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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 24 (Conference Finals):

ChabDog’s NFL Update:

  • Bills waste their time kicking field goals, and against the high powered Chiefs, that’s a recipe for getting killed. After a sloppy start, KC settles in for a relative blowout against their AFC brethren. But get ready for a super Super Bowl. #Chiefs #Bills
  • The GOAT proves once more that he and Rodgers should not be mentioned in the same sentence; at 43, he still wants it more, and that desire was emanating from every pore. As for Green Bay, what they did was blink and hesitate on 4th and 8, and that was a fatal mistake. #Buccaneers #Packers
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — (Week 7):

ChabDog’s NFL Update (Week 7):

  • When it came to scoring points tonight, it was certainly a bear market for Chicago’s munchkins of the Midway. Rams do their level best to correct the misperception that these Bears are any different from last year’s punchless bunch. #Rams #Bears
  • Swarming Cardinals give Wilson little room to wiggle and prod him into 3 uncharacteristic mistakes. Meanwhile, Murray continues his excellent play, using his arm and his legs to drive Seattle’s undersized defense absolutely batty. The result is Seattle struggles and falls from the ranks of the unbeaten, while Arizona’s stock rises. #Seahawks #Cardinals
  • It definitely appears LAC’s Herby loves to bug the Jaguars; mini-resistance thrown up by Minshew is all for naught. #Jaguars #Chargers
  • Broncos find it’ll take a lot more than a little white dust on the ground to provide relief from the Chiefs. And how’s that Drew Locke development project going, John? Looks like it may be time for Plan B. #Chiefs #Broncos
  • SF sticks it to the previous stuck up Patriots, behind their slick QB and a physical defense that had the stodgy NE attack on life support. Contrary to initial reports, it does not appear Newton will breathe new life into this unit. #Patriots #FortyNiners
  • Raiders get swamped in Sin City, as Brady has a bunch of TDs and Big Leonard is starting to crunch DBs. #Buccaneers #Raiders
  • Titans’ psycho kicking game comes back to bite them, as ex-Pat Goskowski can work out his under-50 chronic slice. Steelers survive their always harrowing trip to Music City. #Titans #Steelers
  • Saints ‘aint exactly steamrolling people, but they manage to dance around the landlocked Panthers. #Panthers #Saints
  • What the hell? The WTFs are now 1/2 game out of first, after competent Kyle makes them smile. #Redskins #Cowboys
  • Jets can take solace in beating the spread as home dogs, but there’s little else to wag their tails about. Darnold’s detractors can point to more key mistakes; talk about a steep learning curve. #Jets #Bills
  • Lions leave the best for the bitter end, and leave ATL’s Falcons with a feeling of utter futility; best game of the year for Stafford, who finds the promised land as time evaporates. #Lions #Falcons
  • Rodgers looked much more comfortable this week in the friendly confines of NRG; the Texans’ swiss cheese defense certainly made the Packers feel right at home. #Packers #Texans
  • Baker starts slowly, but turns into touchdown maker. And its just another crushing loss for the Bengal backers. #Bengals #Browns
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 22:

ChabDog’s NFL Update — October 22:

  • Giants somehow manage to shoot themselves in the 4th quarter foot, and we’re not even considering Daniel Jones’ supreme gravitational challenges… how about that phantom tackle in the open field. Eagles flip the switch with another crushing comeback, and move to the top of the NFL’s worst division. #Eagles #Giants
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 4 (click twice for ChabDog’s turkey hunt):

ChabDog’s NFL Update:

