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ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update: Men’s Singles, Third and Fourth Round

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update:

  • The double lettered wonder Berrettini continues to barrel his way through the draw.
  • Italian Fog-man rolls in and over L’il Alex.
  • Nadal nukes Norrie, while Novak’s oblique obliged enough to let him maul Milos.
  • The Asian contingent continues to be thrilled that their favorite qualifier has found the Quarters.
  • Doleful Dominic loses in straight sets that weren’t that close.  Quite possibly, the worst body language in post Pandemic human history.

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update: Men’s Singles, Third Round

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update: Men’s Singles, Third Round:

  • This year Casper does have a ghost of a chance.  Just ask his latest victim, Radu.
  • Feliciano’s return is rudely rubbed out by Russian Rublev.
  • Krajinovic just didn’t crack enough winners to defeat Danil.
  • Djoker found Fritz quite frisky before taking him down in five.
  • Dominic didn’t dominate, but he was a bit too slick to be caught by Nick.
  • Dennis falls to a man using the alias of Aliassime.
  • Raonic’s rank of 14 belies his status as a heavyweight contender.

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update: Men’s Singles, Second/Third Round

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update (Men’s Singes, Second/Third Round):

  • A maze of problems for Cuevas against De Minaur
  • Italian Civil War goes to Fognini, and it was after the match that things really got uncivil.
  • Ramon caves to Cameron, who had a relative legion of fans on hand
  • Michael Mmoh had nowhere to go against Nadal.
  • Spider Medvedev was really cruising.
  • Grigor gives Busta a couple of bagels as his retirement gift.
  • Zverev straightens out Mannarino and his on-court mannerisms.

US Open Update: Men’s Semis (speaking of NYC, click for some Pelham 1, 2, 3):

US Open Update:

  • Alexander The Great Tennis Player lived up to his lofty billing with a gutsy 5-set win over the steady, but ultimately benign, Correno Busta. Much congratulations are in order for the young German, but he can’t afford another sluggish start in the final, when he faces baseline slugger Thiem. This will be Thiem’s fourth Major final, and he doesn’t in any way want to join the 0-4 ranks of the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings.
  • Don’t look for that to happen in Sunday’s showdown. The Austrian has paid his dues, and is due. Dominic in 5.

US Open Update: Women’s Semis

US Open Update:

  • In a loss that may well have been heard from miles away, Big Vicki Azarenka used some tremendously big groundies, not to mention some serious sound effects, to overpower Serena Williams.
  • Memo to overly sensitive Osaka … get your game face on, because the bully from Belarus is back…

