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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 29 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — September 29 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):
  • Split personality Twins retreat into their habitual playoff bunker with a particularly muted response when push comes to shove in Game 1. Congrats to the Astros, who seem to have forgotten their protracted mediocrity for at least one game. #Astros #Twins
  • No surprise as it’s choke time in Oakland. Another sparkling regular season is about to relegated to the dust bin of history. #WhiteSox #Athletics
  • Did Shane’s dreams of a Cy Young just get flushed down the drain when he got creamed by the cranked up Yankes. More second season slippage for the Indians. #Indians #Yankees
  • Ace Snell casts a wicked spell over the comatose Rays, and man up at the plate with Manny Margot. #BlueJays #Rays
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On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1): (click twice for too buku)

On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1):
— Reflections on the High Holy days
— It was 1973 … the year of the Yom Kippur War
— Hindsight is 2020 … but when they look back on this mess they will still be incredulous
— Ok, let’s all be quiet and Notre Dame enjoy its cupcake in South Florida … and too bad one won’t be In The Navy this year
— Anybody notice that nobody’s clambering for the return of the Pac 16….imagine that
— Frank introduces us to the song that was the Russian National Anthem before the Russian National Anthem (“Give up all your possessions…”)
— Why Presidents like to exercise their powers to the bitter end of their terms
— ChabDog’s stream of consciousness summation of yesterday’s CFAA action, including Miami taking down Louisville, NC St. surviving a Wake (barely), and a very sluggish OK State.
— Since when did Jimmy Johnson cultivate the Martha Ford look. Has me thinking about Thanksgiving and those gizzard necks.
— Darn if those hopeless Browns take little initiate to stop the deadly backdoor cover.
— Tank is the center of attention of Barstool Pro Football Show, and gets squeezes out of a sticky situation with Prime Time. (“There’s no way he can get in the chair. No way.”)
— Stevie Wonder meets the Angry Mets Fan in a weird rendition of “Back-door Cover”
— Some us just refuse to believe that the winner of this year’s Cup is written in the Stars.
— Putting $10 on it is just not that taxing.
— Mike Francesca … the original mush
— Fleming’s true confessions — a very reliable NBA reverse barometer… picking the Pacers to beat the Heat (anytime), picking the Bucks and the Heat at exactly the wrong times, and getting the winners of the Celtics/Raptors and Celtics/Heat almost completely mixed up. Frank, please, bet on the Lakers
— If you ask me, Tyler’s no hero.
— King James rules the entire ESPN Fun Zone… na na na .. na na na
— An abridged history of 3-1 playoff comebacks … 2 times in the same playoffs
— A cheerful reminder about who single-Camdedly outscored the Dolphins
— One great rant begets another … and we turn to This is 40.
— “That is not how we talk to each other in this house.” “I hate everything.”
— The perils of having a real open-door policy
— Telling your boss where to go and how to get there is definitely a bad strategy for keeping a job
— Guess who’s burning the oil with Frankie Midnight… Neon Deon
— Is Miami a level jumper? Buffalo had better beware.
— Why Rod Rust was such a bust … as a head coach.
— Understanding what parts of former Jags are sprinkled generously around the rest of the league
— Time for the referee to intervene and enforce a modicum of airtime ethics
— The final Confrontation between NY Metro Area and Saugus/Springfield
— “You’re rude, crude and lewd.” Who said that?
— “Texas outright winners over the Ravens?” Did I hear that right?


ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 18 (click twice for a super Super Bowl promo):

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Brave Fried makes sure that the Mets were suitably fried on a very bad Friday for the home team. #Braves #Mets
  • A’s silence the G-men, but what about the critics who’ve patted themselves on the back with the numerous early exits in the playoffs? That does open up a can of worms for a more experienced, cohesive group, marked by strong pitching, very capable coaching, and a talented everyday lineup consisting of Davis, Semien, Canha and a number of others with a can-do attitude. #Athletics #Giants
  • In an already mind numbingly painful season, the Yankees gleefully erase a 4-run deficit in the final innings, and then rip the Red Sox hearts out in the top of the 12. No I don’t think this can get any worse. #Yankees #RedSox
  • If the season ended today … THE REDS WOULD BE IN THE PLAYOFFS… what else could you possibly expect with 2020 hindsight? #Reds #Whitesox
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 11 (click for a wish list from ChabDog and Well-read Productions):

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Lefty Lowe lowers the boom on the rancid Red Sox, who were also sickened by Snelling salts. #RedSox #Rays
  • After a surprising good start, Miami’s MIA in the NL East, while Philly’s filling the void. #Phillies #Marlins
  • Mets hitters somehow mete out more punishment than remotely necessary in support of their often support-starved ace, Jacob deGrom. #Mets #BlueJays
  • PIrates go to KC and become, what else, a Royal flop. #Pirates #Royals
  • O’s continue to pay the price for Jeffrey Maier… yes thoughts of him still trigger Yankee ire. #Orioles #Yankees
  • A’s clean up on Texas pitchers’ big mistakes, home on the Rangers’ range. #Athletics #Rangers
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 10 (click for sound):

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Singer pitches like a rock star, while KC goes from Central Division patsy to powerhouse in home invasion of Cleveland. #Royals #Indians
  • No dilly dallying for Dalbec, who continues to make his rounds of the bases … supporting a surprise Red Sox revival against the 1st place Rays. #RedSox #Rays
  • SF proponents might still have you believe they’re holding their own … after all they still above .500 (barely). Let’s get real, these guys look like they’re barely holding on to a micro-fiber of relevance in the Western Div. playoff chase, and today’s beat down in San Diego was case in point. The Pads used just about every reliever on their staff to subjugate the incredibly shrinking Giants, while DH Onus has been happily infected with the ding dong bug. The end result is another game gained on the fat and happy Dodgers. Time for the Blue Boys to take a look in their rear view mirror. #Giants #Padres
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 9 (click for sound):

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Depraved Braves defile Florida’s fish, whose pitchers, including “I’ve got the yips in my hips” Yamamoto, get a bad case of the runs. 29 to be exact. #Braves #Marlins
  • Doesn’t it seem like the Rockies have been getting crushed by the Friars for a solid quarantine period…. this feels like 14 days.
  • The terrible Tigers should lose their stripes after this debacle … thankfully in front of zero fans in the Motor City. #Brewers #Tigers
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 8 (click for sound):

