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On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part 1):

On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part 1):
— A moment of reflection, before my holy pilgrimage to the land inhabited by the Pilgrims
— Not too many teams in MLB have standing in the standings to even think about playing in October
— Is this as good as it gets for Les Mets, whose bullpen is no longer Les Miserables
— Fleming has unlimited capacity for sports trivia but must filibuster for more washing and drying capacity
— Being an overpaid prick and a primadonna is a lethal combination, eh Philadelphia
— Just keep obliterating those third rate O’s when they’re down, as they get spanked in succession by the Yankees and the Stros.
— Goldy continues to finger the cardinal sinner Buccos for the most cruel and unusual punishment;
— Michael is a picture of impressive sync at the plate, just like his photogenic mommy Ruiz in the 1984 Olympic swimming pool (they definitely took the wrong Conforto’s clothes off in celebration?)
— 11 power punches by Pete and there will be a very large, happy polar bear jumping into the drink at Jones Beach.
— You should be suspended for losing 1 to the Royals … oh sorry, that was what actually happened to the Bosox the next game.
— Boston’s starting rotation looks pretty rotten, and that’s direct quotation; Cashner as money in the bank … don’t count on it.
— Le’veon lets it be known he doesn’t do preseason thunderstorms
— Vowing to give us the headless horseman treatment, Antonio lobbies to be treated like a grandfather; Tank gives us a Hard Knocks update
— A perhaps overzealous Big Ben is now playing the big heavy in Pittsburgh’s locker room; ChabDog thinks the Steelers have only themselves to blame for this bad situation (too much job security for Tomlin)
— Memo to Brandon: The water at Amity Island is “just fine”. Just ask Chief Brody.
— Rocky is turning into Mickey.
— Patricia’s working with a bunch of real plebieans in Detroit.
— Caruso gets into the nitty gritty details on why NE’s defense will be excessively stingy this year.
— Some deluded person on our show starts ‘supposin that the Fins will win 8 with Rosen and then bugs out to finish his laundry/weight lifting.
— Tank’s underwear drawer houses a real large Rainbow Push Coalition
— Take a wild ride around the track at Daytona, when in ’79, Yarborough crashed into a blocking Allison, leaving room for survivor Petty to slip in for a 6th crown. And then fisticuffs to finish, with brother Bobby joining in.
— Maahk and I discuss his future as the next “Benny Parsons” … another guy who started out as a cabbie
— You know you’re living healthy when your ice cream is avacado.
— What it’s like to be flagged as a crank caller to the NFL’s league office; it’s hard for a Revere boy to camoflage his hard New England accent
— Let’s hear it for Heroes and Dragons in South Carolina … tell them just sent you.
— It was hailing Halo runs last night at Fenway… uugh!
— Red Sox have experienced a touch too much of Brian Johnson.
— As for the Yankee’s bullpen, let’s not get into it.
— When Frank throws in the towel on his hometown team, that’s a pretty big towel.

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 7-11-19:

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 7-11-19:

  • What’s happening in H-town? The Rockets hope to charge up their sagging prospects by acquiring a real keg of dyn-o-mite, while returning Chris “the human fruitcake” Paul to the doorstep of the blundering Thunder. Yes, Mr. St. Farm is being passed around again like a very unwanted, leftover Xmas gift, and we’re not even in the holiday season. But before we place Houston in the upper echelon of Western contenders, truth be told they still have very little to show for themselves on the inside. It would have been nice if OKC had thrown in Steven Adams for good measure. #Rockets #Thunder
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, June 13 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Surprise, surprise. This year’s road warriors were the Raptors, not the Warriors.
    It’s a welcome sight, seeing some fresh blood at the top of the NBA. These guys withstood everything GSW had to offer, including a hostile crowd, a very dramatic, motivational twist and turn in the game involving Klay’s wounded knee, a slew of big shots from wiggly Iggy, and all the usual hysterics and antics from Draymond Green.

    And Kawhi makes a strong statement that he, not LeBron, is now the most impactful and valuable player in the NBA. He ignored public opinion and peer pressure and wisely took the time he needed to heal up, and now all that hard work and dedication is reaping monster dividends. Congratulations to the Raptors … and quite possibly, goodbye to the Warriors’ dynasty. Despite the Splash Brothers’ best, most valiant efforts, the mystique has at least been tarnished. #Raptors #Warriors

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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, June 10 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Finals):

  • Durant starts but can’t finish, and in the process may be in much worse shape with that scarier than scary injury to the Achilles. Was he properly rehabbed before venturing forth to give his teammates a much needed lift? It’s not at all clear allowing him to play in this condition was a wise move. We’re all aware of great displays of guts and grit that can inspire your team to victory; however, this is the kind of injury that can ruin a career, and what are we talking about here … a 3rd straight title in the midst of what could be many more finals opportunities. Discretion would probably have been the better part of valor, but it is what it is. All we can say is that the beaten up Warriors are apparently good enough to hang around with a younger, less experienced Raptor team, and if Toronto’s leadership quotient does not figure more prominently in crunch time, that could yield another title … just barely.

