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Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Final (Day 13)

Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Final (Day 13):

  • He may not be retiring, but No. 2 is finally put to rest well past his bedtime by No. 1.
  • Needless to say, it was quite an acerbic ending for the competitor who was not a Serb. The clear fan favorite loses to the betting favorite in a match that was probably (almost) as exhausting to watch as it must’ve been to play. Who can ever remember Federer failing to take advantage of so many key opportunities, whether it be in the first set or in the fifth set? He dominated this match with his serve, won more game and more points, but most unfortunately, he did not win either the first set or the final point. This was possibly his last, best chance to get a major, given the reality that grass is his best surface and he caught his opponent on a somewhat off day. But nevertheless, he did not have the power to win those precious match or set points, and all you need to do is give the World’s No. 1 a little opening, and it’s over. When all is said and done, this may be the win that propels ND on to become the greatest victor of all time. He has a ways to go, but who can say after this one that anything is not within his reach.

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Finals (click for audio)

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Finals:

  • Simona Halep plays the match of her life, and takes what is rightfully hers … a Wimbledon Championship. You can probably count her unforced errors on one hand. She had the eager, hungry look of a cheetah on the savanna hunting some big game, and played with positive energy that radiated from every pore. This is what competitive sports is all about. You don’t just win because you are the biggest, the strongest or because you are the heavy favorite. You win because you have the confidence, focus, desire and fitness to get it done, and that is exactly what she had today.
  • By contrast, Serena seemed to go through the motions, in a kind of mental check-out mode that must be bewildering to her many fans. For the third time in a row, she didn’t get it done, and with each advancing year, it isn’t getting any easier. She can no longer rely on the intimidation factor alone, along with her obvious physical gifts, to get it done. She knows full well what she needs to do to get back on top, but does she really want it badly enough? Even for those who aren’t fans, it would be nice to see her regain some of the joy from just competing at a high level, which seems very clearly to be missing (just listen to her in the press conference). She seem resigned, a bit bitter, and cranky. The strong suggestion is there that she really needs to “change the game” if she wants the desired results, but denial is a long river in Africa, and it’s not clear she’s disembarking.


Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Semifinals (Day 11)

Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Semifinals (Day 11):

  • A cruel Djoker chokes the life out of his Bautista Agut goo goo doll with some relatively straightforward blood and guts backboard action, but let’s be clear, he’ll need more than just boundless, dogged determination to stop the mostly stylish and talented champion to ever traverse the green grass of Wimbledon.
  • Roger reminds his critics (including yours truly) that Rafa’s a lot more vulnerable when the when the festivities move out of the dust and into the dirt. Nadal made the mistake of backing up too much on the return of serve, which immediately gave his opponent all the room he needed … and more … to maneuver. All the Swiss needed was just a smidge of success in the return of serve games, and that was all she wrote.Ignoring all the road work he’s done to get her and the daunting task that lies ahead, Fed may now have his last best chance to cash in at his favorite venue; let’s see some more sparkling offensive tennis, and a fantastic win for him over the human Gumby in fffffive!

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Semifinals (Day 10) (click for audio)

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Semifinals (Day 10) (click for audio):

  • Serena bores through Barbora like a drill bit though European Silver Fir… not much resistance from the Strycova ball striker
  • Halep doesn’t have to break much of a sweat to squash Svitolina
  • Thanks god this isn’t the World Cup, and thus we don’t have to watch a third place game
  • Coming in with a 9-1 career disadvantage, there’s ample grounds for concern for the Romanian maiden of Munchkinland


Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Quarterfinals (Day 9)

Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Quarterfinals (Day 9):

  • Fed overpowers Nishikori with typical, surgical precision.
  • Bautista Agut is just too steady for a very game Guido.
  • Djokovic takes down Goffin in a 3-set demolition that included a rather routine bageling of the Belgian.
  • Nadal tolerates slightly quarrelsome Querrey to start things off, before ripping the American to virtual shreds.
  • No surprise then that we have the Big 3 in the last four slots, with a very worthy, if notably modest wild card, along for the ride.
  • Look for another Rafa-Novak major final, though neither of their wins should be of the straight setter variety.

