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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-14-19:

MLB Update:

  • Dodgers need to remind themselves that they are still playing for something … have they looked at ATL’s record recently? #Dodgers #Mets
  • Big win for the Bosox, who ride the shutdown pitching of E-rod to keep a glimmer of hope alive in the AL race. #RedSox #Phillies
  • Twins come close to casting the knockout blow with a double dip dunking of the sinking Indians. #Twins #Indians
  • Cubs do what Cubs do and club the Pirates to death like innocent baby seals. #Pirates #Cubs
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 9-13-19:

MLB Update:

  • Goldy’s proved to be quite a jewel for the Redbirds, who continue to run roughshod over their competition in the NL East. It also helps that Wainwright’s fancy curve is dancing just right. #Brewers #Cardinals
  • Cubs overjoyed to capitalize on the many faults of one Steven Brault, who is tagged and battered like few others in a nightmarish stint in that house of Pittsburgh horrors that is Wrigley. #Pirates #Cubs
  • Oakland roughs up the Rangers behind the ultra athletic Khris Davis. #Athletics #Rangers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 9-12-19:

MLB Update:

  • Never-say-die Mets keep ‘a comin, with another nuking of the disappearing D-backs. Looks like this drama may well go right down to the regular season wire. #Diamondbacks #Mets
  • Don’t tell Milwaukee they’re dead and buried; Brewers still have plenty of Braun left in their lineup, and have now won 8 straight. #Brewers #Marlins
  • Cards go off more than half cocked against the defenseless Rockies, unleashing for a handful of homers and avoiding what could have been an unforgivable 4-game sweep at the hands of Colorado’s cream puffs. #Cardinals #Rockies
  • Bucs are clucking now that they’ve left San Fran with the rubber game in their pocket, as well as a possible key out of the Central Division cellar (only 3 games behind the Reds). On occasion it does appear they’ve found a treasure trove with Musgrove. #Pirates #Giants
  • Red Sox rise up and bid a fond farewell to the Blue Jays North of the Border, while taking the concept of bullpen by committee to a ridiculously sublime extreme. #RedSox #BlueJays
  • Can the A’s do the impossible and make a consistent winner of formerly hapless Homer Bailey? He’s now an impressive 13-8, and by all accounts pitching nothing short of great. #Athletics #Astros
  • Twins were hoping for a little r&r but after a rough tussle with the Natties their looking more than a bit peaked. #Nationals #Twins
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 9-11-19:

MLB Update:

  • A’s continue to show they aren’t afraid of anyone, least of all the Astros. Watch out for this team in the playoffs; they’ve got just enough of everything, and that’s scary. #Athletics #Astros
  • Nationals push back against the hard hitting Twins with their big meal ticket, the USS Strasburg, who steams ahead for his 17th win. #Naitonals #Twins
  • After everything they’ve been through the resilient Mets whack the D-backs and find themselves smack dab in the middle of the playoff pack. #Mets #Diamondbacks
  • More misery for the listless Red Sox, who are really starting to look like one of those out-of-the-October money teams mailing it in in September. #RedSox #BlueJays
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 9-10-19:

MLB Update:

  • In a most interesting development, the Tigers get to 100 losses and now try to argue they aren’t really as bad as the Yankees are good. #Yankees #Tigers
  • Blue Jay season is done, but the next few weeks could help this group of talented youngsters build up their confidence for next year; if they can get some pitching, this team could at least be respectable. #RedSox #BlueJays
  • A’s give the strutting Stros a taste of their own medicine. #Athletics #Astros
  • Mets eke out a win over the traveling janitors from AZ and stay regular. #Mets #Diamondbacks
  • Phils continue fight the good fight, coming up with a huge gut check victory over the high flying Braves. There’s no reason this team can’t take it down to the wire in its fight with the Cubs for the 2nd wc. #Braves #Phillies
  • Brewer playoff aspirations are cut off at the knees with most unfortunate foul bal injury suffered by superstar Yelich. Ouch!!! #Brewers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 9-9-19:

MLB Update:

