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On the February 26 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (pt. 2):


On the Sunday, February 26 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (pt. 2):
— Marc admits to everyone that he’s an obsessed Frankophile;
— Question for the panel: Will Boston be the next City of Champions?;
— Lots of background noise from the Patriot peanut gallery;
— Frank holds Marc in contempt … of court and with regard to literally everything else, including the cantankerous cabbie’s dismissal of the Mets, who he insists will be quite alright (except for their useless athletic trainer);
— After a few pregnant pauses, we consider a halfway house solution, involving 45 minute splits for our feuding guests;
— There’s no substitute for the Red Sox outfield;
— Accounting for Dan Marino’s exodus from major TV broadcasts … clearing the air after Savattere;
— Why Deion don’t do stretching … he’s like a Cheetah, who doesn’t need to…
— Celebrating Steely Dan and the 1979 Super Bowl Champion Steelers (we’ve got rowdy Curt Gowdy clips);
— We recall the 1986 Super Bowl debacle for New England, but do give mention to their squishing of the fish in the AFC Championship;
— Marc tells us what the NHL and women share;
— 1-800-cars for kids wins as the most annoying, can’t get it outta my brain sports talk radio commercial, beating out Optima Tax Relief;
— Expert tips on how to defend, not just tend, a bar;
— The best part of hockey — dropping the gloves;
— Bruin darlings Terry O’Reilly and Cam Neely;
— Brodeur vs. Roy bragging rights;
— What it takes to be a really good sport … just ask the queen in History of the World Pt. 1’s outdoor chess scene;
— getting afflicted with more Pedroia paranoia;
and more

On the February 19 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (pt. 2):

–Marc admits he reads Frank’s rag, and then we draw attention (for whatever reason) to Anna Benson;
— More intense wrangling between The Clerk vs The Boston Piece of Work;
— Attend a very exclusive party with the Three Stooges;
— Celtic ringleaders are exposed;
— Analyzing the degree of difficulty in the various NE Super Bowl wins;
— the merits of Dandy Dan Marino are subject to intense scrutiny;
— hear why the Gonzaga saga isn’t continuing past 2-3 rounds in NCAA;
–great weather back East for throwing snowballs at the joggers;
— hear a classic rant from the red scourge of Bloomington –“You will not @#$@# put me in that position again!” and hear about why he got fired from Indy (“Hey, Knight”);
— We remember fondly Ivan Kovalev and George The Animal Steele;
— Marc’s pleased as punch to now be riding in the front seat of a Crown Vic;
— Frank brings us back to the last time his life was in imminent danger; and
— the subject of lesbian conversion is raised by our esteemed panel, and transitory memories from the Hangover 1 and 2.

On the Sunday, February 19 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (pt 1):

— Eric the Well-read continues his Saddam Hussein imitation by calling in from yet another remote location;
— Frank Fleming fills us in on the highlights of the NBA All-Star Game Slam Dunk contest; sounded like lots different people jumping over people/things and the use of remote control drones;
— The flat world according to Kyrie Irving sounds a lot less logical than John Irving’s World According to Garp;
— Celebrating how Kristaps snapped up the Skills Competition;
— Isaiah Thomas lives in Boston, and the Celtics are set up to be competitive for years to come;
— Why the NBA needs to vet out the Nets;
— Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about making it through sperm training school;
— Eric envisions Magic’s return to the Lakers in graphic detail;
— As seen by Woody Allen, a view inside the central command center for dinner dates;
— Marc Caruso sniffs out Frank and extracts more than a pound of flesh;
— Dan Quinn’s Kevin Bacon assurances that “All is well” apparently did not have the desired effect;
— Why the Falcons’ collapse was way worse than the Bill Buckner debacle;
— Who did NE make a deal with? Peyton or Satan?;
— The greatness of Tom Brady is, according to most of our panel, beyond dispute … except of course if you live in a submarine in New Jersey;
— We consider the virtues of dabbling with throwing the Curling rocks into the house totally stoned;
— Debating the prospects for the Red Sox in 2017; and more…

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 2-9

NFL Update:

  • Terrell Davis played like a running back in the NFL, but was treated like a QB in getting inducted into the HoF.
  • Look for AZ to continue to tread water/go nowhere next year, with the reliably inconsistent Carson Palmer under center. #Cardinals
  • Kyle travels many miles for a fresh start in San Fran, but still faces a pile of quests about the plays Atlanta ran (no, threw) in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl. #FortyNiners
  • Seahawks clean house by giving Hauschka the boot and starting up the Blair Walsh resurrection project. #Seahawks
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 2-5

