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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 23 (click twice for Dick Van Dyke theme):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals):

  • Careless Celtics play a lackluster first half, including a big bagel by No. 1 gun Tatum, then are flummoxed by the ultra heroism of Tyler Herro. Throw in poor shot selection and a multitude of turnovers, and it’s no mystery why they are now down 3-1. How about putting stopper Marcus Smart on the Heat’s rookie sensation in Game 5 … because the combo Coach Brad is using right now just isn’t getting it done. And start going to the basket on offense. That seemed to work a lot better for Boston in Game 3. #Celtics #Heat
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On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1): (click twice for too buku)

On the Lashana Tovah CDST Show (Part 1):
— Reflections on the High Holy days
— It was 1973 … the year of the Yom Kippur War
— Hindsight is 2020 … but when they look back on this mess they will still be incredulous
— Ok, let’s all be quiet and Notre Dame enjoy its cupcake in South Florida … and too bad one won’t be In The Navy this year
— Anybody notice that nobody’s clambering for the return of the Pac 16….imagine that
— Frank introduces us to the song that was the Russian National Anthem before the Russian National Anthem (“Give up all your possessions…”)
— Why Presidents like to exercise their powers to the bitter end of their terms
— ChabDog’s stream of consciousness summation of yesterday’s CFAA action, including Miami taking down Louisville, NC St. surviving a Wake (barely), and a very sluggish OK State.
— Since when did Jimmy Johnson cultivate the Martha Ford look. Has me thinking about Thanksgiving and those gizzard necks.
— Darn if those hopeless Browns take little initiate to stop the deadly backdoor cover.
— Tank is the center of attention of Barstool Pro Football Show, and gets squeezes out of a sticky situation with Prime Time. (“There’s no way he can get in the chair. No way.”)
— Stevie Wonder meets the Angry Mets Fan in a weird rendition of “Back-door Cover”
— Some us just refuse to believe that the winner of this year’s Cup is written in the Stars.
— Putting $10 on it is just not that taxing.
— Mike Francesca … the original mush
— Fleming’s true confessions — a very reliable NBA reverse barometer… picking the Pacers to beat the Heat (anytime), picking the Bucks and the Heat at exactly the wrong times, and getting the winners of the Celtics/Raptors and Celtics/Heat almost completely mixed up. Frank, please, bet on the Lakers
— If you ask me, Tyler’s no hero.
— King James rules the entire ESPN Fun Zone… na na na .. na na na
— An abridged history of 3-1 playoff comebacks … 2 times in the same playoffs
— A cheerful reminder about who single-Camdedly outscored the Dolphins
— One great rant begets another … and we turn to This is 40.
— “That is not how we talk to each other in this house.” “I hate everything.”
— The perils of having a real open-door policy
— Telling your boss where to go and how to get there is definitely a bad strategy for keeping a job
— Guess who’s burning the oil with Frankie Midnight… Neon Deon
— Is Miami a level jumper? Buffalo had better beware.
— Why Rod Rust was such a bust … as a head coach.
— Understanding what parts of former Jags are sprinkled generously around the rest of the league
— Time for the referee to intervene and enforce a modicum of airtime ethics
— The final Confrontation between NY Metro Area and Saugus/Springfield
— “You’re rude, crude and lewd.” Who said that?
— “Texas outright winners over the Ravens?” Did I hear that right?


ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 22 (click twice for Tony vs. atty):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:
  • Maybe this was just the designated stinker game that the Lakers seem to have in every series… no, that might have been Game 2, where they had two dozen TOs… but the loss may have been more costly than previously imagined. Now all Denver has to do is lose Game 4, and they’ll have the No. 1 Seeds up 3-1, right where they want them. What was clear tonight was that the Nuggets wanted it more (winning the battle of the boards 44-25). And they got plenty of huge shots from their under-appreciated leader Jamal Murray, who, with all respect to Jokic, has been carrying his team on his back all playoffs. Who cares about Game 4… but watch out in Games 5, 6 and 7. #Lakers #Nuggets
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 18 (click twice for Tony vs. atty):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • The other shoe … belonging to the 2nd Laker superstar named AD … fell all night long on the now impish and imperfect Denver Nuggets. Lest we forget, the West’s No.1 seed undoubtedly prefers to play tall ball, and carried this forward without much difficulty against a team fighting mismatches all over the place. Malone has to go back to the drawing board and come up with something different in came two … so that Denver’s speed, along with a faster-paced game, can give the underdogs a fighting chance. #Nuggets #Lakers
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 17 (click twice for kinky Janice and Ralph):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Another repeat 2nd half let down dooms the Celtics against the upbeat Heat. Boston is apparently fuming, with good reason after their double digit lead vaporized faster than you can say Bam. It’s all about leadership, teamwork and having plenty of options to draw upon on offense … and right now Miami is holding those cards in spades. #Heat #Celtics
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Semis and Finals) — September 15 (click for kinky Janice and Ralph):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Murray goes crazy for a very stylish 40, and the Joker went wild with a beautiful triple double … meanwhile the clueless, gutless Clippers laid down like the LA Lambs in a recent Super Bowl. Justice was served, as a team — fairly or unfairly — maligned as “soft” dug itself out of another 3-1 hole and gave their loud mouth opponents a solid smack in the lips. What’s up Doc? Definitely, not your stock, as you ran a boring, one on one offense for too many possessions, and stood by as the Nuggets created mismatches and exposed defensive miscues and overplays. As for Kawhi, this was like night and day compared with last year’s glory … you looked detached, out of it, and disinterested. And Paul George… forget about it. You weren’t second fiddle to anyone … no you didn’t even make the orchestra try out.
    Good luck to defiant Denver in the upcoming war with the Lakers. Remember guys … you can come back from ANYTHING! #Nuggets #Lakers
  • Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals goes to the red hot Heat, who claw back from a double digit deficit in the final quarter, and win it in OT with another muscular three-point play by their leader Jimmy Butler. Boston could’ve won this game, had they shown a little more fortitude when the lead was slipping away. More specifically, where is the steadying hand of veteran Kemba Walker, who made a big shot to give the Celtics the lead in overtime, but was otherwise largely hesitant, off target and not exactly a leader. Leaving the leadership load entirely in the lap of young Tatum, may well not be a winning formula. #Heat #Celtics
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Semis) — September 11 (click for kinky Janice and Ralph):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • The cocky, irresponsible Clippers showed a little too much lip early in the third quarter, up by double digits, and this was all the incentive the battle tested Nuggets needed to wash their collective mouths out with a delicious combo of soap (or maybe it was sanitizer) and humble pie. It was great to see the classy veteran Paul Milsap stick it to Morris and his cohorts with 14 critical points, until Joker and Murray could bring it home with big fourth quarters. And a shout out goes to young Michael Porter, who sunk a critical three in the waning moments, in addition to establishing Denver’s defensive presence down low.

    While a 3-1 lead seemed completely safe, a 3-2 advantage looks tad tenuous. For LAC, a franchise that has never made the Conf. Finals, it’s time for hustling, scrapping and blocking, not talking. #Clippers #Nuggets

  • Sadly for Toronto, there were no more miracles in Nurse’s back pocket tonight, and the surging Celtics were able nurse an 8 point lead for four endless minutes en route to another cherished trip to the Eastern Conference finals. They did it with strong point production and leadership from their twin scoring talents Jayson and Jason, and with some game-changing Smart defense, including an absolutely huge block of Van Vleet’s layup with a minute left.
    Boston will be getting Hayward back for the Miami series next week, and that’s welcome news for a team that is a little thin when it comes to bench production.
    Congrats to the the Raptors for going farther without K. Leonard than anyone thought possible, but the fairy tale is now over, and it’s time for Celtic pride to take center stage! #Celtics #Raptors
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Semis) — September 9 (click for sound):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Ok, ok…. I know Denver just came back from being down 3-1 to Utah. But this time we’re talking about the relentless Clippers, who tonight had their human locust, Patrick Beverley, terrorizing Murray to no end. And Jokic seemed to have lost all desire to play traffic cop under his own basket. The Nuggets seem to have been worn done to a fine nub. #Clippers #Nuggets
  • Resilient Raptors refuse to go away, and now there is a Game 7. Now the pressure really shifts to Boston, which had another prime opportunity to seal the deal. It wasn’t a good sign that their leading scorer went 1 for 3 repeatedly. Where was their big acquisition, Kemba Walker? For this team to move on, he’ll need to do better than 5 puny points, as well as doing better to up his end on defense. #Raptors #Celtics
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Semis) — September 8 (click for sound):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Houston most deservedly had designs on taking a 2-1 series lead, but LA was just too tall and Rondo was just too good with the ball. And Dantoni needs to come up with a defense that can keep AD and LeBron away from the basket … because as expected, they got killed on the inside. #Lakers #Rockets
  • Once again, after a gaudy regular season mark, there’s not much to cluck about for the overvalued Bucks. Yes, they finished without their leader and best player. Yes, the rest of the team fought hard to win Game 4 and made it somewhat interesting in Game 5. But, let’s face, the supporting cast just isn’t good enough, as witnessed by Middleton’s underwhelming 8-25 shooting today. There may well be changes in store for next year (even if Giannis does stay), including a new coach and perhaps a real point guard who can direct an offense through a dominant big man in … the post?#Heat #Bucks
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Semis) — September 4:

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Where are those big cojones we’re used to seeing under a Buck? All signs of dominance have deserted the team from ‘Ol Milwaukee; and when the 4th quarter noose got a little too tight, the Heat employed a Butler-Bam 1-2 punch to take full advantage. This series suggests there still is an important, missing leadership piece to the puzzling No. 1 Seeds. #Bucks #Heat
  • Once Russell Athletic warmed up come midway into the third, the Fakers were essentially done for. Yes, he still wasn’t hitting his J, but there wasn’t a thing LAL could do about his lightning quick first step to the basket, not to mention his violent and forceful spring. After that, his outside shot began to fall, and when LeBron came back on to the court, it was over. Congratulations to Houston for figuring out how to play tall ball with a midget lineup. #Rockets #Lakers
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Semis) — September 3:

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Well-rested Clippers got everything they wanted (and more) in and around the Denver defensive perimeter. Every way you look at this, it’s a total matchup nightmare for the 3 seed, including serious problems down low. Nuggets have no starting shot blocker, including a center who can grab some boards and match some steal, but is often MIA when it comes to guarding the rim. #Nuggets #Clippers
  • Raptors narrowly avoid falling into the deadly 3-0 trap; collective groan can be heard in Boston, as Celtics may well bemoan this 1-pt loss as the one that got away. #Raptors #Celtics
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (1st and 2nd Rounds) — September 2:

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Just for tonight’s game, they should rename The Bubble the Chop Shop. This Game 7 was beyond disjointed, without flow, and nearly impossible to watch. Small ball gone appalling. Harden was completely miserable, except for a crucial block of would-be OKC hero Dort. But Houston’s in big, big trouble if it thinks this kind of effort will get it done against the Lakers. To make matters worse, Westbrook looks afraid to take a jumper and there is simply zero inside game. Congratulations Rockets, you’ve earned the right to be executed by All The King’s Men. #Thunder #Rockets
  • Poor Milwaukee can talk the talk, but can’t seem to walk the walk … Mr. MVP gets hit with a make up call at the buzzer, and mysterious Miami continues its mastery over the No. 1 Seed. The heroes of this game were starting guard Goran, who played another impressive all-around game (apparently the Bucks don’t have much to offer when it comes to backcourt defenders) and reserve Tyler Herro, who almost outscored the entire Buck bench with a surprising 17. Back to the drawing board, for Budenholzer, who seems like he’s being completely outfoxed by seasoned skipper Spoelstra. #Heat #Bucks
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (1st and 2nd Rounds) — September 1:

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Jazz end their season on a discordant note, with Donovan getting his pocket picked on a late game possession to tie or go ahead, and a final heave by a chronically off-target Conley going in and out. Denver moves on to play the Clippers, and for them to win, they’ll need a lot more from the supporting cast. Tonight, the Nuggets were carried by their big man, Jokic, who seemed to realize that with lead scorer Murray struggling, it was clearly all on him to get it done at the offensive end. Kudos also to Rudy Gobert, who went toe for toe with Denver’s center, but just couldn’t match his rival’s scoring prowess and got beat on the defensive end by speedy, smaller players one time too many. #Nuggets #Jazz
  • And in the East semis, No. 3 continues to own No. 2, and takes a commending 2-0 series lead. Too many bricks and a leadership vacuum for the Raptors. Meanwhile, the Celts have won 6 straight in the playoffs, and their talented core of young stars are coming together with impressive results. Today, it was Jason Tatum who took over. #Celtics #Raptors
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (1st Round) — August 30:

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Jazz get buried by another Murray scoring flurry. Western Union telegram for Quinn … ever heard of that fall back defensive tactic … the double team? For no apparent reason, you never tried this, until 50 seconds were left. Listen to Charles and make someone else beat you in Game 7. #Nuggets #Jazz
  • Clippers finally put Dallas out of its misery with a rather workmanlike close out victory; the latest tough guy routine may well pay dividends in the next round, but what about after that..A poor man’s version of the Detroit Bad Boys? Maybe, but they haven’t won anything yet. #Clippers #Mavericks
  • As previewed and projected on today’s ChabDog Sports Talk, the Celtics torched Toronto, blowing them out with a huge 1st quarter run, and never looked back. Raptors were left to tread air, flapping their wings nervously as main man Siacam picked up three quick foul and was largely put under wraps (only 13 points), thanks to some stingy Boston defense. 1-game into this Series, the defending champs look like defending chumps. Some things had better change real quick, because there is no home court cushion to fall back on. #Celtics #Raptors
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