  • Yankees blank the Red Sox behind the immortal James Paxton, and Boston’s playoff hopes fade into oblivion … I don’t care how many games we have left with Tampa Bay. And by the way, good riddance for Dumbrowski. #RedSox #Yankees
  • Pirates put on their rally caps in the ninth inning … how often does that happen? Maybe they can loan some of this offensive mojo to the comatose Steelers… #Pirates #Giants
  • Astros serve notice that their offense is just as potent as the Yankees’ by proceeding to set fire to Mike Fiers’ gaudy resume for 2019. This was one helluva a whupping … one that the A’s won’t soon forget, even if they happen to draw the wild card. #Athletics #Astros
  • Cubs bulk up with some man-sized run production in Man Diego, with new guy Nico leading the way. #Cubs #Padres
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 9-5-19:

MLB Update:

  • With little margin for error, Red Sox make a bad decision sending Devers home on JD’s off-the-wall shot, and when he’s nailed at the plate, their playoff prospects look DOA. #Twins #RedSox
  • Schwarber’s hefty power numbers are making up for a batting average that is barely his weight; Cubbies take out the punchless Brewers, and move closer to locking up the wild card. #Cubs #Brewers
  • Split with the lowly White Sox is another indication that the apparently exhausted Indians are falling apart like a cheap suit at exactly the wrong time. #WhiteSox #Indians
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 9-3-19:

MLB Update:

  • Yes, the Mets’ bullpen is now undoubtedly the laughing stock of the league, and you can thank its titular head, Mickey Callaway, for giving us this non-stop comedic relief. Great choice to pull your best chance to get those last three outs (no a six-run lead in the bottom of the ninth is not safe), and then kudos for picking your nose while someone named “Sewald” gives up a near handful of hits … forcing you to bring in Doomsday Diaz for the final touches. If you’re a fan of the Amazins, this was absolutely hideous; if you’re a fan of anyone else, this was hilarious and priceless. #Mets #Nationals
  • Pirate ship sinks to a new low as the Bucs give it up to the muddling Marlins with 2 outs in the ninth. Just when we thought there might be something left in this horrible second half to salvage … #Marlins #Pirates
  • Chisox play the role of Scrooge to perfection by throwing rancid milk on Cookie’s homecoming party, and the once comfy Indians are lately retching. #WhiteSox #Indians
  • Twins race to a big lead when Nelson goes into Cruz control mode, and Sano contributes to Minnesota’s home run insanity. #Twins #RedSox
  • No new news here as Greinke leaves Miller Park cranky. #Astros #Brewers
  • Inexplicably, Tampa Bay terminates its win streak with a loss to the moribund O’s; blame it on Rio. #Orioles #Rays


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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 9-2-19:

MLB Update:

  • Another Pham-tastic finish in Tampa for the red hot Rays. #Orioles #Rays
  • Pesky Mets show some admirable moxie in getting back on pace in the NL Wildcard race. #Mets #Nationals
  • All’s going right for the Cards, including old reliable Adam Wainwright. #Giants #Cardinals
  • Once again, 2 few runs for the struggling Brewers. #Astros #Brewers
  • Minor miracle as Yanks are shutout by Rangers. #Rangers #Yankees
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-1-19:

MLB Update:

  • Jekyll and mostly Hyde Pirates continue to look like world beaters for a series, colonizing CO with a sweep of the finale; as for the Rockies, their recent collapse must be a bitter disappointment for a fan base that expected so much more after last year’s accomplishments. #Pirates #Rockies
  • Poor Mets tap their farm team for a fireman and get burned badly in the 8th. #Mets #Phillies
  • Boston does what it has to do and takes its series with the Angels. Have the Red Sox finally gotten serious about their wild card contender responsibilities? The hitting is there (like it’s been there all season), and the bullpen is starting to look solid. #RedSox #Angels
  • Just when you thought they might be out of the picture, the Brewers get cooking … taking advantage of that predictably unreliable closer Kimbrel. Yelich seems to be heating up, and things are tightening again in the NL Central. #Brewers #Cubs
  • Indians continue their tailspin … however temporary, despite the emotional return of Carrasco. They’ve not lost 3 in a row, and could be creating a wild card opening for none other than the Boston Red Sox. #Indians #Rays
  • A’s let another win fall by the wayside with some sketchy relief pitching; this could be a blown opportunity for a series win they’ll seriously regret, come late Sept. #Athletics #Yankees
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 8-30-19:

MLB Update:
  • Cast as mid-season savior, Castellanos is playing this role to perfection; Cubs romp, while Brewers continue to crater. #Brewers #Cubs
  • More scores for the forgotten Pirates at Coors; hitting heroics from the Melk Man, while Pittsburgh’s pitchers manage to bottle up the powerful Rocky offense. #Pirates #Rockies
  • John’s strong left arm was definitely a Means to an end for Baltimore in its blowout victory at KC. #Orioles #Royals
  • Important win for the lately reeling Rays, who’ve now rediscovered that winning feeling. #Indians #Rays
  • Mets apparently had their fill of taking abuse in Philly, score some runs and have some fun. #Mets #Phillies
  • A’s needed this game a lot more than the fat and happy Yankees … and it showed. #Athletics #Yankees
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 8-29-19:

MLB Update:

  • Pirates batters continue to hit their peak in the Rockies, treating CO fans to a very entertaining showing of Chi Chi bang bang with a huge 1st inning explosion. #Pirates #Rockies
  • A’s build a bridge Profar to the playoffs, getting a huge game from Jurickson and holding on for a narrow victory over everyone’s object of ridicule, the Royals. #Athletics #Royals
  • Manic/depressive Mets are really in the doldrums, playing like total mutts, while the creepy Cubbies have awoken once again, with exciting dreams of being best in their divisional show. #Cubs #Mets
  • Tampa’s clearly overjoyed when Astro pitching gets hit with some double trouble from Choi. #Rays #Astros
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 8-28-19:

MLB Update:

  • This year, the best pitcher with a Boston fez is definitely Rodriquez, and the Red Sox regular making the most complete contribution in the field and at the plate is Xander the great; those two lead the defending champs to a huge win in Colorado, which draws them 1 precious game closer to both TB and Oakland. #RedSox #Rockies
  • With more heroics like this from O’Hearn, Royals hope winning is something they can relearn. #Athletics #Royals
  • Yet another monotonous massacre of Tigers at the hands of the Indians. #Indians #Tigers
  • Yanks continue to see meat balls in Seattle, and mash the Mariners with another angry offensive outburst. #Yankees #Mariners
  • Brewer pitching returns in the nick of time, as Milwaukee struggles to keep the Cardinals in their NL Central sight lines. #Cardinals #Brewers
  • No more miracles for the Mets? Noah lets down his guard, and Cubbies swarm to the occasion. #Cubs #Mets
  • Realmuto and his Phillie friends were real Keller killers tonight. #Pirates #Phillies
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 8-27-19:

MLB Update:

  • Bosox set their sights on Tampa Bay by reducing the Rockies to rubble; JBJ hits the ball a very long way, and the visitors get a surprisingly strong pitching performance from that Porcello fellow. #RedSox #Rockies
  • Astros pull the welcome mat out from under Morton’s toes, as floundering Rays can’t make the grade at Minute Maid. #Rays #Astros
  • Cards lean on Molina and some serious dexterity from Dexter in center to knock off the stewing Brewers at Miller. #Cardinals #Brewers
  • Phillie fan had no room for niceties, after watching Rhys flail at the plate and at first base. #Pirates #Phillies
  • At least for one beautiful evening, the Birds pretend that they are the real beasts of the Beltway. #Orioles #Nationals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 8-26-19:

MLB Update:

  • Buccos get a black eye from former black beard Sean Rodriguez…what else can go wrong? #Pirates #Phillies
  • Pesky Pads continue to be a thorn in the side of the almighty Doyyers. Go figure. #Dodgers #Padres
  • Semien helps A’s go ape in a 19-4 raping of the Royals. #Athletics #Royals
  • Cards continue to zoom ahead in the NL Central with Ozuna leading the way. This is starting to look like a Redbird breakout. #Cardinals #Brewers
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