  • Falcons continue to serve as road fodder, this time getting smacked down by the Packers, whose offense is is starting to look remarkably efficient. Rodgers is certainly riding high, and his team sits all alone atop the NFC North. #Falcons #Packers
  • Grounded Patriots find life isn’t that pleasant with out Tom Brady, let alone replacement Newton. Chiefs slug it out with NE for 3 quarters, then roll in the 4th. #Patriots #Chiefs
  • Eagles fight through adversity to stun the Niners, who should’ve put Mullens on the pine and breathed life into their offense with Beathard sooner. #Eagles #FortyNiners
  • Bears run out of lucky miracle comebacks today, getting frustrated at home by Horsehoes’ defense. #Colts #Bears
  • Diggs comes up big .. very big … once again, and no-longer a Frosh, Josh, continues to mature impressively. That spelled doom for the reckless Raiders, who ruined their homecoming with dumb penalties, mental mistakes and turnovers. #Bills #Raiders
  • Rams putter through a rather drab defeat of the junior G-men, but the crowd seemed wowed by the backyard brawl that followed. #Giants #Rams
  • Nice to see Tom Brady with the old competitive fire in his belly. He stumbles with a pick six, but comes back to disconnect the Chargers with 5 TDS. And we have a Gronk citing. #Chargers #Buccaneers
  • Cards shuffle around for 3 TDs, but in the end get scuffled by a smooth, accurate and somewhat elusive Bridgewater. When it comes to leading the Panthers … Teddy is indeed ready. #Panthers #Cardinals
  • Lions do what Lions do and turn into pussy cats once they secure their double digit advantage. And the end result is a new lease on life for New Orleans. #Saints #Lions
  • Washington showed up, but Baltimore did a much better job executing when it had to, and Lamar Jackson looked like last year’s MVP. Game over. #Ravens #Washington
  • Cowboys ruins an undeniably prolific outing by Prescott with an attack of fumble-itis, along with phantom defense. Yes, it’s true that right now there is no D in Dallas. #Browns #Cowboys
  • Seattle’s been seen sitting all alone atop the NFC West after dealing defeat on the despondent Dolphins. #Seahawks #Dolphins
  • Away from home, the Vikings finally get their act together, passing with precision and running with reckless abandon on the terrible Texans. #Vikings #Texans
  • Pumped up Bengals re-up warhorse Mixon as running mate for bonus baby Burrow, and the scoreboard likes it. #Jaguars #Bengals
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On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1): (click twice for too buku)

On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1):
— Reflections on the High Holy days
— It was 1973 … the year of the Yom Kippur War
— Hindsight is 2020 … but when they look back on this mess they will still be incredulous
— Ok, let’s all be quiet and Notre Dame enjoy its cupcake in South Florida … and too bad one won’t be In The Navy this year
— Anybody notice that nobody’s clambering for the return of the Pac 16….imagine that
— Frank introduces us to the song that was the Russian National Anthem before the Russian National Anthem (“Give up all your possessions…”)
— Why Presidents like to exercise their powers to the bitter end of their terms
— ChabDog’s stream of consciousness summation of yesterday’s CFAA action, including Miami taking down Louisville, NC St. surviving a Wake (barely), and a very sluggish OK State.
— Since when did Jimmy Johnson cultivate the Martha Ford look. Has me thinking about Thanksgiving and those gizzard necks.
— Darn if those hopeless Browns take little initiate to stop the deadly backdoor cover.
— Tank is the center of attention of Barstool Pro Football Show, and gets squeezes out of a sticky situation with Prime Time. (“There’s no way he can get in the chair. No way.”)
— Stevie Wonder meets the Angry Mets Fan in a weird rendition of “Back-door Cover”
— Some us just refuse to believe that the winner of this year’s Cup is written in the Stars.
— Putting $10 on it is just not that taxing.
— Mike Francesca … the original mush
— Fleming’s true confessions — a very reliable NBA reverse barometer… picking the Pacers to beat the Heat (anytime), picking the Bucks and the Heat at exactly the wrong times, and getting the winners of the Celtics/Raptors and Celtics/Heat almost completely mixed up. Frank, please, bet on the Lakers
— If you ask me, Tyler’s no hero.
— King James rules the entire ESPN Fun Zone… na na na .. na na na
— An abridged history of 3-1 playoff comebacks … 2 times in the same playoffs
— A cheerful reminder about who single-Camdedly outscored the Dolphins
— One great rant begets another … and we turn to This is 40.
— “That is not how we talk to each other in this house.” “I hate everything.”
— The perils of having a real open-door policy
— Telling your boss where to go and how to get there is definitely a bad strategy for keeping a job
— Guess who’s burning the oil with Frankie Midnight… Neon Deon
— Is Miami a level jumper? Buffalo had better beware.
— Why Rod Rust was such a bust … as a head coach.
— Understanding what parts of former Jags are sprinkled generously around the rest of the league
— Time for the referee to intervene and enforce a modicum of airtime ethics
— The final Confrontation between NY Metro Area and Saugus/Springfield
— “You’re rude, crude and lewd.” Who said that?
— “Texas outright winners over the Ravens?” Did I hear that right?


ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 2 (Sunday, September 20) (click for ChabDog’s super Super Bowl Promo):

ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 2:

  • Yet again, Falcons show the world their true talent … letting victory slip right through their talons when they fail to come up with a simple onside kick ,,, before this play, had never seen a football treated by the hands team like it was infested with Covid; I kid you not.
  • Give the Patriots credit for staying there with the Seahawks, … blow for literal blow, until Cam was submarined and stopped, stammering, at the doorstep of a game winning score. And maybe it is time to nominate, if not elect, Russell Wilson as MVP. We shall see. #Patriots #Seahawks
  • Butker caps off a rather difficult day for the defending champs by booting one a mile. If the Chiefs go on to repeat, they definitely gave us a clue as to their greatness right here. SD had their offense slowed, and was in relative control, but the KC defense hung in, long enough for Mahomes to work his magic away from home. #Chiefs #Chargers
  • Despite all the hullabaloo, Watson continues to do what rookies and 2nd years do … throw and make costly mistakes. Sacks and INTs were the last thing the overmatched Texans needed again bullying Baltimore. Long day in the Lone Star State for Houston. #Ravens #Texans
  • Kyler leaves the Washington no-names rubbernecked, as he scampers here, there and everywhere. Glorious day for the home team in Glendale. #Washington #Cardinals
  • Gimpy Lions just can’t keep with Jones, let alone Rodgers. #Lions #Packers
  • Edmunds’ game ending sack is just more proof that the blitz is definitely back in the ‘Burgh. Steelers never tailed and generally dominated this game, but made just enough mistakes to allow the spunky Broncos to hang around. And what a play by Claypool, who broke away from the field on an 84-yard TD jaunt … no those sluggish DBs didn’t have nearly the horse-power to Chase him down. #Broncos #Steelers
  • Today in Philadelphia, Goff was a real show off, with three stylish TDs, and Tyler too. #Rams Eagles
  • On a day when the Jags managed to keep their tabs on usually destructive Derrick Henry, Tannehill looked sharp, and Gosty had the gumption to bang through another game winner. #Jaguars #Titans
  • Something tells me this could be a very long season for the minimal offense Minnesota Vikings. By contrast, the future looks bright for both Rivers and his Taylor-made rushing option, Jonathan Taylor. #Vikings #Colts
  • Niners make Jets their dutiful, complaint pets, but victory leaves them upset and with two more wounded vets (4 to be exact, including Jimmy G. and Raheem). #Fortyniners #Jets
  • Today was Josh Allen’s 400 yard plus coming out party, and now his Bills are spotted hovering alone, atop the AFC East; as for the Dolphins, the only consolation in defeat is that they’ve one against effected the art of back door covering. #Bills #Dolphins
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 2 (click for ChabDog’s turkey hunt):

ChabDog’s NFL Update:

  • Entertaining game in the Dawg Pound goes to the home town Browns, who were treated to a solid performance by the home team. Ohio did a psychological favor for the TV audience, and probably, to the players as well, by granting a variance, which allowed a small but boisterous cohort of mostly Cleveland fans to be spread throughout the stadium. It seemed safe, and carried with it much needed, and appreciated energy. Cincy made all those familiar mental mistakes and dug itself a big hole, only to make a spirited 4th quarter comeback that makes us think there is some sunshine on the horizon. Burrow’s talent is indeed, undeniable. #Bengals #Browns
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 1 (click for some choice Tom Brady):