NFL Update:

Falcons snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, when Atlanta goes one too many times to the well of Matty Ice; a simple 40-yard field goal was in the bag and sure would have sufficed. Instead, it’s a sack, paving the way for a game winning Patriot comeback. As is usually the case, New England executed when it had to, avoided the titanic mistakes, and cements itself as the greatest football dynasty of all time. We should all feel honored to have been there to witness the magic of Brady and his band of well-apprenticed assistants. Congratulations to New England on another title. Watch out New York … they’re gaining on you at an alarming rate. #Patriots #Falcons

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Tune in tomorrow at 9 am pst for ChabDog Sports Talk —

  • Listen in as we unveil the much anticipated Super Bowl promo from Well-read Productions;
  • ChabDog issues an apb for any Atlanta fans out there who want to join the fray — we are lopsided in favor of NE;
  • As it’s apparently “Patriots Day”, Marc “White Widower” Caruso calls in just to rub it in;
  • Get educated on the ShawFrank Redemption;
  • Hear Frank Fleming strain mightily to find some potential good fortune for the Falcons;
  • Other guests include Ben Sarinana, Drew “I told you so” Owens, and Pamela Boboc (also a big Patriots fan);
  • Clips you won’t want to miss … and more

On the January 29 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk: …

On this week’s ChabDog Sports Talk:
— Frank throws in the towel and foretells NE’s excessive use of a Blount instrument;
— ChabDog smelled a rat when Legy left Pittsburgh for greener pastures;
— Stan Ber sees the NFL as a collection of mostly ugly ducklings;
— Why there is no morning after pill for having your eggs fertilized by the dreaded Marty Mornhinweg;
— Carl Spackler has the key for Atlanta’s plan to get to Brady … “his weight displacement goes back,… and he never comes throw”… “cannonball”;
— Why it meant a lot when Edelman said to Pittsburgh’s DBs “Just because you said that, you’re not”;
— Why Patriot receivers are always so open… even on third down;
— Scenes from Donald Trump practicing at the Judge Smails Winter Rules Academy;
— Well-read discloses that the Aaron Hernandez murder weapon was found under Matty Ice’s pillow;
— Ben reminds us that two years ago, Carson was the best he’ll ever be; this year, Carson was just Carson;
— Pittsburgh books a trip its general practitioner for a much needed Tomlinectomy;
— Non-disclosing Steelers now must watch as Roger spins the NFL’s “wheel of punishment”;
— Paula Petrotta of hits plenty of aces with her assessment of the Australian Open action, and proves that “nice people hate the Patriots”;
— Marc promises to play tennis on grass a lot, once he gets his Weed racquet … until then, he’ll stick to ping pong;
— Harkening back to more Serena-less times, with a classic Mac umpire attack (“Answer my question, the question, jerk!”).

On the Sunday, January 22 NFL conference champtionship edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:

On the 1/22 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:

On the Sunday, January 22 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:
–As brought to light by Sports E-cyclopedia, Bill Belichick is the Siftlord extraordinaire;
–Eric the Well-read thanks the football gods (perhaps prematurely) for what we thought would be some great matchups on Conference Championship Sunday;
— Steelers-Patriots flashback to MNF 1979, with the incomparable Howard Cosell;
— The story behind John “I’m out on work furlough” Smith and the snow plow game;
— Serena’s wrath at the Aussie Open, post-match press conference prompts a quick mea culpa from a timid reporter, who feared getting the pulp beaten outta him…. and her performance sparks interest from the Packers, who are in need of help on the o-line;
— We clear Julio Jones to make a mess of the weak Green Bay secondary;
— Trying to rationally explain why Rutgers is the farm team for the Patriots;
— Mark Caruso reveals how he missed his chance for everlasting glory when his cab goes to the wrong hotel, and Dennis Harrison beats him to the punch in waking up the still born Stillers;
— Exploring the history of dirty tricks played on road teams in the city with the dirty water, including no air conditioning and no hot water in the visitors’ locker room in the Gahden;
— Little Anthony tells Frank to shut up;
— Facebook star Antonio Brown enriches himself with a stupid social media stunt, but has to face the music later at Gillette;
— Hillary’s two rules for Bill — don’t embarrass me and don’t go after mine;
— Hear what the real success indicator is for New England — Dion Lewis;
— Frank explains why the Steelers are the only team with a logo on just one side of the helmet;
— Listen in to hear what happens when Tony and the gang invade Davey’s sporting goods store;
— Mark, the most annoying man in the world, accurately tells us why the Steelers lose the matchup battle up and down the line, and are like an 88 mile an hour fastball down the middle for New England;
— Why Big Ben needs to wear magic pajamas to bed and have encounters with Ted;
— ChabDog is very happy it’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World;
— Speculation abounds that our Patriot friend may be calling in next week from the slammer, including some snide comments from the telephone tough guy from Jersey;
— Frank promises not to sit on Pedro when he comes to visit Marc;
— Gronk and the killer bees;
— and more

