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On the “Ending our Weekend with Bernie” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the “Ending our Weekend with Bernie” Show (Part 2):
— On this day off from work, treat yourself to a classic clip from Ferris Buehler’s day off (“roll her old bones on over here, and I’ll dig up your daughter”…”tell you what @#$#$#$, if you don’t like my policies you can just come down here and kiss my old white butt … pucker up buttercup” … “pardon my French, but you’re an asshole”)
— Who said “I was a Democratic caucus”? The same guy who said “I’m Joe Biden’s husband, and I work for Cedrick Richmond.”
— Joe Piscopo’s take on Tricky Dick … don’t miss it… (If you lie and cheat and betray a nation’s trust … people will hate you … and they’ll pay through the nose; if you really want to get inside Dick Nixon’s head, you have to use a proctoscope)
— ChabDog recalls his favorite Giants’ fan … Larry Dickman from The Enforcer (sometimes being a dork can be charming)
— We zoom in on the Pens-Caps Sunday matinee game (some color commentary from a terrific Met Division match up)
— Giving a second look at Oklahoma City; Chris Paul has those guys playing some ball
— By the way, what would it look like if NBA players put on skates?
— The challenge for getting into hockey (it’s just working too hard)
— Hillary waits, while Bloomberg baits.
— Giving mini-Mike, the elderly tyke equal time (yes the stakes are high, but what was with that prime time under-performance)
— With the mesmerizing narration of Anthony Hopkins, as Bligh narrowly escapes becoming brunch, then successfully navigates over 3600 miles to Timor without a compass, and based on nothing more than a hunch (“Row for your lives!” “Takes us next to islands, where cannibalism is taken down to a science” “All I can promise you is relentless pain and hardship … I promise you our chances for victory are fair” (hey sort of sounds like Biden))
— A very entertaining, but ultimately premature tribute to Don Criqui (no ChabDog, thankfully he is still alive and well) (listen in to relive memorable moments, including Tom Dempsey clubbing it 63 yards, Herm Edwards and the incredible fumble return that make Psarcik a dirty word in the Meadowlands, and, with broadcast buddy Trumpy, an animated war of Ohio in the early 80’s between the Marty’s Brownies and Wyche’s Bungles)
— Words worth repeating from Pete (Well-read thinks he’s being underrepresented at the polls)
— But can we come up with anything easier to spell and pronounce (and more catchy) than Buttigieg.
— Well-read unearths a particularly catchy action photo of Kaepy
— Living it up with Liberace: “Why don’t you come work for me? As what? I want to be everything to you, Scot? Why would a grown man want to adopt another grown man?”
— Sending us off with “Send it to me”

— PS — will we ever see another Corona Beer commercial, or is that brand name permanently bad karma. All we know is that hotline is not ringing off the hook.