ChabDog’s NFL Update:

  • Steeler offense starts slow, but once Big Ben got warmed up, it was like … clockwork. And the defense played stout all night, laying many heavy duty hits on Saquon, and badgering Jones into some key mistakes. Congrats are in order for a long awaited good start. #Steelers #Giants
  • Gostkowski goes from massive ridicule to relative redemption, and Kudos to Vrabel for having the guts and instinct to give the trouble kicker the chance at vindication…. after 4 blown kicks and 10 lost points.  And no fan her of befuddled Fangio, who inexplicably eschewed use of his time outs and left his team with a measly 17 seconds for the final desperation drive.  You didn’t even give your big foot Brandon a chance to kick, Vic!
  • Great day for the Rams’ defense, which kept the powerful Dallas running game under control, and patrolled the passing lanes with notable aggression, if not ferocity. #Cowboys #Rams
  • Aside from a nifty QB sneak and some sporadic success, Brady looked sloppy and a bit off. Has father time finally caught up with him? The throws aren’t as crisp and the decision-making isn’t reliably good. #Buccaneers #Saints
  • Hopkins hops west to AZ and brings much needed hope to the Cards. #Cardinals #FortyNiners
  • Welcome to the NFL, Heisman Joe; you’ve got lots of potential, but you also have a long way to go. #Chargers #Bengals
  • New coach Rhule violates the commonsense rule to get the ball in the hand of the Panthers’ best back on 4th and 1. Raiders hang on after some fine world shaking by RB John Jacobs. #Raiders #Panthers
  • Minnesota seemed to be trying to site on a first q. lead against Mr. Rodgers. Big , big mistake. #Packers #Vikings
  • Loser Lions lay a true egg at home when Trubisky gets mighty frisky in quarter four. #Bears #Lions
  • Washington washed away all that turmoil and strife over the awful off-season with an impressive, go for broke victory against the Eagles. From whence came this poise, determination and faith? Maybe from Riverboat Ron; former Skins fans hopes this new found fortitude sticks around a while. #Eagles #Washington
  • Minshew wasn’t mincing words as he makes a statement in Week 1 … “take me seriously!” #Jaguars #Colts
  • Baltimore busts out of the gate with big designs on another AFC North title, leaving Cleveland in the dust. #Ravens #Browns
  • Scrambling Cam insists he can rediscover the magic of his Panther Super Bowl run; fish do get squished as, perhaps happily, Belichick gears up the grinding ground game. #Dolphins #Patriots
  • Buffalo’s digging life with newly added speed man Diggs, and a more experienced/confident Josh Allen at the helm. #Jets #Bills
  • These Hawks came out strong on offense, and for the most part the defense wasn’t too shabby as well. As for Atlanta, when are they going to do something… just something… to change their hard earned reputation for being softies. #Seahawks #Falcons
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On the “Don’t Let Your National Guard Down” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the “Don’t Let Your National Guard Down” CDST Show (Part 2):

