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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-19-19:

NHL Update:

  • St. Louis slights the flickering Lightning. #Lightning #Blues
  • Painful loss for the Pens, who worked hard to build a 4-2 lead, and then lose in OT, largely due to defective goal tending of mistake prone Matt Murray. #Islanders #Penguins
  • Bruins stick a pitchfork in the depressed Devils, and yes, they were done almost immediately. #Bruins #Devils
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 11-7-19:

NHL Update:

  • As Caps will heartily attest, where there’s a Wilson, there’s a way. #Capitals #Panthers
  • Big win for the Pens, who back from the dead in Period 3 and burn the Isle with rust exposure. #Penguins #Islanders
  • Donskoi and Avs drown Rinne with a river of goals. #Predators #Avalanche
  • Sticky situation in Toronto doesn’t turn out so well for edgy Knights. #Knights #MapleLeafs
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 11-1-19:

NHL Update:

  • Washington unleashes Vranna the piranha on the unsuspecting Sabres.#Sabres #Capitals
  • Lopsided losses continue to sting the Red Wings, and there’s many a frown in Hockey Town. #RedWings #Hurricanes
  • Dallas throws a hitch in the Avalanche express in the form of a double Hintz. #Stars #Avalanche
  • St. Louis hasn’t lost a beat since beating the Bruins in the Cup, as thrilling victory over the Jackets attests. Perron is the peak performer today. #BlueJackets #Blues
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 10-25-19:

NHL Update:

  • Netminder Linus was certainly a great security blankey for the scrambling Sabres. #Sabres #RedWings
  • Caps continue to look primed and ready for another concerted run at the Cup. This team is clicking with its fancy sticking! #Capitals #Canucks
  • Onrushing Avs continue their lightning like start outta the gate by upending the clumsy Knights, who were never even partially in this fight. #Avalanche #GoldenKnights
  • Hot shot Leddy just wouldn’t leave the Senators alone at the big OTT. #Islander #Senators
  • Home loss to Raanta and his lowly Coyotes has the Jersey Devs ranting and raving. #Coyotes #Devils
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 10-16-19:

NHL Update:

  • Pens take hold of this game in OT with Tanev, and take out a quality opponent in the Avs. #Avalanche #Penguins
  • Stars looking far from the flashy group that very nearly took out Stanley Cup Champ St. Louis in last season’s Western Conference finals. #Stars #BlueJackets
  • With its offense being reliably fed by Kane, it now looks like San Jose doesn’t have a bunch of dead sharks on its hands. #Hurricanes #Sharks
  • Ducks finally stick up for themselves in a hugely successful second period comeback, which stops the previously red hot Sabres from further rattling. #Ducks #Sabres
  • Caps call on Carlson to burn the Leafs in a home bonfire. #MapleLeafs #Capitals
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 6-12-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • Yes, sometimes even a blind, last place squirrel finds a really big nut. Congratulations to St. Louis and its rally rodent.
  • It’s over. Quality prevails over quantity, as the Bruins get off more shots, but St. Louis is way more efficient.
    There won’t be three in a row, and there won’t be another parade in Boston … probably until next year the way the Red Sox are playing.
    How ironic that a guy named O’Reilly does in the Bruins. Another example of why never giving up can really pay off big. St. Louis just hung in there like grim death, and now they’re living large.
    #Blues #Bruins
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 6-9-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • Bruins were rock solid in all facets of the game, while St. Louis may’ve been doing too much praying and not paying attention to detail. Key reasons for tonight’s convincing win for the B’s were the reemergence of their No. 1 line, the near spotless play of Rask, and the great penalty killing and play by defensemen, including a huge clearing baseball whack of the puck by McAvoy and some majorly effective interference run by Big Z/sheriff of the fractured jaw. Boston now has all it could possibly ask for … one game at home for the whole ball of wax. #Bruins #Blues
  • Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch … I think it’s time pull back those Stanley Cup ads that were already running amok in STL.
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 6-6-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • Jordan and his Blues brothers bolster the hopes of Boston bashers by crashing the Garden party and leaving the Bruins in relative ruins.
    The only way Boston can win Game 6 is to abandon caution and throw desperation to the wind. Hey Pastrnak, it’s time to start shooting the puck. #Blues #Bruins
  • As for the missed penalty call that led to the second STL goal … forget about it … it happens…
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 5-29-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • B-eautiful ending for the Blues, who seem to be doing exactly what they did against the Sharks … hang around, wear the opposition down, and strike when the opening presents itself.
    With the o-fer monkey off its back, Tarasenko and Co. are now released from some very powerful historical/psychological demons; Bruins would be well advised to buck up, and figure out how to nip this turn of momentum “in the bud” as the series moves to St. Louis.
    #Bruins #Blues
  • If you’re a Bruin fan, it’s definitely time to tame that wild beast called Tarasenko.
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 5-20-19 (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals)(click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals):

  • Blues finally disabuse themselves of the scraggly Sharks, and after nearly 50 years, once again have a parking spot in the Stanley Cup Finals.
    Get ready for more Bobby Orr, as No. 4 will most certainly be on hand for moral support in what should be memorable series.
    Can Boston go 3 for 3 in pro sports titles and make it three in a row against the Gateway City guys? #Sharks #Blues
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