On the “Ending our Weekend with Bernie” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the “Ending our Weekend with Bernie” Show:
— Frank cranks out the Soviet National Anthem
— Some of us aren’t so excited about the New Deal II, and find watching Bernie point to be a real drag
— The new heavyweight champ Tyson looks like a cross between Wepner and Quarry.
— Handicapping what’s left in the Democrat field of dreams
— It’s only February, but when I watch Uncle Joe, all I can think of is Uncle June, knocking on the neighbors door, in pajamas and asking for ice cream
— ChabDog suspects he might be more than just a Boomer … he’s a Bloomer
— Because he’s such a threat (though according to LIzzie Boredom not a tall one), to lighten the mood, maybe Mike should use Mel Brooks as a body double in the next debate?
— Lawyers use redlining … why can’t arrogant billionaires do the same?
— “Pete, you lost to my friend Joe Donnelley [and you aren’t a proven winner”. For shame Amy, since when is winning in Minny grounds for asserting executive privilege over Buttigieg.
— Lots George Steinbrenner, along with a George Peterson interlude, which gets us in the mood for more Bernie. “She’s a heartbreaker, lovemaker, dreammaker ”
— Why Rob Man-fraud doesn’t have a problem with cheating Houston keeping its big piece of metal/MLB would be placating the out-for-blood public by vacating.
— LA banking on Price being money in the playoffs (but they know starting him is a non-starter), while Rendon hails a cab for the home of the hittable Halos
— Very sad about bulldog Swagger being taken away from the Dog Pound in an open casket; later in the show we go back to the glory years of Brian Sipe, as touted by Trump and Criqui
— The perfect Pelosi, as done by Kammy Burnett productions … yes this performance raised a few eyebrows
— Tyson gives his opponent a real Marchand moment when he a wet one to Wilder
— Slogging Leafs wilt and fold when their Zamboni driver fills in as the emergency goalie … for the other team
— The significance of “Patrick” as a major name in NHL history
— On the Miracles on Ice having slid to the right
— Wrecking the Aztecs bubble
— 8 should be enough for purposes of those presently unavoidable conference tournaments (currently, basket of deplorables IUPUI could go on a magical run and get an invite)
— Who’s in the MEAC, and where do they reside? We know one is named hopeless Howard. We read out the rest, including my personal favorite …
— “I’d like to make a Botox appointment tomorrow… wait a minute, I’m Nancy Pelosi … don’t mess with me … you don’t mess with Nancy Pelosi…no way Nancy has gray hair .. rip rip… I don’t hate nobody…. I’ll drink to that ,,,, not only did I rip my State of the Union Speech, I also ripped … my birth certificate”

On the “Don’t need another cup of Joe” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the “Don’t need another cup of Joe” CDST Show (Part 2):
— Falling into a pleasant time warp as we chug down the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack (that Blowfeld certainly can dance, and how about that sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania)
— (I’m glad we caught you at home. Could we use your phone?)
— (So come up to the lab, and see what’s on the slab).
— Going over our collective accomplishments during hour 1, including a live plant inside the XFL game.
— Somehow ChabDog forgot about “The Vipers” from Tampa Bay
— Biden’s biding his time until South Carolina, but he just keeps sliding
— Eric, we agree there is nothing savory to recount about the Harvey trial … the intersextion of entertainment and law and order
— Hear Jack Lemon clear his sinuses in a very odd couple of ways HMMMAH, HMMAH, HMUHH, HMMAH
— Super Bowl memories …Well-read finds another excuse to mention Travis Henry, … then highlights Kansas City’s back-against-the-wall turnaround, San Fran’s benign neglect of the running game, and Mahomes uncanny ability to hone in on the essential connection.
— Male pattern baldness on bald display in the impeachment trial
— More anguishing (or languishing?) over the Irishman (some other scenes that just didn’t make sense)
— What was produced out of this year’s NBA trade deadline? Wiggins to GSW, Clippers get Morris, Pistons lose their security blanket in the big Drummond, and Iggy/Crowder are now crowing the South Beach bench.
— And none of us are willing to bet on Betts transforming the Doyyers
— Tank returns, briefly armed with a blue tooth and a fashion update from the game (hideous green helmets and jerseys with gargoyles)
— It’s only 10:30 am, but the TV is already being polluted by all this infernal Oscar hype
— We look in on The Ohio State taking on Wisconsin.
— ChabDog’s concise take on the oft-forgotten NHL
— SNL Cold Open, with some very shaky Susan Collins, that sneaky Mitch, and Jon Lovitz doing Dershowitz … wasn’t the sh-Devil the cute blonde from Happy Gilmore?
— Why Mr. Peanut went to Hell.
— Eric’s question about whether those XFL’ers wear socks goes unanswered
— Getting psyched up about Siakam (ChabDog explains)
— 7 legitimate non-dwarfs in the NBA West
— The scary truth about the human toll paid to corona virus (100X)
— We’re sure we won’t be anteater eaters.
— A classic Ferrie rant from JFK, then we off and running with, “Before they make me run” and reach our final final resting place with The Ballad of Billy the Kid.