— “Keep remembering you just have to make it outta here … and the rest of your life is gravy” … if only life was as simple as explained by King in Platoon.
— “And she said, let’s do it… the room’s already paid for”
— Ned Beatty just keeps showing up in the weirdest places … first the evil sheriff in Gator, then Bobby, who squealed like a pig in Deliverance, then the playfully corrupt Dean Martin in Back to School.
— Remembering the rise of my Celtic green Pontiac Phoenix … “it looks like a Chevy Citation, with some sizzle”
— Brian had a 1975 Toyota Corolla to roll in (2k was all it took)
— Eric’s Cougar XR7 was apparently the start of it all … the exacting detail in which it was described made it sound a bit like a powerful handgun
— Now if you want to really go in style, try the Firebird
— Football fans don’t go both ways… you’re either AFC or NFC, but not both
— Pouring acid in Keller’s wounds with a replay of the huge hack by Hendu … yeah baby, celebrate your heart out going down that first base line … a sparkling commentary with the cracklin voice of Al Michaels
— We go over the dynamics of that very dramatic ALCS, in wonderfully excruciating detail
— What could be better than to be endowed with a new drug from Huey (one that won’t make me sick… one that won’t make me crash my car, or make me feel three feet thick)
— How about a new drug that does what it should? One that doesn’t make me feel to bad, or too good. Is that drug what we now call Viagra?
— Pitchers in that series included Doug Corbett, the Candyman, Bruce Hurst, Clemens … but no Well-read, there was no Buehler. We had to wait a few years before the Dodgers got one of those.
— Yes, the Candyman can.. in terms of winning World Series games.. just ask the Pirates… even if he did look like a cartoon character
— As for Ferris, he’s sick, “my best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s cousin saw him pass out at 31 Flavors
— Will Danny White not go into the Hall of Fame as either a punter or a QB or both? We ponder the issue?
— As for Blanda, he went in as both?
— “Give the bag to bozo….” … you would think those were pretty easy instructions to follow… but not for the stupidest person on the face of the earth.
— Sam Stone’s special honey-do, ransom condition list caused him to drool with pleasure, because he understood the upside so perfectly
— Trying to understand why the Leafs, not the Habs, is the team most resented by the other Canadian franchises; let’s face it, Toronto’s had the most professional sports success of any city North of the Border
— Getting a performance car in the 1980s, was like getting a hall pass to leave your house in the 2020s
— Had to bring up my childhood memory of neighbor Teddy James’ black trans am … with the fire chicken on the hood
— Yes, the Harlem Shuffle even makes me want to dance … or talk to Frank about Tim Tuffle
— We finish with a trip to Venus … using the original mode of transportation

On the “Don’t Let Your National Guard Down” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the The Don’t Let Your National Guard Down CDST Show (Pt. 1):
— Heavy artillery to the rescue of business owners and our great cities … send in the guard
— Looting is not a victimless crime, and CA laws only encourage it
— The various considerations to be taken account in presenting charges
— More details about the facts and circumstances surrounding the George Floyd killing
— Give me Liberty Chan or give me no weather reports
— No hair cuts on the virus-laden horizon for our favorite Jersey boy
— HEY EVERYBODY, LET’S GET METSMERIZED!!!! We get down in Met town with The Straw, Nails, Doctor K, Ray I’d rather fight Knight, and Rafael “Baseball been berry berry good to me” Santana….
— Frankie Midnight takes us through the four big fracases during their last championship year, including the game with the Pirates marked by Rick Rhoden’s scuffing, Mitchell choking the insolent Khalifa, and the ensuing mayhem.
— Poor Niedenfuer needed a heads up that bean balls don’t ward off long balls.
— We get the inside scoop on the wild ride of the victors after their conquest of Houston in the NLCS ($35k of damage sustained by the plane in 1986 dollars) (sorry Eric, no itemization)
— Why is Bill Robinson’s name continually coming up?
— I think “relief” specialist and ex-Met Calvin Schiraldi is still giving up round trippers blowing save opportunities
— The legend of Paul DiPodesta, not JP Retardi (how good does “Strategy Officer” for the Brownies sound)
— Oh no, we have to watch a game … and put on your clam diggers to use the flooding urinals … at the O.Co. On to Vegas? Probably not, and the A’s don’t know the way to San Jose.
— Dialing back time to relive Da Bears’ huge Super Bowl demolition of the Patriots, who just weeks earlier had mercilessly squished the Fish.
— The 46-year old Golden Bear comes roaring back to win his last major at the Masters
— Celtics use a very pass-happy attack to break down the Rockets for the NBA title. Were they employing the 3-men-must-touch rule?
— The NBA Hall of Fame … if you’re famous, then you’re probably in.

