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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 1-22-20:

NBA Update:

  • Pels mount a nice comebacker with Zion, and go down at home to the Spurs … but it’s not for lack of No. 1’s tryin. #Spurs #Pelicans
  • Griz not welcome in the Gaahden, as the C’s circle the wagons Tatum takes a seat. #Grizzles #Circles
    Get a recap of the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Boston Celtics basketball game.
  • Miami lets Wash take it to OT, then sternly advises the Wiz to get that weak stuff outta here. #Wizards #Heats
  • Thunder looking pretty darn functional, as Schroder off the bench has been simply shredding it. #Thunder #Magic
  • Raptors rattle off another impressive win, tapping into their trusty VanVleet credit card. #Sixers #Raptors
  • Sleepy Rockets perk up to nuke the Nuggets! #Nuggets #Rockets
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On the “Mid-January Affect” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the Mid-January Affect CDST Show (Part 2):
— Best of the Western trailers is on display as we showcase “The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid” (Cliff Robertson as Cole Younger, with his curious bullet proof vest and Robert Duvall as Jesse James, escaping from the scene of the crime dressed in old lady’s garb), “The Long Riders” (Keach, Carradine, Quaid and Guest brothers) and “The Wild Bunch” (William Holden’s performance as Pike will make you hold your breach, Robert Ryan is the ever captivating lawman on his trail, Warren Oats gets drunk and gets married and Borgnine is, well, Borgnine) …
— We can’t see our way from staying away from Tennessee … looks like our glasses were fogged up (and Andy was doing more on the sidelines than ordering up from the Denny’s menu)
— Eric’s attempt to lecture on the colonization of Australia … despite never having made the trip (boy was my ass sore after going there)
— ChabDog does a mini-handicap of the Aussie Open Men’s field, but is handicapped without his top 32 list (we need more than the picture of Berdych and Queen Ester)
— White men can’t jump … and neither can John Isner, but on his smash down serve, it doesn’t matter.
— Santa is beard boy? And then she saw Jimmy Connors … how exciting … except that it did conjure up images of Cousin Eddie from Vegas Vacation
— Watching pre-game for Chiefs-Titans and admiring all the sharp dressed men
— Nailing the trivial question about non-participants in the NFC Championship game since 1991 (Tank gets it faster than he can eat blueberry pancakes)
— Time to put an APB out for Massachusetts Maaahk? He needs to show up for his job interview in Vegas, where he’ll be lifting as a bouncer and Ubering/Lyfting as a driver.
— No Andy Reid isn’t losing weight; he’s just dressed in black.
— Troy P. is definitely head and shoulders ahead of his competition for the Hall.
— An extended discussion of Plunkett vs. Eli for enshrinement at Canton. Going back in time to remember the Just Win Baby Raiders of the mid-70s to mid-80’s (The Tuz = O.W. Matthews from North Dallas Forty/Lester the Molester/Snake/Mark Moving Van Eeghen/Cliff “Speed Kills” Branch/Jack Tatum/Mann and Guy as kicker and punter)/Todd “Renaissance Man” Christensen
— Frank joins the fray and makes impassioned bids for voting in Coach Flores and Drew Pearson
— And would somebody please explain how Gastineau did not get in … let alone Klecko
— Diagramming an Italian Dog (pizza bread, potatoes and doggies, with very optional ketchup) (got to eat them in New York, because that’s where they have the good water)
— All about the infamous no-show watcher for the Bloomfield Ave. water tower in Newark, and how to get a park named after you by doing but living offa the graft
— What’s up with RU b-ball; Scarlet Knights are finally up for the fight, maybe for the first time since ’76
— Big doings in the Big 10
— Don’t even try to give the host grief for the Bruins being in ruins
— Some unforgettable clips with The Gipper
— Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting … and so is Sunday morning

On the “Mid-January Affect” CDST Show (Part 1):

Mar 28, 2019; Seattle, WA, USA; Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora (20) reacts during batting practice against the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

On the “Mid-January Affect” CDST Show (Part 1):

