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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 8-10 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Since the All-star break, Brewer execution has really gone into the sewer. #Brewers #Twins
  • Cardinal spunk and Royal funk collide in eastern Missouri. #Cardinals #Royals
  • Phillies go down without as much as a whimper, but NY frets when ace gets caught standing in the wrong place. #Mets #Phillies
  • Rough and ready rookie Josh Bell dials up his 20th homer, which is an unexpected power source for the very needy Pirates. #Pirates #Tigers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 8-9 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Red Sox complete their siege of St. Petersburg by subjugating the Rays for their 8th straight. #RedSox #Rays
  • Incredible Dodgers continue to look more than good behind 14-1 Wood. #Dodgers #Diamondbacks
  • Brown bag time for the Astros, who lose for a 2nd straight night against the Pale Schmo’s. #WhiteSox #Astros
  • Pittsburgh finds it’s in no man’s land against Verlander. #Pirates #Tigers
  • Another fetid showing by Tepesch. #BlueJays #Yankees
  • No need for Charlie to say he’s sorry; the guy with the fat beard makes sure to hit the game winner on the fat part of the bat. #Rockies #Indians
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 8-8 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Cubs stub toes, as Bochy’s brown boys go as goes Buster. #Giants #Cubs
  • All the talk of Chris winning the Cy Young is old news, as is the notation that not many hits were on Sale tonight in St. Pete (namely 2). #RedSox #Rays
  • Overconfident Dodgers get reminded that Tony Watson ‘aint no stopper, but this loss to the D-backs won’t be enough to make the Dodgers rubbernecks. #Dodgers #Arizona
  • The US Cellular cellar dwellers manage to abduct the Astros, sparking an APB for the Dallas police; where has Keuchel’s stuff gone? #WhiteSox #Astros
  • The Phillies continue to crave the over-achieving Braves. #Phillies #Braves
  • Rockies shocked as Cleveland leans on its Gomes field advantage … with Yan hitting Holland out into the hinterlands of Progressive. #Indians #Rockies
  • Mets can now flex their pecs with impunity after first win by Flexen … over Tex. #Mets #Texas
  • The best last place team in baseball spanks the Yanks. #BlueJays #Yankees
  • As the temperature has been rising, Kuhl’s been sizzling, and the Bucs can taste .500. #Pirates #Tigers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 8-7 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Angels upstaged when they have nobody to match up with manly Manny Machado. #Orioles #Angels
  • Carpenter continues to build his resume by giving the Royals coughing fits in Kauffman. #Royals #Cardinals
  • Cubs thin lead in the NL Central gets a bit fatter, as Rosario’s running causes pitcher Drake to do a double take. #Twins #Brewers
  • Reds seem highly offended that they are looking up at the Padres in the overall NL standings, and adopt the motto, “We trust in Votto”. #Reds #Padres
  • Bucs hang tough as Trevor Williams ties up the Tigers in knots. #Pirates #Tigers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 8-6 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Bubonic Puig took the night off, but Bellinger was plenty belicose, and the Metropolitans went out like lambs … leaving their fans comatose. #Mets #Dodgers
  • The rest of the AL may want to beware, as Nelson Cruz is officially on a tare. #Mariners #Royals
  • Orioles annihilate Anibal with home runs from a bevy of Birds, including Trey Boom Boom Mancini. #Tigers #Orioles
  • Since returning from surgery, it hasn’t been such a wonderful life for one Homer Bailey. #Reds #Cardinals
  • Wieters connects on a blast that goes many meters, and Cubs continue to fall back to the pack in the NL Central. #Nationals #Cubs
  • More miracles for the Astros, though this is definitely not the formula for winning in the playoffs… prayers answered with 4-run ninth against snake bitten Jays. #BlueJays #Astros
  • Pirates quite happy to be able to say, “Welcome back Blackbeard”; Rodriguez returns and gives the Bucs a big boost, and a much need series win. #Pirates #Padres
  • Manager Renteria can’t rent a winning line up for his hopeless White Sox, while everything’s coming up roses for the rallying Red Sox. #RedSox #WhiteSox
  • Yankees stop slide in Cleveland, but remain stranded by Lake Erie in second. #Yankees #Indians
  • Excuse me wins for the Giants, Phillies and Athletics. #Giants #Diamondbacks #Phillies #Rockies #Angels #Athletics
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 8-5 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • NY digs deep to pull out a huge win against the Indians, including a sensational stab by Gardner, #Indians #Yankees
  • ATL knows it has no reason to be nervous when the Foltynewicz spot in the rotation comes around. #Braves #Marlins
  • Drew knew that Chisox lead off homer was a false positive, and from then on threw another masterpiece at Fenway. #RedSox #WhiteSox
  • Lamentable result for Bucco fan, as Lamet unexpectedly gets the better of Cole. #Pirates #Padres
  • Mets start out strong, but get hit with the Dodgers’ devastating bubonic Puig, in the form of Yasiel’s big blast and a few aftershocks. #Mets #Dodgers
  • Frankie Midnight bodies up to A-rod.