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Quarterfinals (Day 8) (click for audio)

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Quaterfinals (Day 8):

  • The only things shorter than Konta’s short, short tennis skirt was her short, short memory about all those set up forehands she blew, in addition to her short temper when it comes to a bunch of very fair questions from reporter seeking to delve into the reasons for her collapse. Yes, indeed, Jo, you need to lighten up and take some fair criticism in stride, without either being rude or breaking into a torrent of tears. Other tennis player prima donnas (over and above Prima Johanna) would be similarly well advised to get off their high horse and take tough post-match interviews with more class and professionalism.
  • Riske assessment is Alison may be more ready for marriage than she is for a major title. Serena snatches back control of the match when she has to with a brutally authoritative comeback in the deciding set. Look for her to bore through Barbora and head for Saturday’s final.
  • Halep easily shoes away Shuai, tennis shoes manufactured in China and all.
  • And in the Eastern/Central European quarter, the Czech is nuked by the Uke.

Wimbledon 2019 — Round of 16 Men’s Singles (Day 7)

Wimbledon 2019 — Round of 16 Men’s Singles (Day 7):

  • Down at the Ct. 12 quarry, Querrey was really rocking, as he shook off the Sandgren challenge in an epic, 5th set tie breaker.  This was a match without the big brand names, but clearly worthy of center court attention.
  • Natives crying crocodile tears as there won’t be anymore French mustering up resistance … Humbert and Paire say au revoir.
  • Pella continues to play stupendous, lights out tennis, disconnecting powerful Raonic in a rather startling upset.
  • Mr. Consistency, David Goffin, grinds his way into the final 8 with clean groundies and a mean attitude that belies his nice guy veneer.
  • Not surprisingly, Joao had no interest in jousting too seriously with Rafa.
  • Matteo gets ruthlessly pinned to the grass mat by Roger.

Wimbledon 2019 — Round of 16 Women’s Singles (Day 7)


Wimbledon 2019 — Round of 16 Women’s Singles (Day 7):

  • Unseeded Ally stops the No. 1 Barty train dead in its tracks, setting up a confrontation with the Williams express.
  • Halep abruptly ends the opening chapter of the Cori story
  • No chance for Navarro, who forgets that pretty top spin can be pretty ugly on grass, particularly against Serena.
  • In the battle of Karolinas, Muchova just had too much staying power for Pliskova, but for the fans who stuck around, there’s sadly no need for the first ever 3rd set, 12-12 breaker.
  • Zhang comes through in the home stretch against Yastremska.

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Women’s Singles (Day 6)

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Women’s Singles (Day 6):

  • Sloane motion just can’t cut it against Konta.
  • Dart was noticeably off target against Barty.
  • Bertens strikes out against Czech striker Strycova.
  • Serena gorges once again on Goerges, in a match that wasn’t as close as the score indicated.
  • Wang collapses under the weight of the Mertens burden.
  • Riske loses the opener, but to her credit successfully presses on against Bencic.
  • No tomorrow for Lauren Davis after falling to Navarro.

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Men’s Singles (Day 6)

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Men’s Singles (Day 6):

  • Sam makes Uncle Sam proud with a rather perfunctory dispatching of Australia’s Millman
  • Johnson moderately powerful, low trajectory artillery shells hardly spelled trouble for Nishikori, who seemed to be operating completely within his wheelhouse for the entire match.
  • Didn’t Struff read the memo that no pushin is allowed against the Russian Kukushkin?
  • Relegated to the frontier outpost of Ct. 14, Fabulous Fognini throws another priceless temper tantrum, offending all of England in the process and landing himself on the lawn and tennis club’s 10 least wanted list.  His heat of the moment excuse would’ve been more persuasive if this had been his first such offense (it definitely wasn’t) or if the scorching temps in Southern and Central Europe were also pervading the Blessed Plot (not the case).  The end result will almost certain be pounds of fines and, perhaps, temporary Gland Slam banishment; meanwhile, not-so-sweet tweeter Sandgren now has a golden opportunity to taste the final eight.
  • Italian Berrettini betters Diego, and is rewarded with a date with Fed (like a Christian in the Colosseum being fed to the lions).
  • No surprise as Roger makes sure the Round of 16 is Pouille-free.
  • Slow Willy’s serve wasn’t fooling anyone, and that meant he was dead meat against the man-eater from Manacor.
  • Rousing win a Sousa over Evans in what was easily the most entertaining match of the day.