— Don’t forget to access our show on i-heart radio, i-tunes, and elsewhere on the world wide web
— Raw doggin it at Dicky D’s (Italian dogs are on the menu today for Tank, who’s firing on all cylinders by going with the Niners and Chiefs)
— We announce that “The Mets’ season has been officially ruined” … thank you very little little smug Alex for dropping that dime on Beltran and giving the Wilponizi’s no choice but to show him the door
— But let’s get some clarity … are we penalizing the Houston players (or ex-players) or not?
— It’s pretty darn clear everyone on the Stros was listening for trash cans and getting buzzed for good measure
— Eric will only be placated by the Stros and Bosox recent titles being vacated
— Explaining the hidden story behind the 1951 Shot Heard Round the World (binoculars and flashlights were getting lots of use)
— Nobody stole bean ball Bob Gibson’s signs
— Time for MLB to take inventory on those pesky Apple watches
— New replacements for I like getting licked Mickey — Edgardo “Winning is so bourgeois” Perez or some guy from the minors who is 500 games below .500
— It’s all Trump’s (no Marc’s) fault.
— It’s time for Frank to fly and feed on his furters, but that Keller feller most capably fills the void
— Will the Astros be forced to foot Hugh Darvish’s therapy bill? It’s certainly a whopper.
— When it came to keeping things close with Frisco, most of us thought Green Bay would find a way … and boy were we wrong
— For a guy that’s a powerful, punishing runner, upright, chiseled Henry has more than a little Walker in him
— Ryan Tannehill=a poor man’s Trent Dilfer
— Gonna give Well-read flack for slipping Flacco into the NFC Championship convo .. (missing a few vowels lol)
— More on the short half-back life of running QBs
— Another recounting of the last moments of TB 12’s failed 2019 campaign (“Well…. bye … you smell that Bill? Smells like someone died”)
— The NBA’s China Syndrome code of silence … a sad state of affairs
— Getting a little vocal about the job done by Vogel
— No the Clippers cannot play the Lake Show in the Finals
— Mike Tyson type short work by 170 pound McGregor (scary good going 0 to 40)
— A personal prayer from ChabDog to view 50 year old footage of Nancy Kwan in the square circle with the late great Sharon Tate
— Finding out why Cora needed to “clean his details” (how you like them apples?)
— Do you like women? A real loaded question … particularly for a 7-yr old. I dream of Jeannie, and Tsa Tsa (“Olivah? Olivah?)
— Yours truly was rock solid in the Sports Rock regular season pool, but the post season was certainly not kind
— David Bugg … a super nice guy even for a Boys fan … and he’s certainly a stone cold killer when it comes to sizing things up in the playoffs

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 1-16-20:

NBA Update:

  • Clippers dispel the Magic with a mesmerizing show from Kawhil and more muscle inside by Montrezl. #Magic #Clippers
  • Jazz looked to complete a pleasing concert on the road in New Orleans, but Derrick wasn’t about to extend his old team any favors, and Brandon showed a brand of basketball puts the Pelicans over the top in OT. #Jazz #Pelicans
  • Nice try by the Celtics, but they clearly lost control of Giannis, in addition to needing a lift after Jaylen’s thumb came up lame in the last game. Spotty defense continues to plague the C’s. #Celtics #Bucks
  • Malnourished Warriors try in vain to slug it out with the heavyweight Nuggest, and their old college try falls just a wee bit short. #Nuggets #Warriors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 1-15-20:

NBA Update:

  • As made clear emphatically by Kendrick, the aged Spurs can’t get home Nunn to soon. And let’s be clear, the Heat are for real. #Spurs #Heat
  • Tobias Harris is making everyone on the streaking Sixers better, … and that’s a very dangerous proposition for the rest of the league. #Nets #Sixers
  • Nuggets shrug off injuries to stars Murray, Millsap and Harris and don’t miss a beat, with Porter and Dozier filling the void. Impressive stuff. #Hornets #Nuggets
  • Celtics have a gaudy record, but do they have the necessaries when it comes to shot blocking and defense? Tonight they were exposed by who? Detroit’s Sekou… #Pistons #Celtics
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 1-10-20:

NBA Update:

  • Lakers have their way … every which way .. against the improved Mavs with a highlight reel special from LBJ. #Lakers #Mavericks
  • Spur seniority is not particularly helpful, as their road trip takes a turn for the worse in Memphis. #Spurs #Grizzlies
  • According to Kawhii, flipping the 4th quarter switch, or should we say depressing the flusher, was as easy as pie against the ever wimpy Warriors. #Warriors #Clippers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 1-9-20:

NBA Update:

  • Big shot Rockets bust a sprocket at the Thunder home and get torn asunder…. done in by dilligent Danilo. #Rockets #Thunder
  • Blazers look quite lethargic at The Target; looks like Melo malaise is setting in. #TrailBlazers #Timberwolves
  • Sixers had the magic elixir tonight against the Celtics, and, most surprisingly, the formulation didn’t consist of Embiid. #Celtics #Sixers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 12-25-19:

NBA Update:

  • Lakers apparently did not want to work too hard on a religious holiday; Clips win the battle of the boards, and Kawhi/Montrez were tres efficient as compared with a somewhat lazy LB and his stringy sidekick AD. #Clippers #Lakers
  • Could be a good omen in SF as Damion helps Draymond ground the apparently flat footed Rockets. #Rockets #Warriors
  • Bucks stopped cold on Christmas Day in Philadelphia, as Embiid controls the middle and the Sixers stop G-man from getting to the hoop. Today’s result shows Milwaukee still has not addressed a few of the issues that hindered its progress last year, including the need for an able point guard to dish and control the flow on offense (no- it’s not a good sign when your big man leads in assists with 7) and Ante’s continuing lack of a reliable post game. To make things worse, the Lopez boys made only a minimal joint contribution, and other than G. Hill, the bench was a non-contributor. #Bucks #Sixers
  • C’s torch Toronto with some sharpshooting from Brown, and some tough stuff down in the trenches from unheralded, but highly valuable, Kanter. Raptors look a bit drained, trying to make due with key contributor Siakam and without the girth of Gasol in the paint. #Celtics #Raptors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 12-20-19:

NBA Update:

  • On a night when Kemba couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, Jay and Jay came to play and Boston made Detroit regret the detour it took into the Gaahden. #Pistons #Celtics
  • Homesick Knicks were predictably MIA in Miami. #Knicks #Heat
  • Pacers turn back Kings with two powerful T.J.’s, a dominant Domantas and a Turner, turned difference maker. #Kings #Pacers
  • Magic are powerless to stop Blazers’ dynamic back court duo from pouring it on in Portland. If Whiteside continues to do his stuff down low, this team should be able to turn it on for a successful playoff run. #Magic #TrailBlazers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 12-18-19:

NBA Update:

  • Dismal “doorknob” Dubs fall to a ridiculously bad 5-24 as the Blazers get their turn to plunge the knife in. Yes, payback is sweet…. #Warriors #Trailblazers
  • Deep and balanced Heat say wham bam thank you Bam, and proceed to give the Sixers their humble pie fix … at home. Yes, Miami needs to be taken for real. #Heat #Sixers
  • Lowry continues to earn his salary with an excellent trip doub on the short road trip north to Detroit. #Raptors #Pistons
  • Celts have their way with the new and improved Mavs, riding the very fab coattails of wonderful Walker. #Celtics #Mavericks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 12-17-19:

NBA Update:

  • A real muscle car finish at Indy for the Pacers, who ride a dominant stat line from Domatas and some late game braggadocio from Brogdon to upend the league leading Lakers. #Lakers #Pacers
  • Knicks play the role of avid bird killers under Coach Miller by wiping out the fluttering Hawks. #Hawks #Knicks
  • Donovan Mitchell flashes more Jazz-ma-tazz as Utah holds on to expose the Magic. #Magic #Jazz
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 12-12-19:

NBA Update:

  • Dallas gives the Pistons a painful Doncic-lectomy down Mexico way; Mavs have built a powerful front court attack with Luka and Porzingis. #Mavericks #Pistons
  • Bad loss for San Antonio, as Cleveland guards Sexton and Clarkson feed at the troth and Love showers the net cords with a humongous three that sends the game into OT. #Cavaliers #Spurs
  • Philly ends Boston’s home dominance, leaning on its big horse in the middle. This could well be the difference in the Atlantic down the stretch as the Celtics just don’t have anyone down low that can stand up to Embiid. #Sixers #Celtics
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 12-11-19:

NBA Update:

  • Rapturous greeting for Kawhi in Toronto, along with a nice ring, certainly doesn’t mean last year’s MVP will go easy on his former teammates; Clippers sail by Raptors with ease. #Clippers #Raptors
  • It was the Holiday season come early in Indiana as the Celtics waste a beautiful great game from Kemba and blow double-digit fourth quarter lead to the Pacers. #Celtics #Pacers
  • The Beard and his Rocket tag-alongs beat the surprisingly stubborn Cavs by just a few whiskers. #Rockets #Cavaliers
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