On the “Who Will Come Out On Tops” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the “Who Will Come Out On Tops” CDST Show (Part 2):
— A monologue from Woody that you won’t soon forget (I turned 40 … I’m balding slightly on top … the balding viral type … (like John Roberts and Trump’s lawyer “Baloney Cipollone”) … the universe is expanding … shades of Greta worried about global warming … the universe will be expanding for billions of years Alvy)
— “Let’s turn out the lights and play hide the salam” …”If I have grass or alcohol, I get unbearably wonderful” … Woody breaks out the red light bulb for some Old New Orleans essence …If I get a laugh from a person who is high, it doesn’t count because they’re always laughing
— What is so fascinating about a bunch of pituitary cases trying to stuff a basketball through a hoop?
— Why is that anti-Weinerstein movement called “Me Too” … do more people want to be victims of horrible Harvey or abhorrent Anthony?
— Need to pick your Secretary of Education? Find me a 10 yr old.
— Memories of Howeird Dean … “We’re on to New Hampshire”
— Post-partum Super Bowl Blues (what on earth is a couch potato to do?)
— Well-read worries that women refs will be calling up penalties from two years ago (no comment)
— ChabDog wonders why can’t we just openly embrace those particular problems endemic to both sexes/what’s the hang up with men going for those little enhancers … let’s hear it for supplements, like the ones being pushed by the Big Hurt … “And she’ll like it too”
— Meanwhile in the world of sports… unrepentant, tight-lipped Houston refuses to admit it did anything wrong… Could the Astros possibly be bigger asses if they tried?
— Mookie to the Dodgers for a starting pitcher and a fortune cookie (Buehler? Buehler?) … and throw in Chris Taylor for good tape measure
— Sorry that Phil Rizzo died at age 90 … but we’re relieved Rizzuto is still alive and kicking
— The Grandyman can … a B+ player who new how to reach those grandstands (not HOF numbers, but perhaps good enough for Mets or Tigers honors)
— Brady needs a National Lampoon Vegas Vacation
— Why can’t cursing Djokovic be as composed on the court as Dvorak?
— Analyzing the current class of NFL inductees … we can think of a number of guys who should have edged our Edgerin
— Find out everything you wanted to know about Duke Slater
— A certain Hall of Fame name “Emerson Boozer” … way better than Mack Speedy or Ed Sprinkle
— Subpoenas from the McClellan Committee… no problemo for Nicholson’s Hoffa as he confronts Bobby Kennedy at the DOJ offices (“I don’t know what you’re trying to prove, but you’re proving it” “You don’t impress me and your office don’t impress me … bunch of rum runners”… “@#$@#$@# your brother”)
— John Candy as a crooked lawyer in JFK (“truth is I never met the dude … all I know is sometimes he sends me some cases”)
— And it’s Maahk Caruso to the rescue
— More on why Ben R. doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from Patriot patrons
— Doesn’t Andy Reid of the Chefs remind you of the chef on the Burger Chef logo? But who’s Jeff?
— Someone prematurely stakes a claim for the Niners
— A prop bet that there won’t be any Corona Beer commercials during the game (Tony Romo is crestfallen)
— Someone was drinking the major Haterade today
— Our cantakerous cabbie declares open war on uber drivers … especially ones from Morocco
— A demographic survey of douche bags in East Boston
— A warning … don’t do coke with either David Lee Roth or Karl Malden
— By majority decree, we determine Cora’s misdeeds were strictly limited to Houston
— We finish with some very pleasing topical ointment from Mick and the boys




On the “Who Will Come Out On Tops” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the “Who Will Come Out On Tops” CDST Show (Part 1):
— When it comes to winning hockey games, the Devils are definitely missing the details (particularly when it comes to holding leads in the 3rd period)
— And as for the cold Wings, that’s a similarly sad story; we’re a long way removed from the fat and happy years of the late 1990s/2000s
— the latest news about young gun Jack Hughes (you’re not in 17 & unders anymore)
— all about the belly flops of PK Subban
— We are at a complete loss to explain the new format for the utterly useless NBA All-star game, but in any event the changes won’t make it more watchable
— Hey Tom Brady bought a house in Tennessee … will he be traded for Tannehill?
— Various off the prop bets for the big game (we forgot one … will J. Lo reach a new low in the halftime extravaganza)
— Tank hits the road with his compass set on a laundromat
— Well-read tells us why not to go with Garoppolo
— Matriculating back in time to the last KC Super Bowl triumph … Stram hamstrings the Vikes with the immortal “65 toss power trap” (Len Dawson provides the commentary)
— Why most of us don’t go for Frisco (Keller is the lone hold out)
— Facebook groups are getting some serious play during halftime, and Brian’s the primary beneficiary
— Eric explains what Mr. Peanut and his no-so-imminent demise has to do with Kobe
— ChabDog tries in vain to interest our panel in the Aussie Open
— Why tennis isn’t always for wives and girlfriends
— Raquetball = enjoyable, poor man’s squash
— a tutorial on how cultivate the George Carlin look (that’s a whale of a pony tail)
— Who the heck is Bootle-judge and what is his decisionmaking authority
— Scott (Anthony?) Weiner … where is he now?
— Another public health emergency — Super Bowl Hangover
— The ecstasy and joy of a leap year
— David Ferrie emits plenty of ferriemones (solid gold from Oliver Stone) (“it’s a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma”)

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Preview, Men’s Finals):