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Men’s Singles (Day 5)

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Men’s Singles (Day 5):

  • Paire’s being a good boy and wearing all white, but don’t ask him to shave off the trademark black beard, which makes him a swinging violation of the all-important dress code; notwithstanding appearances, Vesely’s ship didn’t come in today against big bad Benoit, who now has a serious chance of wearing his Izods in the Quarters.
  • As for the life of Reilly O., that’s clearly over.
  • Roberto tames Wolfman Kahach.
  • Goffin’s now back where he’s been often … in his traditional burial ground of the 4th round.
  • Favorable verdict for Verdasco over Fabbiano.
  • Yes for Humbert, no for Hubert.
  • Kevin Anderson felled by a nearly perfect Pella.

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Women’s Singles (Day 5)

Wimbledon 2019 — Third Round Women’s Singles (Day 5):

  • On Court 12, it was definitely the day of Dayana.
  • Hercog bogs down up 5-2 in the 2nd, and as she’ll now testify, you’d better not scoff at 9th grader Cori Gauff.
  • Svitolina sends Sakkari on safari.
  • Karolina ensnares Anett into hitting lots of shots going into the net.
  • Halep wallops the bully from Belarus, who looked tight rather than loose.

Wimbledon 2019 — Second Round Women’s Singles (Day 4)

Wimbledon 2019 — Second Round Women’s Singles (Day 4):

  • Angie’s List now includes figuring out how to get her majors’ mojo back.
  • Dart’s great start continues.
  • Winning matches at Wimbledon continues to be Riskey business.
  • Flink flunks her test against Goerges.
  • Too many misses for Anisimova.
  • On Red, White and Blue day,Serena and Sloane advance with flying colors, even if they can’t wear any.

Wimbledon 2019 — Second Round Men’s Singles (Day 4)

Wimbledon 2019 — Second Round Men’s Singles (Day 4):

  • Could Steve Johnson be picking up the slack for US Men’s tennis? A defeat of tough, but diminutive, De Minaur on The Fourth of July was certainly encouraging.
  • Slammin Sammy lets his racket do the talking against Rublev.
  • Kyrgios stays mostly serious, but taking coffee breaks in the tie breaks was certainly ill-advised against the Nadal-born ritual killer.
  • Taylor can’t deal with Jan-Leonard’s superior Struff.
  • Brit Daniel Evans holds serve and maintains his hometown advantage.
  • Nary a chance for Norrie against Nishikori.
  • A bit of a shocker as Cilic feels the chill of a second round slap down.
  • Last gasp for Jo-Willy, who makes Ricardes look a bit silly.
  • American Tennys has more staying power than Gilles “I like to run for miles” Simon.
  • After losing a close 2nd set to Fed, Jay forgets to feed himself another Clarke bar and doesn’t get too far in the 3rd.
  • Fabulous Fabio finishes Fucsovics in five.

Wimbledon 2019 — Second Round Women’s Singles (Day 3)

Wimbledon 2019 — Second Round Women’s Singles (Day 3):

  • Big Vicky floors Tomijanovic in very Washingonesque style on the green grass of Court 12.
  • Too much Muchova for dolly Madison.
  • Gasparyan runs outta gas against Svitolina.
  • Yes for Pliskova, no for Putintseva.
  • Slovenia’s Polona is a real hit against displeased Keys.
  • It was Romanian mania on Court 1, as Halep works extra hard to bypass Buzarnescu.
  • Great strokes on display today by Yastremska.
  • Another major rampage is building for Dan-Yell.

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