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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — February 14 (click for our way cool Super Bowl promo):

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Lillard’s leadership is the difference in Dallas, as Blazers refuse to fail on the trail. #Trailblazers #Mavericks
  • The most improved team in the West is definitely the Phoenix Suns, whose young stars are having lots of fun and doing just fine at 17-9. #Suns #Magic
  • Bucks hit another damaging pot hole at OKC, despite a gaudy game by the G-man. Tonight, they got next to nothing from big man Brooke Lopez, who got completely outplayed by smaller (and older) Al Horford. Milwaukee still seems clueless when it comes to finding the proper supporting cast for their meal ticket. #Bucks #Thunder
  • The way they’re playing … including today’s lay down against the Wizards… the C’s better pray for a blizzard cancellation of the next few games… at least until Marcus Smart can return. They’re getting next to nothing from their bench, which puts all the burden on their big three. #Celtics #Wizards
  • Lakers play like they needed a whiff of oxygen, and didn’t seem to give their best college try against the always plugging away Nuggets. #Lakers #Nuggets
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — February 12 (click for our way cool Super Bowl promo):

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Gobert bears partial responsibility for this rather convincing beat down of the lately choked up Bucks, who are looking quite tentative on the road (7-8); another, more unexpected, perpetrator of this comeuppance included low profile Joe Ingals, whose scoring spree has rarely been wilder. #Bucks #Jazz
  • The DeRozan one seems to have been chosen as the worthy successor to the one with the Claw, and tonight the Hawks were in awe. #Spurs #Hawks
  • Don’t feel sorry for Charlotte. Terry would tell you her future’s never looked Rozier, and that LaMelo’s a real Baller. #Hornets #Timberworlds
  • Celtics turn in a piss poor performance from behind the arc against the previously piss poor Pistons and get saddled with a bad loss upon Saddiq’s sadistic three. #Celtics #Pistons
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — February 3 (click for our way cool Super Bowl promo):

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Impressive stuff from Zion, with whom the Pels toil. #Suns #Pelicans
  • Bradley Beal is apparently the real deal. And as for the Heat, Herro and last year’s Eastern Conference heroes are in real trouble. #Wizards #Heat
  • Has Dallas finally detonated? It’s about time.
  • A particularly potent Poeltl really enhances the Spurs’ point total. #Timberwolves #Spurs
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 28:

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Suns scorch the Dubs in the desert, helped in large part by a strong Bridges and Deandre the Giant. #Warriors #Suns
  • Fakers get outworked, outplayed, out-everything’d by the blue collar Pistons and shakin, bakin Blake. LeBron played the second half like he wanted to be somewhere else. Should we blame him?
  • Rockets lay down the law at home in their baby blues … sinking the more formally attired Blazers. #Rockets #Trailblazers
  • Looks like last year’s darlings, the Heat, need some Bengay… they’re becoming sore losers…
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 22

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Who knew it would be the Cavs to come out this sexy, with Sexton looking great and Allen fro-ing down some major throw downs. What’s going on in the paint, Nets? #Nets #Cavaliers
  • Phoenix shined tonight, but determined Denver fought its way back and took control away in OT with its poise and maturity. Speaking of maturity, Chris Paul you, the elder statesman of the desert, should have done more in the do or die moments … particularly as regulation was ending (how about using that time out to advance the ball, instead of the desperation half-court heave?). #Suns #Nuggets
  • Carbon copy for Capela, who had a triple double involving BLOCKS, and same old story for Young means misery for Minnesota. #Hawks #Timberwolves
  • Norman shot the rock pretty well, and that painted a pretty picture for Raptor repair. #Heat #Raptors
  • S-weet night to Doncic, who was certainly lighting it up. Spurs continue to sputter … #Mavericks #Spurs
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 20 (Any Which Way He Can):

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Hawks are just happy that whatever got into Clint, was enough to get them past a ginormous game from Jeramie. #Pistons #Hawks
  • A little Green Curry, plus some offensive wiggling from Wiggins, was enough to make Pop apoplectic. #Spurs #Warriors
  • Confident Clippers have little problem making the Kings their pawns. The playoffs are far away, and one of the furthest things from their minds. #Kings #Clippers
  • Kristaps exploits meant tabs for the spaced out Pacers. #Mavericks #Pacers
  • Timberwolves continue to fall, this time getting crushed by a couple of Vanderbilt bricks and an unlikely ending three pointer from Cole. #Timberwolves #Magic
  • Nice news feed for Embiid. #Sixers #Celtics
  • Still straining Houston’s latest exhibition of small ball is becoming somewhat appalling without Harden and Paul. #Rockets #Suns
  • Nets have the pleasure of catching a whiff of Kyrie, who breezes in after a few days of r&r to ring the register for a love boat of points, albeit in a losing effort. #Nets #Cavaliers
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Finals, Game 4) — October 6:

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update (Finals, Game 4) — October 6:

  • LA moves the ball closer to the promised land with a hard fought win in Game 4. But don’t count on the Heat folding in the closeout game, in awe and wonder of the commanding presence of the soon to coronated King. Who knows what could happen if the refs choose to call charges, travels and/or techs on the ever-complaining superstar, or if the supporting cast chooses not to show up. Miami proved tonight it can make the Lakers sweat, and discovered that mano-a-mano is a much better way to go than the previously employed fun zone. #Heat #Lakers
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Finals) — October 2 (click twice for some Big Lebowski):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update (Finals) — October 2:

  • The long and the short of it as regards Game 2 was the Lakers turned the Heat’s desperation zone into the ESPN fun zone. Somebody needs to remind Miami that even when you’re playing “zone” you need to do things like box out and put a body on somebody. With all that low hanging fruit available to them throughout this game, it’s a wonder AD and LBJ didn’t each come down with a nasty case of the runs. No wonder Haslem was having a series of aneurysms on the sidelines. They never played this kind of lame defense when LeBron or Shaq were reaching for rebounds and winning titles in South Beach. #Lakers #Heat
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 24 (click twice for Dick Van Dyke theme):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Lakers went big tonight, flexing their muscles on the inside with Superman, more than few assaults on the rim by the King, and more than a few knockout blows tossed by AD. And despite all this, along with occasionally ridiculous flashes of brilliance by Rondo, Denver was in this game to the bitter end, because of Murray’s heart, and some notable performances from their unheralded supporting cast. If Jokic had been on his game and if Malone hadn’t made the somewhat inexplicable mistake of sitting a hot, athletic Michael Porter in the fourth quarter, this could have gone the other way.
    Laker fan gets his wish with a 3-1 lead. But against the never-say-die Nuggets, that could actually be a curse. Denver has every reason in the world to believe it can still take this. #Lakers #Nuggets
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 23 (click twice for Dick Van Dyke theme):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals):

  • Careless Celtics play a lackluster first half, including a big bagel by No. 1 gun Tatum, then are flummoxed by the ultra heroism of Tyler Herro. Throw in poor shot selection and a multitude of turnovers, and it’s no mystery why they are now down 3-1. How about putting stopper Marcus Smart on the Heat’s rookie sensation in Game 5 … because the combo Coach Brad is using right now just isn’t getting it done. And start going to the basket on offense. That seemed to work a lot better for Boston in Game 3. #Celtics #Heat
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On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1): (click twice for too buku)

On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1):
— Reflections on the High Holy days
— It was 1973 … the year of the Yom Kippur War
— Hindsight is 2020 … but when they look back on this mess they will still be incredulous
— Ok, let’s all be quiet and Notre Dame enjoy its cupcake in South Florida … and too bad one won’t be In The Navy this year
— Anybody notice that nobody’s clambering for the return of the Pac 16….imagine that
— Frank introduces us to the song that was the Russian National Anthem before the Russian National Anthem (“Give up all your possessions…”)
— Why Presidents like to exercise their powers to the bitter end of their terms
— ChabDog’s stream of consciousness summation of yesterday’s CFAA action, including Miami taking down Louisville, NC St. surviving a Wake (barely), and a very sluggish OK State.
— Since when did Jimmy Johnson cultivate the Martha Ford look. Has me thinking about Thanksgiving and those gizzard necks.
— Darn if those hopeless Browns take little initiate to stop the deadly backdoor cover.
— Tank is the center of attention of Barstool Pro Football Show, and gets squeezes out of a sticky situation with Prime Time. (“There’s no way he can get in the chair. No way.”)
— Stevie Wonder meets the Angry Mets Fan in a weird rendition of “Back-door Cover”
— Some us just refuse to believe that the winner of this year’s Cup is written in the Stars.
— Putting $10 on it is just not that taxing.
— Mike Francesca … the original mush
— Fleming’s true confessions — a very reliable NBA reverse barometer… picking the Pacers to beat the Heat (anytime), picking the Bucks and the Heat at exactly the wrong times, and getting the winners of the Celtics/Raptors and Celtics/Heat almost completely mixed up. Frank, please, bet on the Lakers
— If you ask me, Tyler’s no hero.
— King James rules the entire ESPN Fun Zone… na na na .. na na na
— An abridged history of 3-1 playoff comebacks … 2 times in the same playoffs
— A cheerful reminder about who single-Camdedly outscored the Dolphins
— One great rant begets another … and we turn to This is 40.
— “That is not how we talk to each other in this house.” “I hate everything.”
— The perils of having a real open-door policy
— Telling your boss where to go and how to get there is definitely a bad strategy for keeping a job
— Guess who’s burning the oil with Frankie Midnight… Neon Deon
— Is Miami a level jumper? Buffalo had better beware.
— Why Rod Rust was such a bust … as a head coach.
— Understanding what parts of former Jags are sprinkled generously around the rest of the league
— Time for the referee to intervene and enforce a modicum of airtime ethics
— The final Confrontation between NY Metro Area and Saugus/Springfield
— “You’re rude, crude and lewd.” Who said that?
— “Texas outright winners over the Ravens?” Did I hear that right?


ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 22 (click twice for Tony vs. atty):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:
  • Maybe this was just the designated stinker game that the Lakers seem to have in every series… no, that might have been Game 2, where they had two dozen TOs… but the loss may have been more costly than previously imagined. Now all Denver has to do is lose Game 4, and they’ll have the No. 1 Seeds up 3-1, right where they want them. What was clear tonight was that the Nuggets wanted it more (winning the battle of the boards 44-25). And they got plenty of huge shots from their under-appreciated leader Jamal Murray, who, with all respect to Jokic, has been carrying his team on his back all playoffs. Who cares about Game 4… but watch out in Games 5, 6 and 7. #Lakers #Nuggets
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