  • ChabDog is an official card-carrying member of the Domi dream team, hoping and praying Thiem can continue his recent run of success over no-nonsense Novak. Thiem has won the last two meetings, though he trails the World No. 2 6-4 in the overall tally.
  • How and why can Dominic do it?  He just got through the gauntlet of nasty Nadal, and has certainly shown he has the firepower off the ground to cause Djoker some heartburn. He has the best single shot off the ground … an atomic, one-handed backhand, along with a forehand that is less reliable, but also quite potent.  As for the serve, that’s improved, and he’s in tip top physical shape.
  • The biggest question is whether he can hold up mentally over the course of what will likely be a 4 or 5 set fight to the death against his more experienced opponent.  Novak won’t beat himself, and won’t likely break down due to injury or fatigue, so the Austrian will have to pressure him, move him around the court and generally harass him into error and leaving openings for winners.  That will most certainly be a mental marathon, and few players are up for that challenge.
  • This is Thiem’s 3 grand slam final, and perhaps his time has finally come.  Novak’s strategy, as always, will be one of cruel attrition; for Dom it’s a cinch… just keep moving, keep going for your shot and keep avoiding the clinch…
  • Thiem in 5….

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Day 11, Women’s Semifinals):

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Day 11, Women’s Semifinals):

— How refreshing to find some spunky, new US blood banging on the door of major accomplishments in Women’s tennis.  Kennin has a beautiful “can-do” attitude, and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone.  Today, she very inconveniently spoiled Melbourne’s Barty party … putting a straight set smarting on the No. 1 seed.

— What was going on with Halep in the loss to Mugsy?  The match was definitely not as tight as the score indicated.  Simona got consistently pushed around, and seemed in many instances to be giving it something less than the old college try (not running for balls, standing around and watching her opponent hit winners, looking like she was operating on half charged batteries).  As for the winner, she at times looked unstable, and often seemed to be putting too much pressure on herself.  This could definitely hurt her in the final.  Go with Kenin in 3.


On the “Show With No Name” CDST Show (Part 2):

On “The Show With No Name” CDST Show (Part 2):
— On a very sad, foggy day in LA, we close with “Raindrops keep falling on my head” and bid farewell to the immortal Black Mamba
— Walter Huston on why going for the gold can be hazardous to your health, particularly in the Sierra Madre (“I know what gold does to men’s souls” … “I think I’ll go to sleep and dream about piles of gold getting bigger and bigger and bigger”)
— It’s not exactly a replay of the 2002 National Championship Game, but we enjoy the latest iteration of MD-Indiana
— The Terps have size and speed, but do they have the balls to win on the road against good competition
— The discussion turns college admissions, and the travels of Well-read through the backwoods of the ACC
— Weeding out the truth underlying New Jersey’s reputation as the Garden State (You live in Jersey … what exit?)] — Deconstructing the Titanic collapse after being uncomfortably ahead last week in Arrowhead
— What if SF prevails? Sounds like a very hostile work environment in Beantown for TB 12.
— When it came to passes by Jimmy G. against the slacker Packers, 8 was enough.
— No Well-read, Travis Henry has retired.
— A prayer for good commercials … preferably ones of the stoner variety
— And now a Larry David break …never question the driving privileges of a guy in a wheelchair … texting while wheel turning is always permitted … suggested names for a boy adopted from China (“Wang isn’t a bad name … then you have the whole “ang” family … bang … tang … Chinese overtones with a little jolt to it”) (one of us says, “he reminds me of me”)
— Cheryl pronounces she’s leaving (“I’m leaving,… I can’t do this anymore … I just called you from an airplane .. the TIVO guy was here .. I saved all your shows … it’s not just about the TIVO … it’s about talking during sex … who can’t tell real crab from fake crab … I just realized, there’s no other side [to Larry]”)
— By the way, is there any point to having underwear without a fly zone? Is this really a worthless invention? We debate the question.
— A good woman who doesn’t hold it against you when she’s talking and you’re not all there is hard to find
— Tony enjoys some canoli’s for the beached whale
— What the heck is the “maloik”?
— “Hey Puss, did she even really exist?”
— “Not in the face, okay?” (this was a pointless request given where he ended up)
— Trying to understand why Pat Parisi was taking a leak in the boss’s pool
— Butch Cassidy’s short course on how to win a knife fight, without even using a knife (Lerch was really lurching forward after Newman’s surprise low blow)
— Speaking of Paul, hear his short course on how to bait a goalie in “Slapshot”
— My how the worm has turned in terms of the NBA’s association with China
— ChabDog previews what’s left of the Aussie Open, including Kyrgios vs. Nadal (bad blood running rampant), Monfils vs. Thiem (Thiem-work will prevail), Medvedev vs. Warwrinka and Rublev vs. Zverev (what’s with all the ‘evs)
— A crash course on how to pronounce Fucsovics
— Sandgren vs. Federer (look for a surprise)
— Raonic vs. Djokovic (go with flexiblity over pure power)
— What’s that African flag in the Women’s Draw (Well-read explains) (we pinpoint who the heavyweights are)