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 8-4 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Tigers consume Orioles, with a couple of Justins doing the lion’s share of the devouring. #Orioles #Tigers
  • Yankee hitters continue to flip flop between cranking and stanking….with lately an emphasis on the latter. #Indians #Yankees
  • Somebody please donate a run to the poor old Giants, or they might need to enlist the Salvation Army services of Ted Williams’ mom. #Giants #Diamondbacks
  • Houston’s football team wishes it had the scoring prowess of Houston’s baseball team … another huge game from unassuming Marwin and another slugfest win for the Stros. #Astros #BlueJays
  • In his Dodger debut, Darvish picks up double digit fans, while the terrified Met hitters wet their pants. #Mets #Dodgers
  • It took awhile, but Polanco and the Pirates finally stopped playing friendly host to Kirby Yates and the rest of the not-so-great Friar ingrates. #Pirates #Padres
  • Between Asher W. and his pal Joey, the Reds had just enough ammo to pick off the Red peckers. #Reds #Cardinals
  • With MVP contender Danny Boy Murphy doing the heavy lifting and the Cubs not swinging with enough connective torque against Roark, it’s smooth sailing for the Nationals today at Wrigley. #Nationals #Cubs
  • White Sox have the bad sense to use a Bummer of a reliever in extra innings, and they pay the price on his fateful pitch to Mitch. #RedSox #WhiteSox
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 8-3 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Another ho hum performance by the lately land locked Astros. #Astros #Rays
  • Red Sox sever tie with White Sox by applying Rafael Instant Offense Devers. #RedSox #WhiteSox
  • Wild pitch walkoff … the Mets remain comically creative. #Mets #Rockies
  • Chad avoids the hangers, and with a Kuhl breeze the Pirates finally improve the smell of things at PNC with a pummeling of the dreaded Reds. #Pirates #Reds
  • Tigers smell raw meatballs with Chris Kringle Tillman on the hill. #Tigers #Orioles
  • His stats this year haven’t been to shabby, but tonight Wade Davis was a poser closer. #Cubs #Diamondbacks
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 8-2 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Grandiose aspirations come to fruition for the Grandyman, who leads a huge comeback for the occasionally amazing Mets. #Mets #Rockies
  • Cubs are noticeably off track against Zack the D-back. #Cubs #Diamondbacks
  • Atlanta gives LA the gift of Flowers, which means a Dodger lead has finally wilted. #Dodgers #Braves
  • Cincy continues its water torture of the psyched out Pirates … as Scooter finds the river. #Reds #Pirates
  • Royals continue to roil in Camden place, while Baltimore claws its way back into the Wild Card chase. #Orioles #Royals
  • Sorely in need of some ego stroking, the Angels find their stroke against the jokers from Philadelphia. #Angels #Phillies
  • Yanks muddle through more than a few puddles, and are thoroughly befuddled by Jordan Zimmermann. #Yankees #Tigers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 8-1 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Giants continue their recent trend of playing like grown men, tonight against the wimpy A’s and their junior jockstraps. #Athletics #Giants
  • On the day after Mundy, suddenly sensitive KC gets brutalized by Bundy. #Royals #Orioles
  • Today’s contest was exactly the type of game the Cards have been used to winning against the Brouhas … but not this year…#Cardinals #Brewers
  • Nats should’ve done a better job padding their lead before Maxie left; there’s no escaping a leaky pen. #National #Marlins
  • Sox keep motoring behind Brother Christian, who enables Kimbrel to trade a blown save for a win. #RedSox #Indians
  • HIcks keeps Tiger hearts ticking with a huge 3-run bomb that puts away the Bombers. #Detroit #Yanks
  • Reds may not impress the rest of the league, but they sure impress the easily intimidated Pirates, who go down with a Winker and a Hamilton smile. #PIrates #Reds
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 7-31 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • A’s deal Gray but still win round 1 of the Battle by the Bay. #Giants #Athletics
  • Marlins could do little against the Nationals’ tandem of Gonzalez and Doolittle. #Nationals #Marlins
