules league, please! #Cowboys #Seahawks
  • Colts are thanking their lucky stars they have Luck; Texans take a serious punch on the chin and will have a nice long off season to figure out why they were knocked so woozy. The bottom line is that Watson is by no means a polished, seasoned product and has a ton of growing up to do. He doesn’t read defenses well enough and telegraphs his throws. Today, he was also consistently off target, and there wasn’t much in the way of perimeter options with his No. 1 option, Hopkins, neutralized. KC had better be ready, as Luck showed what he can do to them in that wild 45-44 game a few years back. Congratulations to Frank Reich for engineering a pretty amazing recovery this year. #Colts #Texans

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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-30-18 (click post for audio)
Playoffs are set; Eagles and Ravens are flying high, while Steelers, Texans and Vikings grieve

NFL Update:

  • Browns make it very interesting, largely due to a huge game from Baker Mayfield, but in the end Baltimore’s size and muscle was just too much for the visitors to handle. This team is ready to move on in the playoffs, with a defense that could give massive headaches to the conference favorites. #Browns #Ravens
  • Chiefs dispatch the wandering, how homeless Raiders with less than minimal difficulty, and hope they can now enjoy a nice long homestand before the Super Bowl. #Raiders #Chiefs
  • Redskins roll over and play dead in Landover, while Eagles remind us they have the hearts of champions. #Eagles #Redskins
  • Chargers rely on their defense to debunk the Broncos, but questions do remain whether they are tough enough to weather what will likely be an uncomfortable trip east to face #4 Baltimore in round one. Better get ready for a bruising battle. #Chargers #Broncos
  • Steelers recover from another puzzling, elongated trance to conquer a depleted Bengals squad. But after the game, they and their fans are treated to watching a particularly cruel tease by the Browns, who fall about 15 yards short of a mammoth upset of Baltimore’s purple birds. This was truly a fitting end to season of lost opportunities, lapses in concentration, and shocking mistakes. Changes need to be made by the front office, or this franchise risks falling seriously behind the leaders of the AFC. #Steelers #Bengals
  • Lions rock Aaron’s world, and leave the Packers in complete shambles as they say goodbye to a disappointing 2018. Talk about split personalities! #Lions #Packers
  • Patriots do what Patriots do and enjoy that home cooking comfort food with a habitual spanking of the regrettable Jets at Foxboro. #Patriots #Jets
  • Texans tag Jags with another ignominius and insulting loss, while securing home field for the first round of the playoffs. Don’t worry Houston, Jacksonville didn’t take offense … in any sense of the word. #Jaguars #Texans
  • Rams push around the wimpy Niners, but are they really the big bully on the NFC block? #Rams #Cardinals
  • Hawks kick the Cards out of their nest and turn their attention to the rest of the playoff contenders. #Seahawks #Cardinals
  • Falcons finish strong, leaving much hope for Ryan and the boys’ recovery in 2019; as for the Bucs, absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel in Tampa. #Falcons #Buccaneers
  • Dak makes sure Cowboys don’t slack off in a completely meaningless season finale at East Rutherford. This loss may well be the final chapter in the Giant book of Eli. #Cowboys #Giants
  • Allen and Co. help Buffalo experience some much celebrated home improvement. As for Gase, his days seem to be numbered. #Dolphins #Bill

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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 12-22-18 (click post for audio)

Brave Ravens snub the Bolts at the Stub-Hub
  • Backs against the wall, Ravens play like there was no tomorrow and most likely kill any Charger chances for the AFC West title; in the process, Baltimore also turns the table on the Steelers for the AFC North crown, as Pittsburgh now faces a must-win situation Sunday in New Orleans (with a loss very likely throwing them out of the playoff hunt entirely). #Ravens #Chargers
  • Ti-tans stay firmly embedded in the playoff convo with a critical home victory over the hard luck Skins that was not as easy as the final score indicated. Blaine Gabby Gabbert finally let his passing do the talking with a huge 2-yard TD to his ace in the hole, MyCole, and the Tennessee defense iced and Indian burial a few minutes later with an interception of journeyman J. Johnson. #Titans #Redskins
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 12-17-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Stink Panthers can’t get out of their own way on offense, and the result is a mercy killing at the hands of the relatively comatose Saints. Thankfully, this is the last time this year we’ll have to watch Cam Newton in prime time; good god has he gone downhill from his meteoric rise during Carolina’s run to the Super Bowl. For whatever reason, Rivera refuses to sit him, bad shoulder and all, and the result is a complete deterioration of his throwing mechanics, not to mention his perennial bad attitude. Tonight’s 2 minute drill was indeed one of the most pathetic attempts to drive a team 50 yards into field goal range in recent memory., and it’s clearly time to say Uncle and give this starter a seat on bench.