On the We Made It To Extra Time CDST Show (Part 2):

On the We Made It To Extra Time CDST Show (Part 2):
— Pele and Rambo on the same team…? The Germans didn’t stand a chance.
— After our intermission, we’re joined by Jonathan Tannenwald of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
— Pro soccer is televised all over the cable networks,… but is it really readily accessible? Who’s really pushing it out to the mass audience, in an effective, targeted way?
— Why soccer’s minor leagues are more like basketball’s developmental leagues and less like MLB’s AAA, AA and A affiliates
— Individual teams may be in trouble, even though the leagues are fundamentally fiscally sound
— Well-read gives us a crash course on delegation and it’s evil happy cousin, promotion
— Salary caps to the rescue? Good look navigating through the labor law prohibitions, not to mention getting European consensus
— The huge impact that Title IX has had on the increasing relevance of US women’s college sports
— And perhaps a bigger sign of the times is the direct pipeline of women pro players coming right from high school
— Lest we not forget, the bigger revenue generator for the US Soccer Federation is the women, not the men
— Will we have soccer back in the US by Summer’s end? It may well turn on whether there’s enough tests.
— Check out Jonathan’s great work at
— Tank paid the price for OD’ing on Korean baseball the night before.. but manages to roll in for the last 1/4 of the show
— Frank becomes the most bad ass Caucasian rapper with a cause since Eminem, admonishing that Biden will be a short termer… to be succeeded by his VIP… and we had better prepare for reparations
— Harkening back to hand-held chariots of fire…
— Who said “There’s no spitting in baseball?” The Korean league… that’s who.
— We can definitely see some OSHA complaints coming out of the dugouts, … “Hey, I don’t feel safe here.. he spit right next to me.”
— One-use balls requirements?….”ooh noo…. I can’t touch that baseball… it’s got germs on it”
— Detailing how spitballs were once more prevalent on the diamond than in the classroom.
— How messy Mays raised our collective consciousness that wet ones were a safety hazard, when he beaned and killed Ray Chapman. And Black Mike also narrowed missed meeting a similar, tragic end.
— D-day for the virus? When Biden wins on that first Tuesday in November…
— We put the pure power play question to the warehouse of sports knowledge… and Fleming fleshes out the major needle in the haystack … Kong Kingman
— Mac McGwire checks in as the winner, with an astounding 87% ratio of rbi to hits
— Don’t impugn the pop in the bat of Buhner, who came in at No. 8, or the fury of stormin Gorman “Hell’s Kitchen” Thomas, who hangs out at No. 10.