    Tonight’s loss up North was indeed one the home team wishes it could have back. Unfortunately, with a bit over 2 minutes left they went into a shell, ruthlessly ran the shot clock down when they had the ball, and committed that fatal sin of playing “not to lose”. That only works under such circumstances when the shot clock match is decidedly in your favor, which tonight was not the case. And Nick Nurse must shoulder a heavy part of the blame for not having a better play handy to close out the game. No, you don’t want Kyle Lowry taking a corner three, when your main man has found his shot and is able to penetrate the soft underbelly of the GSW defense with relative impunity. What an empty feeling it must have been for the rowdy reptile rooters, seeing that shot clank, unbelievably, off the side of the back board. Ouch! I guess that’s cruel karma for you, after the ill advised cheers for a fallen Warrior. #Raptors #Warriors


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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, June 7 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Finals):

  • Toronto’s about to prove what the world knew all along … there’s more to championship basketball than jacking up threes and playing from the outside in. Kawhi has his usual stellar numbers, and the Raptors get huge lifts from Ibaka and VanVleet. Durant can come back, but it won’t matter, and does he really feel like he can mix it up with the rugged Eastern Conference champions in this condition. #Raptors #Warriors


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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, June 5 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Finals):

  • Deeply satisfying win for the Raptors, who took away GSW’s manhood with deadly shooting from every orifice of the Oracle, and despite the best scurrying of Dubonaire Curry, … who unleashed for an extremely obnoxious 47. The Warriors will try to regroup and lick their wounds, while the Raptors know they need to remember who they really are for a successful replay of this result in Game 4. #Raptors #Warriors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, June 2 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Finals):

  • The depleted, but composed, defending champs hold on for an important win on foreign soil, after the Raptors go cold turkey from the field for long stretches of the 2nd half. It appeared Leonard got a bit tired from carrying such a heavy load, and there just wasn’t much help coming from the secondary contributors in the line up. Forget about running plays, setting screens and getting reasonable shots in crunch time; for Toronto, it was all about kicking out for hope threes or looking for contact and getting to the line. They’ll need to run their half court offense a lot better if they expect to steal one in Oakland. And the defense was generally weak, with the Warriors getting too many open looks; this turned out to be a terrific confidence booster for Cook, Cousins and Bogut. #Warriors #Raptors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, May 30 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Finals):

  • Raptors coast to victory in Game 1 as Pascal is anything but passive on the inside and a stifling, aggressive defense harasses GSW into 43% shooting. Give the coach with the league’s worst goatee a lot of credit for doing what other opponents were curiously unwilling to do — make Curry work every second he had the ball, not to mention making the other aged Warriors expend precious energy for every loose ball, rebound and shot attempt. By the end of Q4, the Dubs were beaten up, limping and generally saying no mas. And yes, there is no Durant … with the reappearance of an out of shape Demarcus nothing more than a big booty prize (he looked like his training table had enough food on it for himself, along with two cousins). #Warriors #Raptors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, May 25 (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Raptors snap to attention late in the 3rd, and leave the Bucks in the dust with a 4th quarter rush. Leonard levitates for a massive jam over Big G, and on Milwaukee’s side there just wasn’t much of an offensive game plan … the 3-2 zone that clogged up the middle did the trick as the Bucks’ 2nd and 3rd (and 4th and 5th) options never really proved viable. In their 100th playoff game, TO scores 100 and earns the right to host Game 1 of the NBA Finals. #Bucks #Raptors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, May 23 (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals):

  • Raptors slap down the Bucks with a very debilitating home loss in critical Game 5. VanVleet was oh so sweet with more threes than you can count on one hand, while the man with the most powerful hands in basketball did just about everything on the court with maximum efficiency and impact. Unlike Leonard, Giannis was simply not up to the task tonight, looking panicked and often awkward, particularly when he was in the paint. You can marvel all you want about his size, reach, talent and all-NBA accolades, but the fact remains that he needs lots of polish and must put in the hard work to develop some post moves. And this deep into the playoffs (and this series), it’s too late even for young stars to learn new tricks. #Raptors #Bucks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, May 21 (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals):

  • Raptors claw their way back into the thick of things … behind the Claw! #Raptors #Bucks
  • Giannis and the lately sucky Bucks take a giant step backwards, and in the process give plenty of precious Big Mo back to the desperate Raptors. What went wrong? Antlered Ante put up some good numbers and Middleton did what he could, but the rest of the supporting cast were duds, including 2-7 Bledsoe, a toxic dose of 3-pt shooting by Mirotic (2-8), and a puny showing from big boy Brooke (2 boards, 1 block, and 8 points). They were definitely not defending the interior on defense, and on offense, their spacing and ball movement stunk. Although Milwaukee may possibly have enough to get out of this series, they’ll be dead in the water against the world champs with this game plan. #Bucks #Raptors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, May 20 (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update: (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals)

  • Curry has his usual inflated point total, but it was the world’s most obnoxious energizer bunny, Draymond Green, who ripped the heart out of Rip City by doing consistent damage on the inside, playing ferocious defense and making sure the Blazers felt weighed down in the 4th quarter by relentless pressure. It’s now over for Portland … another brutal encounter with the brick wall that protects Golden State’s possession of the Larry O’Brien trophy. #TrailBlazers #Warriors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, May 2019 (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals):

  • Toronto clogs the lanes and generally impedes the Greek Freak’s habitual pilgrimage to the bucket, and has just enough success on the offensive end to keep themselves in the series … for now. Milwaukee’s still in the driver’s seat, but they could’ve sealed the deal tonight with just a little more poise and execution. And the Warriors are no doubt going to school from this game (as well as Game 1) in coming up with a plan to stop the Bucks’ heavy artillery. #Bucks #Raptors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, May 18, 2019 (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals) (click for audio):

NBA Update (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals):

  • Lillard lays perhaps the biggest egg (a rotten one) of his pro career, wallowing in a funk of forced threes and careless turnovers, while Green turns in a nothing short of a monster all-court performance. GSW takes Game 3 going away, and might as well buy those tickets for Beer Town USA. As usual Kerr is coaching circles around his competition; somebody please help Stotts out by giving him at least one clue about what to do… one bright idea might be running the offense through CJ for a while. #Warriors #TrailBlazers
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