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Day 10, Quarterfinals):

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Day 10, Quarterfinals):

  • After coppin some serious Z’s in the 1st set, Zverev comes roaring back to overwhelm a visibly spent Wawrinka.  If he continues to serve like this, might there possibly be a chance for him to go all the way … in which case he can deliver a pretty hefty check into the coffers of the Brush Fire relief fund.  This young star is not only a generous humanitarian … he’s also got serious charm and great sense of humor, as displayed in his post-match interview with Johnny Mac.
  • No dice for Milos in his abortive bid to knock out No. 2 Novak.
  • Simona says goodnight to Kontaveit.
  • Muguruza muzzles and puzzles Pavly with an impressive, all-court display of power and accuracy.


ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Day 9):

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Day 9):

  • In the end, only Nadal was looking pretty in pink; Kyrgios gave us flashes of brilliance, but he showed weakness when it mattered most, and against Rafa providing any opening is normally lethal.
  • Zverev pounds out a convincing victory against Rublev, and readies for a tougher test in the next round.
  • Fed survives an Antietam type, blood and guts skirmish with Tennys, who brought a gimpy Roger to the brink of elimination; but 7 match points later, it’s the favorite who remains standing … and waiting for the winner of Djoker-Raonic.  Give the No. 3 tons of credit for hanging in against almost insurmountable odds.  For Sandgren, there may well be sleepless nights thinking about all those lost opportunities.
  • Steady Kerber just didn’t have the weapons in her tool kit to avoid getting run over in the third by Pavlyuchenkova.
  • Barty’s versatility gives less flexible Kvitova nothing but fits.
  • Sofia knocks out Jabeur.

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (4th Round, Day 8):

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (4th Round, Day 8):

— Temper-mental Fabio flames out in four against Tennys, tennis’ newest Tennessee tough guy.

— After some slow starting, Roger proceeds to dismember Marton.

— Team Dom readies for a concerted push through the quarters, after their Thiem punishes super pusher Monfils.

— Ashleigh left something to chance, before eliminating Riske and her ugly, but often surprisingly offensive, delayed forehand.

— Swiatek hits just a few too many into the bottom of the net against Anett.

— Mugsy doubles down on Kiki, whose weakling serve and limited mobility left her woefully unprepared for the ensuing hostilities.

— Wawrinka wakes up in sets 4 and 5, to take the initiative away from a generally defensive-minded Medvedev.  Stan is now playing some of his best tennis in years, and should be universally feared going into the second week.

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Men’s Singles, Day 7):

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Men’s Singles, Day 7):

  • Wolfman Khach was quite an animal, coming back from 2 sets down to force a final set breaker, but in the end it was happy hunting for killer Kyrgios.
  • Isner just couldn’t stand rallying with Stan.
  • Too tall an order for Verdasco to hang with lanky Zverev.
  • Raonic playing with a real itch to win his first major.
  • Too much of a reach to think short Schwartzman could hang with No. 2 Novak.

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Women’s Singles, Day 7):

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Conversation Openers (Women’s Singles, Day 7):

  • Better wake up and take some serious heed of Garbine, the un-seed, as she did proceed to clean Svitolina’s clock in what seemed like a NY minute.
  • Bertens dismantles Diyas and moves one step closer to standing at the winner’s podium.
  • Petra’s power game leaves Maria stranded and out on Sakkari.
  • 15 yr old Gauff’s effort in the Rd of 16 was nothing to scoff at, but in the third set she gets put on detention by strict disciplinarian Kennin.
  • Jabeur quiets Wang and an all hands Ons deck performance.

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