  • Finally, a thumbs up for Fister, and Devers looks like a real achiever. #Indians #RedSox
  • Gentry plays sentry at Orioles’ castle, standing guard against troublesome Royals. #Orioles #Royals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 7-30 (click post for audio)


MLB Update:

  • Cutch shifts the stick into drive and sends three out of the park at Petco. #Pirates #Padres
  • It’s not enough to create hysteria or even Lynnsanity at Busch, but St. Louis is certainly please by this strong effort from 3rd starter Lance. #Diamondbacks #Cardinals
  • Rare July Chisox home win means the team will, for now, put off changing the name of their home park to Guaranteed Loss Field. #WhiteSox #Indians
  • If Lackey continues to pick up the slack like this, the Cubs will be sitting pretty in the NL Central. #Cubs #Brewers
  • It does not appear that Fedde was ready …. #Nationals #Rockies
  • Toronto had a seemingly insurmountable mountain to climb in the the bottom of the ninth, but Pillar pounds Pounders, Norris lands with a thud against fierce Pearce and Angels flounder. #Angels #BlueJays
  • Lance didn’t have much of a chance today against the ferocious Tigers; Houston light years ahead in the AL West, but their starting pitching remains a bit of a question mark and games like this only embolden the doubters. #Astros #Tigers
  • Rays stay in Yankees’ rear view mirror with an excellent, group effort from winner Cishek and Co. #Rays #Yankees
  • Yes, the Royals are playing tough right now, but this was a costly loss for the Red Sox, blowing another super effort from Drew Pomerantz. And it doesn’t get any easier Monday for Boston, as the red hot Indians come to town. #Indians #RedSox
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 7-29 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • It was High Noon in Boston, the chips were down, and things looked pretty bleak for the Beantowners, but Nunez, the San Francisco treat (2 hrs and the winning rbi), would have none of it. #RedSox #Royals
  • For a nice change of pace, Boyd fills the Tigers’ win column void. #Tigers #Astros
  • Mets finally quit their climb in the standings using Jacob’s ladder for success. #Mets #Mariners
  • Dodgers rally around Rich, who is clearly king of the hill with Kershaw sidelined. #Dodgers #Giants
  • More late game heroics by Gardner solidifies the changing of the guard in the AL East. #Yankees #Rays
  • Pittsburgh laments as Lamet is sharp, and Pirates go down like lambs. #Padres #Pirates
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 7-28 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Experienced KC is proving to be a Royal pain in the butt for Porcello and the drooping Red Sox. #Royals #RedSox
  • Everything seems to be clicking for the first place Yankees, as even Tanaka has gotten back on track. #Yankees #Rays
  • Suter’s shutout stint gives Milwaukee’s wounds some much needed sutures. #Brewers #Cubs
  • Toronto’s blue birds are afflicted by Bridwell flu and a nasty case of Cron’s disease. #Angels #BlueJays
  • Altered state for the suddenly great Phillies, who cruise to an easy win over Atlanta behind a huge game from Altherr. #Phillies #Braves
  • Buccos show, once again, that they aren’t really ready for prime time, with a first class lie down to the lowly Padres.
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 7-27 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Padres weren’t kidding when they sicked Margot on the invalid Mets. #Padres #Mets
  • Godley was all powerful, against a Cardinal squad looked hung over after their romp through the Rockies. #Diamondbacks #Cardinals
  • Cubs treated to a Schwarber shop quartet of ribbies against the oh so musty White Sox. #Cubs #WhiteSox
  • After mIddle-aged Gardner jacks one out in the 11th, young Judge jumps for joy and gets short in the tooth. #Yanks #Rays
  • Like sediment in the river, the apathetic A’s continue their drift to the bottom, while the Jays desperately look to ride the tide. #Jays #Athletics
  • For the horribly average Angels, Progressive Field remains a veritable Hell’s Kitchen, and their flimsy wild card contentions have of late been unmasked as a very questionable supposition. #Angels #Indians
  • Nationals make it official — the Brewers are officially washed up … and outta first. #Brewers #Nationals
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