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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 3-7-19 (and click post to hear “The Mouth” Michaelson)
Pens were really untouchable tonight in Pittsburgh!

NHL Update:

  • Vigilant Pens protect their nest in the Met with the skill and dedication of Eliot Ness by once again busting up the Blue Jackets’ questionable racket. #BlueJackets #Penguins
  • Boston refuses to lose, but are they shooting their wad a tad early; in any event, their march toward primo playoff positioning continues in March. #Panthers #Bruins
  • Hertl’s heroics propel aggressive and hungry Sharks over the Canadien hurdle. #Sharks #Canadiens
  • Hot shot Lightning look uncommonly mild against the largely mediocre Wild. #Wild #Lightning

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 1-3-19 (click post for audio)
Rock’m Sock’m Rockets floor the presumptuous Warriors in OT thriller

NBA Update:

  • Rock’m Sock’m Rockets floor the presumptuous Warriors in OT thriller. Harden unveils the full monty in front of a stunned crowd at the Oracle, which watched a 20+ lead go bye bye, despite an atrocious missed call by the refs that enabled Durant to “save” the ball while clearly out of bounds. It’s nice to see GSW finally pay the price for a ridiculous selection of wild three balls and often shoddy defense, and kudos for James, who sticks a monster cluck three in loud mouth Green’s pie hole as time was running down. #Rockets #Warriors
  • It wasn’t exactly Kawhi appreciation night in San Antonio, as the Spurs run roughshod over the glassy-eye Raptors. Maybe sensitive Leonard needs to toughen up, as fans let him have it for going AWOL. #Raptors #Spurs
  • Linus stops a ton of shots in another tight victory for the Sabres, giving more credence to the notion that he’s their security blanket. #Panthers #Sabres
  • Nuggies plumb wear out the Kings on the boards, with Jokic and Plumlee leading the way, and Jamal had all the answers from the field in another thrilling and fulfilling road victory for the Western Conference leaders. #Nuggets #Kings

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 12-25-18 (click post for audio)
James steals the show on and off the court

NBA Update:

  • Big game from the Beard spreads holiday cheer throughout the Toyota Center; OKC and Westbrook pay the price after losing their competitive edge in a mostly stale 2nd half. #Thunder #Rockets
  • Credit the Lakers with holding things together just fine, when LeBron’s groin gave out midway through the third; GSW made a run, but poor defense and shoddy shooting would be their uncharacteristic undoing at the Oracle. #Warriors #Lakers
  • Kyrie’s locked, loaded and firing on all cylinders this year, which means the rest of the league has something serious to fear. Celtics deep six the Sixers in OT. #Celtics #Sixers
  • Utah douses the Blazers from a prime vantage point by way of the Stifle Tower.

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-23-18 (click post for audio)

JuJu’s boo boo scuttles the Steelers for good in the Big Easy

NFL Update:

  • Saints steal one right out of the hands of Ju Ju and the Steelers, leaving Pittsburgh on the outside looking in, and hoping for help next week from of all teams … the Browns. Yes, the refs played a part in this with a very questionable pass interference penalty on 4 and 2, which kept the NO game winning drive alive. But you simply cannot blame anyone but yourself when you can’t hold on to the ball in the clutch, and when your coach loses his marbles by rolling the dice in his own territory (while holding a four point lead) with a ridiculous fake punt. Shame on the front office if they don’t take action to help the players help themselves with a new leadership; you simply can’t do things like that at this level, not to mention blowing big leads in those other games this year. The Steelers are clearly underachieving and something needs to change. Ben, AB and all of the other talented players on both sides of the ball deserve better. #Steelers #Saints
  • Bears travel west and things pan out pretty well against the San Fran panhandlers. After clinching No. 3, they’ve earned the right to relax a bit in the season finale, which won’t sit too well with the defending champs. #Bears #FortyNiners
  • Seattle sends a message to the rest of the NFC that they may well be the most complete team, using all of its offensive weapons, along with some opportunistic defense, to overcome massively talented Mahomes and the super charged Chiefs. Yes, they will be a wild card, but the Hawks are primed to weed out the higher seeds because they have the best QB and the best running game. #Seahawks #Chiefs
  • Rams use a bruising running game to trample the punchless Cards. For AZ, it’s probably not a good that Larry Fitz has a more productive day throwing the ball than bonus baby Josh Rosen. #Rams #Cardinals
  • Lions lay down and play dead very obediently, all to the liking of the grateful Vikings. #Vikings #Lions
  • Looks like the best Xmas present the Eggles got was Carson coming out and Big St. Nick coming down the chimney to save the the day. #Texans #Eagles
  • Boys maintain their poise and grind their way to a satisfying win and the division title. #Buccaneers #Cowboys
  • Panthers had better get used to playing from behind with Heineke. After a couple of heroic outings Carolina’s defense appeared to throw up the white flag in a decisive 3rd quarter run by the Falcons. #Falcons #Panthers
  • Colts stay in prime position for the post-season with a hard earned win over the very competitive G-men. Andrew Luck simply wouldn’t be stopped, leading the Colts on a last minute touchdown drive. Also key for the horseshoes was some great run defense, limiting Barkley to 2 yards per carry. #Giants #Colts
  • Blake shakes off the rust and in a new role as relief specialist shows he’s no bust. #Jaguars #Dolphins
  • Another heart breaking defeat for Darnold and the snake-bitten Jets, as Rodgers leads the Pack back in a chaotic 4Q. Lay this one on the doorstep of the coaching staff … a not-so-sweet 16 are a telling indictment for a lack of game preparation. #Packers #Jets
  • Usual outcome in New England, as Bills fold without much resistance in another gift-wrapped AFC East title campaign for the blessed Patriots. #Patriots #Bills

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives (LCS): Tuesday, 10-16-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Boston unleashes a very venomous Eovaldi on the unsuspecting Stros, and Nathan holds them at bay long enough for Bradley’s hot bat to finish them off in a breakout 8th inning. It’s not time for the World Champions to put up or shut up … and that means more than some glossy Instagram highlight posts by hot corner Houdini Bregman. #RedSox #Astros
  • Dodgers win despite more futility at the plate, overcoming numerous strikeouts, wasted opportunities and men left on base in an extra innings win over the punchless Brewers. Counsell has a brain fart in the 13th, deciding to pitch to Bellinger and passing up an opportunity to take his chances with grand disappointment Grandal. With Kershaw scheduled for Game 5, the advantage would seem to tilt back in LA’s direction, but given Clayton’s history in big games, who can really say. #Dodgers #Brewers

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 5-28-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Andrew makes another nice try for the cycle, and the Red Sox jettison the Jays. #Jays #RedSox
  • Milwaukee’s known as a team of great pretenders, and right now they’re doing one hell of an acting job, sporting the best record in the NL; however, this team is indeed loaded with hitting and may be too loaded to implode come late Summer. #Cardinals #Brewers
  • Tigers maul Angels in Memorial Day massacre in Motown. #Angels #Tigers
  • Aside from a little noise from Greg Bird, Justin silences the boo birds in New York with a dazzling performance. #Astros #Yankees
  • Nats starting to break away from the pack, now that they have some offense; Rendon’s drive sends three home in battle of the Beltway! #Nationals #Orioles


MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 5-17-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Bucs continue to make the most of this soft underbelly of their schedule by paddling the Pads. But don’t be so quick to dismiss their so far stellar performance (without Josh Harrison). This team has hitting and pitching and is too young and naive to know they shouldn’t be leading their division. At 25 to 1 to win the NL and 50 to 1 to win it all, they seem like a bit of a bargain. #Pirates #Padres
  • Bosox carpet bomb the O’s, as Price gets over his carpal tunnel video game thumb cramps. #Orioles #RedSox
  • Have the Dodgers made an about face; Maeda would have you so believe. #Dodgers #Marlins
  • Don’t look for the Phils to collapse anytime soon; as for the Cardinals, they’ll also be hanging around … like the common cold. #Phillies #Cardinals
  • By hitting the long ball with so much regularity, Khris Davis is making people in Oakland forget about the nightmare of moneyball. #Athletics #BlueJays