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-19-19:

NHL Update:

  • St. Louis slights the flickering Lightning. #Lightning #Blues
  • Painful loss for the Pens, who worked hard to build a 4-2 lead, and then lose in OT, largely due to defective goal tending of mistake prone Matt Murray. #Islanders #Penguins
  • Bruins stick a pitchfork in the depressed Devils, and yes, they were done almost immediately. #Bruins #Devils
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 11-7-19:

NHL Update:

  • As Caps will heartily attest, where there’s a Wilson, there’s a way. #Capitals #Panthers
  • Big win for the Pens, who back from the dead in Period 3 and burn the Isle with rust exposure. #Penguins #Islanders
  • Donskoi and Avs drown Rinne with a river of goals. #Predators #Avalanche
  • Sticky situation in Toronto doesn’t turn out so well for edgy Knights. #Knights #MapleLeafs
Categories: NHL

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 11-1-19:

NHL Update:

  • Washington unleashes Vranna the piranha on the unsuspecting Sabres.#Sabres #Capitals
  • Lopsided losses continue to sting the Red Wings, and there’s many a frown in Hockey Town. #RedWings #Hurricanes
  • Dallas throws a hitch in the Avalanche express in the form of a double Hintz. #Stars #Avalanche
  • St. Louis hasn’t lost a beat since beating the Bruins in the Cup, as thrilling victory over the Jackets attests. Perron is the peak performer today. #BlueJackets #Blues
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 10-25-19:

NHL Update:

  • Netminder Linus was certainly a great security blankey for the scrambling Sabres. #Sabres #RedWings
  • Caps continue to look primed and ready for another concerted run at the Cup. This team is clicking with its fancy sticking! #Capitals #Canucks
  • Onrushing Avs continue their lightning like start outta the gate by upending the clumsy Knights, who were never even partially in this fight. #Avalanche #GoldenKnights
  • Hot shot Leddy just wouldn’t leave the Senators alone at the big OTT. #Islander #Senators
  • Home loss to Raanta and his lowly Coyotes has the Jersey Devs ranting and raving. #Coyotes #Devils
Categories: NHL

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 10-16-19:

NHL Update:

  • Pens take hold of this game in OT with Tanev, and take out a quality opponent in the Avs. #Avalanche #Penguins
  • Stars looking far from the flashy group that very nearly took out Stanley Cup Champ St. Louis in last season’s Western Conference finals. #Stars #BlueJackets
  • With its offense being reliably fed by Kane, it now looks like San Jose doesn’t have a bunch of dead sharks on its hands. #Hurricanes #Sharks
  • Ducks finally stick up for themselves in a hugely successful second period comeback, which stops the previously red hot Sabres from further rattling. #Ducks #Sabres
  • Caps call on Carlson to burn the Leafs in a home bonfire. #MapleLeafs #Capitals
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 6-12-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • Yes, sometimes even a blind, last place squirrel finds a really big nut. Congratulations to St. Louis and its rally rodent.
  • It’s over. Quality prevails over quantity, as the Bruins get off more shots, but St. Louis is way more efficient.
    There won’t be three in a row, and there won’t be another parade in Boston … probably until next year the way the Red Sox are playing.
    How ironic that a guy named O’Reilly does in the Bruins. Another example of why never giving up can really pay off big. St. Louis just hung in there like grim death, and now they’re living large.
    #Blues #Bruins
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 6-9-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • Bruins were rock solid in all facets of the game, while St. Louis may’ve been doing too much praying and not paying attention to detail. Key reasons for tonight’s convincing win for the B’s were the reemergence of their No. 1 line, the near spotless play of Rask, and the great penalty killing and play by defensemen, including a huge clearing baseball whack of the puck by McAvoy and some majorly effective interference run by Big Z/sheriff of the fractured jaw. Boston now has all it could possibly ask for … one game at home for the whole ball of wax. #Bruins #Blues
  • Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch … I think it’s time pull back those Stanley Cup ads that were already running amok in STL.
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 6-6-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • Jordan and his Blues brothers bolster the hopes of Boston bashers by crashing the Garden party and leaving the Bruins in relative ruins.
    The only way Boston can win Game 6 is to abandon caution and throw desperation to the wind. Hey Pastrnak, it’s time to start shooting the puck. #Blues #Bruins
  • As for the missed penalty call that led to the second STL goal … forget about it … it happens…
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