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-22

NBA Update:

  • Warriors pull a huge cache of 3’s out of their hats, while Magic pull a big disappearing act in a disastrous 3rd. #Warriors #Magic
  • Suns’ finish off teetering Toronto with a furious rally in the fourth; could this be a signal that the Raptors are falling from their perch as a power player in the East.
  • Lakers appear to be throwing in their terrible towel on the season a bit prematurely, to the delight of Dallas. #Lakers #Mavericks
  • T-wolves take down Nuggets with a monster game from Towns, who populates the nets and scours the boards with a huge double, double. #Nuggets #Timberwolves
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-22

NFL Update:

  • Green Bay’s 2nd rate defense finally comes back to haunt them, as Falcons race out to a huge lead and not even Aaron Rogers can waive his wand to save them. If ATL plays like this in 2 weeks,… who knows … they have all the weapons on offense, and but will probably need some luck/friendly bounces of the ball to get by Brady. #Packers #Falcons
  • As always, NE came out sharp and focused, while Pittsburgh looked a bit scared, dazed and generally unsure of themselves. The situation was not helped when Le’Veon left with a tender groin, and the crisis reach a boiling point when the Steelers didn’t have the power to punch it in from the 1/2 yard line given 4 downs. When it was all over, the team that was more prepared, more ready to execute, and generally more up for the challenge won, and Mike Tomlin must again face the reality that he just doesn’t seem to have a game plan to deal with the Patriots and their scary game face. Patriots will be favored, justifiably, against Atlanta, but will have to work harder than they did tonight, given the balance and potency of the Falcons’ attack. It should be interesting…#Steelers #Patriots
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 1-21

NFL Update:

  • Sorry Jimbo — but Pagano’s gotta go… you’ll have to learn this the hard way, as your team falls further and further behind the Texans.
  • Let’s hope Tomlin has his team believing it can win this game, because it certainly can. Pittsburgh has all the weapons it needs on offense, and must simply have the mind set that it must get the full reward of TDs, not field goals, when inside the red zone. Hopefully, Pittsburgh will not shy away from going for it (more than once) on 4th down; field goals won’t do the job, as they’ll likely need at least 32-35 points to win this one (unless bad weather dictates otherwise). Can they stop Brady? Of course not completely, but if they can limit the damage by putting him on the ground a few times and punishing the short stuff over the middle, this might be enough. Steelers will grab the early lead, and hang on for a 34-30 victory. #Steelers #Patriots
  • Atlanta seems to have too much going for it in this one, including a healthier set of receivers and running backs, and a QB that is having the season of his life. However, GB’s defense has picked up a bit of the slack lately, and how can you bet against Rodgers. Mason Crosby will again provide the margin of victory in a very close and entertaining game. #Packers #Falcons
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On the Sunday, January 15 divisional playoffs edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:

On the Sunday, January 15 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:
— Eric the Well-read tells us how he gets well-stocked for Sunday football with a continuous stream of vitamin water and vodka, and apologizes for being with us only in fits and … spurts the week before;
— the Patriots (or is it the DNC?) wreak havoc with Frank Fleming’s AT&T phone line;
— Why when it comes to big busts, Houston’s Brock has it all over Erin Brock;
— What’s really under the Trump mask;
— Understanding that the world doesn’t revolve around the Golden Globes;
— We treat listeners to the tantalizing banter of the one and only Hank Stram, and how one matriculates the ball down the field;
— Learning how droll Chuck Noll exercised total control;
— Recalling the last KC victory in the playoffs, when NBC’s on air menu included the Juice;
— For the most part, our distinguished panel calls it for Pittsburgh and the Pack (sorry Marc);
— What it’s like to be a Goodell dumbbell;
— Marc reveals his marriage to the White Widow, and how he became “the most annoying man in the world”;
— the elusive wanderings of diminutive Dion Lewis;
— disputing the relative merits of DeShaun Watson;
— Why Big Ben has a little Paul Pierce in him, and the truth about the Truth’s stabbing incident;
— Launching the careers of “Jackhammer” and Limp Noodle in Simi Valley;
— Tales from Feech’s card game;
— Why the two bathtubs in the Cialis commerrcial;
— and more

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