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-31 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Give AZ credit for fighting for the bitter end, and shame on Seattle for never solving their field goal foibles, among other issues. Arians will move on to bigger and better things. #Cardinals #Seawawks
  • Raiders pray for Gruden to save them, and Chargers think about what might have been …if could have only made more field goals. #Chargers #Raiders
  • Jags continue to be stuck in neutral, which is no way to go into the second season; Titans stumble in despite continued malfunctions in their own attack. #Jaguars #Titans
  • Cam and Panthers put up minimal resistance and effort in Atlanta, which means flawed Falcons get to defend their NFC crown after all …#Panthers #Falcons
  • Miami does its usual disappearing act in the 1st half and that’s enough to push the Bills to the promised land.#Bills #Dolphins
  • Poe Ravens –since when can you not count on Bengals doing the wrong thing? Since yesterday! #Ravens #Bengals
  • Rams rest up, while Niners make a statement about next year. #Niners #Rams
  • Steelers make good use of their regularly scheduled scrimmage against the Browns… working out a wide range of wide receivers and giving Landry some quality PT. As for Cleveland, just more humiliation with Hue. #Browns #Steelers
  • Eagles donate a win to the Cowboy coffer. #Cowboys #Eagles
  • Redskins regress to sub-.500 thanks after getting roughed up in East Rutherford. Time to move on from both Kirk Cousins and the loafing coaching staff. #Redskins #Giants
  • We’ll never know exactly why Brady found it necessary to put on his Victoria’s Secret scuba gear against the pathetic Jets; what is clear, is it’s another year and another #1 seed in the AFC for NE. #Jets #Patriots
  • Hut hut hike, and this game goes to the much more talented Vikes, who cause nothing but trouble for Truby. #Bears #Vikings
  • Despite today’s meaningless win of the Texans and the not-so-great TJ Yates, Pagano’s gotta go. #Colts #Texans
  • Packers pack it in a week early, while Lions can, as a technicality, boast about their winning record … which is small consolation for a season of missed opportunities. #Lions #Packers
  • Chiefs inspire belief in their fans that this team may in fact be back where they were in week 1… which mindset they’ll likely need in a few weeks. #Chiefs #Broncos
  • Saints back in to division title, while Bucs finally show up when it matters … leaving a door open for Carolina which was never opened… #Panthers #Buccaneers

On the Sunday, 11-12 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Pt. 2):


  • We go back to the good old days, when Spacey could negotiate real good severance packages and Hoffman was an ultra polite, apologetic and well-mannered hotel guest
  • Marc goes out of his way to make the point that “Girls like funny guys”
  • Dylan explains just why you shouldn’t scoff at Goff or pass him off as a flash in the pan
  • Eric goes crazy with the puns when he calls Young young, while Caruso goes crazy when he sees Steve’s Amazonian wife
  • As usual, ChabDog steps on a minefield when, against his better instincts, he picks the Skins
  • It’s morning again, at our studios in Newport Beach
  • Why Packer podcasters have apparently packed it in
  • Good for all those who refused to allow the Bears, of all teams, to receive 5
  • AP and Brady on the same team=cheesey
  • NE’s QB is the first employee in history to actually low ball his employer … ridiculous
  • The Chargers coming to LA was nothing short of a bowel movement
  • and more

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 5-25

MLB Update:

  • Houston homer is heroic in the face of ferocious Tigers. #Tigers #Astros
  • May is bearing witness to the fact that there may indeed be life in Boston after Papi …. well maybe…. #RedSox #Rangers
  • Heartless Terry Collins has no reservations about putting Montero out there on short notice to face the wolves in friar frocks. Monumental mistake. #Mets #Padres
  • Almost in it till it was over, Nova hangs around long enough to deprive the Braves of a victory. #Pirates #Braves

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