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Willpower Myers makes sure the crumbling Rockies remain mired in fourth place. #Rockies #Padres
  • Wacha gets rocked, as O’s mount a pretty fearsome attack behind Mountcastle. #Orioles #Mets
  • Punchless Yanks continue to go into the tank, and now find themselves marooned in third. #Yankees #BlueJays
  • Poor Pirates overjoyed to profit from Grandal’s largess. #PIrates #WhiteSox
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 4:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Dead Sox salvage a win in Today’s double dip and avoid the worst bird mauling since those gulls picked at Tippi Hedrin’s forehead. #RedSox #BlueJays
  • Braves party hearty with 7 in 7 as they haze the dazed and confused Nationals. #Braves #Nats
  • Pirates play the part of divisional cellar dweller castaway, getting upstaged by Castillo on the mound and Castellanos at the plate. #Reds #Pirates
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 3:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • No win today for Secret Ace Lance Lynn, who takes one on the chin against grinder Greinke. #Astros #Rangers
  • Mets jubilant after Pete’s meet and greet for Abreu in the bottom of the tenth. #Mets #Yankees
  • Buccos buck the losing trend … when Reynolds finally puts his weight into one … now Pirate fan is just waiting for him to hit his weight…#Pirates #Cubs
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 2:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Votto espouses the Reds’ new, oft-repeated motto, there’s life after Armageddon. #Reds #Cardinals
  • Crocodile tears for the Pinstripers, who continue to lose their shirts against the upstart Rays. Better get the Yankees some collar stays. They’re lately looking sloppy. #Yankees #Rays
  • Suffice to say, by throwing Leyer, Kickham and Biggs the Red Sox were basically throwing the game to the powerful Braves. That might sound like a decent law firm, but it doesn’t pass muster as a 1-game rotation. #RedSox #Braves
  • Another unsightly loss for the ghastly Pirates, who have had no trouble elevating the sometimes studly Cubs to the status of world beaters. #Cubs #Pirates
  • Phillies continue to get their house in order, with improving pitching and some timely hitting, while the Nat bats have essentially disappeared from sight. That must be making Mad Max really mad. #Phillies #Nationals
  • Finally, courtesy of Conforto, the Mets grab a lead and don’t have to go through massive contortions to hold on to it. #Mets #Orioles
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 1:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time … Reds get absolutely shredded at home by St. Louis. #Reds #Cardinals
  • Red Sox roll over and play dead in their own playpen, once it becomes clear that Atlanta’s Big O absolutely owned their pitchers. Ozuna is emerging as a major star, and the Braves have talent coming out of their ears.#Braves #RedSox
  • Yanks drive a tank named Tanaka over the intruders from TB who dare to infect their compound. #Yankees #Rays
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — August 28:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Grand master of ceremonies Grandal grabs more headlines by snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. #Royals #WhiteSox
  • Pirates are still scratching their heads, and asking, “Just who is the Gyorko guy?” #Pirates #Brewers
  • Oh what a night, … for Scherzy boy Max; as for the Bosox, the stock of loser Martin Perez has lately plummeted. #Nationals #RedSox
  • Padres rejoice the heart of their order is beating the opposition (huge games for Machado, Myers and Hosmer), and France is assuming a menacing batting stance. #Padres #Rockies
  • Cincy helps debunk the myth that the Cubs are invincible. #Cubs #Reds
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — August 27:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Pirates open up some St. Louis sores, with lovely go-ahead-for sure scores in the crazy extra eighth. Then Bucco Boosters hit the bonanza when their guys walked away with the nightcap. Temporarily throwing off the yoke of their Cardinal tormentors with a sweet sweep. Raise it!!!!!
  • Brewers looked totally hung over as they get shredded 12-1 by the Reds and lay down in today’s double dip. #Reds #Brewers
  • You heard it here … maybe not first, but with total conviction … these San Diegans have a competitive edge, chemistry, and muscle at the plate, which differentiates them from many of those Padre predecessors from not-so-recent history. #Padres #Mariners
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — August 26:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Fiers fires fireballs that light a funeral pyre for the decaying Rangers. #Athletics #Rangers
  • With hits getting few and far between, Twins dig in for what could be their first 2020 tailspin. And Cleveland serves notice that they still be the big dog of the AL Central. #Indians #Twins
  • Atlanta becomes the first team in quite a while to get to Gerrit, and cruises to victory behind the sparkling start from newcomer Ian Anderson. Proud Yankees continue to bow their heads as they’re now firmly entrenched in second place. #Yankees #Braves
  • Rowdy repeatedly says howdy to the outfield seats as Jays feast on Weber and the rest of the Red Sox meatballers. #BlueJays #RedSox
  • Forget the Jolly Roger… Pirates wave the white flag after getting shelled mercilessly on the South Side of C-town.
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — August 25:

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • As usual, losing is now firmly entrenched in the Reds’ heads. #Brewers #Reds
  • A’s aren’t just winning … they’re dominating. At some point, the rest of MLB will be taking notice; this has been going on for a while. #Athletics #Rangers
  • It’s about time … Devers delivers!
  • Nationals’ defense of their hard earned title continues to be relatively feeble … tonight undermined by Realmuto’s rocket launch off of Fedde. #Phillies #Nationals
  • Little big man Lindor leads Cleveland with his bat, and Bieber continues to be nothing but a pop star on the mound. #Twins #Indians
  • Giolito says no no to Pirates’ abortive attempt to keep alive Big Mo. #WhiteSox #Pirates
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