On the “Concubine Quarantine” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the uproarious “Concubine Quarantine” CDST Show (Part 2):
— Don’t judge a book by its cover, unless someone has hit the head with it first (“They’re selling coffee, bran muffins, you’re surrounded by reading material … it’s entrapment”) (“You just lost a lot of business, because I love to read”) (“I’m not eating anything in the vicinity of that book”) (“Wait a second, this book has been in the bathroom…. it’s been flagged… you get this toilet book outta here and I won’t jump over the counter and punch you in the brain”) (“You defiled one book, steal another and ask for your money back, and you call that even?”)
— And we can never, ever, get enough of Kramer’s “Assman” … unless of course you’re a breast man (“Cozmo Kramer, you are the Assman”) (“Yo Assman… look at the Assman … I never dreamed it could make such a difference … Kramer made a pass at me … he stopped short and made a grab… stopped short, that’s my move”) (“How dare you stop short with my wife … to think I almost split the profits on the manziere with you”)
— Frank checks in to reveal what it’s like keeping vampire hours … let’s face it folks, with no sports on idiot’s box of sadness, this guy’s off
— Not amused to announce that the laundromats are open for business, albeit with amusement park lines
— Tank puts his finger on the Blues Bros cheese whiz clip
— What a coincidence that the Accidental President was so accident prone … but hey give him a break,… he had weak knees from playing o-line at The Big House
— Speaking of the House, ChabDog reminds everyone that Ford did in fact make the leap to the Oval Office from people’s chamber, not the Senate
— Trying to give more love to Sarah Jane Moore (not Miller) in the pantheon of would-be assassins … sorry Sarah … Gerry was cut in the cloth of the indestructible Inspector Clouseau
— Sorry Brady … they don’t pay guys to finish up their career in New England … you need to go to LA for that…
— And who’ll step in to fill the gap at Gillette? Dandy Andy? Joe Sacko? Broken down Cam? A wife swap with Jameis? Pay to play with Peyton? Go full monty with the running game and bring back Timmy T-bone. “Well, what the hell we supposed to do, you moron?”
–Moderately mediocre game managers who won Super Bowls … a surprisingly big secret society
— Broadway Joe was overrated? Fleming flings the sexy stats, despite the guy’s great image in hoes
— Hear Joe Brown get down and dirty with Jack Lemmon
— They call it an “Adam’s” apple for a reason
— Thank god Herman Wouk wasn’t “woke”
— Brian reminds us that no Astros have been affected by the Coronavirus … they saw the signs before anyone else.
— How about putting Congressional insider stock trading on lockdown?
— Who’s Dan Rostenkowskowitz? Chairman of the “Keep the change” Ways and Means Committee. A truly corrupt politician in the grand tradition of the Land of Lincoln, Obama, and.. Daly and Blago
— David Bowie announces a benefit concert for combating Covid 19, where he’ll sing “Little China virus”. If only he’d tell Trump, “Oh baby just you shut your mouth.” The cast from Monty Python will also be there, singing “I like Chinese”
— Laraine Newman’s impression of Regan will really make your head spin (not to mention hers) (“The bed must be on the floor … the bed is on my foot… the bed is on my foot”) (“Your mother eats kitty litter … nobody talks about my momma”)
— And how about our Exorcist clip with lovable Linda, … it’s short and not too sweet
— DeBlasio in wax? That guy wouldn’t even qualify for ear plugs.
— Understanding how Newark sank to its current status as our seminal sanctuary city for murders
— Speaking of killing it, Marc becomes Frank by calling in from his blue, red and silver submarine, and attempts to twist the proverbial knife … but he’s just too far removed to be threatening
— Caruso skirts the question of how he feels now that Brady is a Buc/Pirate, but his misplaced faith in Jared “the stiff” Stidham belies credulity
— Being so grateful to be alive, we issue our final takedown with the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street”

On the “Concubine Quarantine” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the “Concubine Quarantine” CDST Show (Part 1):
— Despite another alarm clock mishap and some very nice dreams that went on a tad too long, ChabDog is somehow ready in time for the special Quarantine show…. for all those with a vested interest in choosing “Option B”
— Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through even a single evening
— How about a return to normalcy … along with Warren G. Harding, we can hardly wait for this turn of events
— Getting philosophical about the economic pros and cons of prohibition vs. regulation
— Taking gay pride in how my 13 year old neutered yorkie-poo forced a bigger, hormonal male pooch onto his dance card.
— Biking seems to be the perfect way to get your distance training in with the requisite social distancing … just watch out for the people trying to sidle up to you on the park benches.
— Someone needs to remind the beach goers in South FLA that this year, Spring Break is officially cancelled.
— Getting our arms around the shocking paper shortage at the local grocers (“Did you get me my cheez whiz, boy?)
— Well-read sheds light on why there’s nothing particularly aristocratic about the “Aristocrats”; yes, I would say most cats have better manners than many of these comedians, but most are unavoidably entertaining.
— Reliving Curt Gowdy’s herculean howl while narrating Kenny Stabler’s incredible completion to Clarence Davis through a Sea of Hands. And then we survey player reactions to the unbelievable impudence of a crazy Black Hole fan, who dared to sucker punch the Fins’ Manny Fernan.
— Exactly who was on the ultra-dominant 1992 Super Bowl champ Skins; apparently it was largely devoid of Hall of Famers.
— Why it makes sense to turn a blind eye to the hysteria … yes, please let me go to my happy place
— The youthful beyond his years Brian Keller cannot remember what he was doing in the 1950s, but comes through by confirming he was in Blackfoot Idaho when JFK was shot.
— What it’s like being a male handling the switchboard at Ma Bell.
— Ford’s predilection for advancement with the Executive Branch, unsupported by actually winning an election

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