    As for Brees, he’s been in a funk since the Cowboy debacle, hanging back in the pocket and with difficulty seeing through the trees in front of him (he’ll need magical elevator shoes if he refuses to move), and the NFC looks completely/absolutely wide open. #Saints #Panthers


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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-16-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • On what may forever be known as Brady liberation day, Steelers free themselves from the yoke of NE’s oppression with a very satisfying home victory and go a long way toward clearing the way for a division title and/or playoff berth. Who knew that RB fill-in Samuels would look so smooth and be so effective, or that Boswell would come through when it looked so dark and foreboding in the waning minutes. This was a total team effort, including much better play in all phases of the defense, aside from a miscue in the opening minutes. The Patriots may indeed be slapping themselves silly down the road in the playoffs, when they realize they had the chance to kill Pittsburgh … and couldn’t do it. #Patriots #Steelers
  • Surprisingly sturdy Colts beat Dallas at their own game by grinding out a very important victory. Dallas seemed to lack intensity and focus all day, and now has more work to do if it seeks to win the division that talent forgot .. the NFC Least. #Cowboys #Colts
  • Ghastly OT loss for the shocked Seahawks, who could have greatly simplified their life by taking care of business. Now Seattle must go home, dress its wounds and stitch together a major upset against the Chiefs. #Seahawks #FortyNiners
  • Tampa finds out how frustrating it is to track down Action Jackson; Ravens continue breathing down the necks of the Steelers, but time is running out. #Ravens #Buccaneers
  • Tennessee still has its tentacles firmly on a wild card berth with Henry having another huge day. #Titans #Giants
  • Bengals don’t look resigned to another humiliating season after chest pumping performance by an inspired Joe Mixon. As for the Raiders, it’s unfortunately a return to disappointing normalcy after having occasion to celebrate last week at O.Co. #Raiders #Bengals
  • Redskins overcome their injured QB snag and rise to the occasion with a late fully of points that wrecks the Jags. #Redskins #Jaguars
  • Lazy Lions fall asleep in Orchard Park and wake up with a 1-point loss after Prater can’t produce from 48. #Lions #Bills
  • Atlanta’s offense finally gets off the ground against the dead duck Cardinals. #Cardinals #Falcons
  • Dolphins’ playoff goose was essentially cooked today in Minnesota, as Dalvin ran wild and Ryan was reeled in time and time again by the Purple People Eaters. #Dolphins #Vikings
  • Nick Foles returns to give the Eagles their much needed mojo back, while the Rams continue to moon walk into the playoffs … boy are their prospects cratering! #Rams #Eagles
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 12-15-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Broncos reduced to being tardy Chubb chasers, and Cleveland celebrates when Peppers breaks through the line to put Case on his case. The win keeps the Browns’ hopes on life support, nearly eliminates the unworthy Broncos, and lays the foundation for bigger dreams for next year. #Browns #Broncos
  • Flashes of brilliance for the struggling Jets, but Watson and Hopkins kill off far fetched plans for an upset. #Texans #Jets
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 12-13-18 (click post for audio)


NFL Update:

  • Chiefs choke away a two TD lead at home and now find themselves caught in a very precarious tussle for the top spot in the AFC West. The consequences for a loss next week in Seattle could be serious — no first round bye and a playoff game on the road. Quite a rude awakening for a team that was possibly looking at a home field pass throughout the AFC proceedings. How’d it happen? The Chargers cleaned up their act on defense, and Philip Rivers worked his typical, middle of the field magic (with a focus tonight on emerging star Mike Williams). Nobody squeezes in the soft, timing passes better than the LAC QB, and the Chiefs never took that play away. And this team seems to be taking on the rough and tumble, no nonsense personality of Coach Lynn. This could well be the year for the long suffering Chargers. Who’s really standing in their way? New England? #Chargers #Chiefs
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 12-10-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Vikings prove again that at their purple core, they are nothing more than extreme pretenders and wilt on command in a fateful final quarter at Safeco Field. Overpriced Kirk Cousins completes 60% of his passes for no apparent reason, and continues to display a unique brand of pocket yips. It was indeed comedic to watch his numerous misfires, fumbles and panic-induced hiccups, making a mockery of Minnesota’s pretensions that it belongs in the playoff conversation. As for Seattle, they have successfully and forcefully committed to productive running game, have a proven leader at QB and play tough defense on a regular basis. Undeniably, this is a recipe for success in the NFL. #Vikings #Seahawks
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